Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 10)..the phone call…


Hi dears…thank you for supporting me ..love you all…this is chapter 10..

recap:ardhika mehandi..Swasan in a room…

swara and sanskar were standing very close to each other ..he was blocking her way ..sanskar was continuously teasing her for mentioning his name to be written in her hand …swara was very much embrassed ..suddenly she missed his cheeks which made him lose his balance .using this chance swara escaped from his grip .she ran to the entrance and made funny faces at him and ran from there ..

sanskar laughed at her act and chased her to downstairs .she went and sat with rads who was shocked by her sudden entry which made her fall in Arjun .

on seeing Arjun and rads swara moved out from there and ran to the garden. rads and Arjun had a cute eyelock ,they came to conscious only when sanskar coughed .sanskar on seeing swara’s Movement our went out leaving the newly engaged couple alone ..when rads tried to move her chain struck with the button of Arjun this made them fall on each other again .

Rads tried to take it and Arjun helped her .Then rads went to her room ,Arjun was smiling to himself and rads was blushing all her way to room.

Here in the garden ..swara was running all around the garden .sanskar was searching for her .Before sanskar could catch her sumi called swara .swara gave a flying kiss to sanskar and ran into the house ..

After sometime everyone came for dinner .
sumi and ap were serving all .sumi asked swara to take dinner to Radhika bcz her mehandi is not still removed .sanskar also went up with swara ..

In rads room

swara :my sweet bhabhi.where are you ?
see your dinner has come with beautiful angel .

Radhika :swara I am in restroom Dr .keep it I will come and have it ..you go.

swara :No no bhabhi .my mom will make me eat those tasteless oats ..yuck ..I will have my chocolate here itself and I will feed you ..:-)

Radhika : Its ok swara .you eat your chocolate .I will eat myself .

swara : oho..if you want I will ask bhai to feed you ..what you say ..

Radhika :swara don’t tease me ..or I will ask Arjun to cut your chocy..

rads came out and laughed at her .
swara made a crying face .
swara:bhabhi don’t do that ..my bhai will do that without fail if u say a word .I can’t live without chocolate .

rads :ok come .feed me the food .
sanskar came inside .he also sat with rads .swara started feeding rads ..suddenly rads got a call from her friend she went to the balcony to attend the call..
sanskar asked swara to feed him too..but
she refused to do so.sanskar for angry and he started to go and before he turned swara kept roti in his mouth .he caught hold of her hand and sucked her fingers which made her lose breath .As soon as they heard rads coming into the room they composed themselves .after feeding rads swara went down.

sanskar was smiling to himself and rads noticed this and asked him about it .
sanskar tried to cover .
Radhika : so my brother you like my nanad huh .
sanskar was shocked at this sudden question ..rads laughed at him and said him that ur choice is too good she will make our house beautify poo by her innocence .

sanskar :di..love you so much ..

Radhika :don’t butter me too much ..now go I have to sleep.I have to get up soon for haldi tomorrow ..

sanskar : ok do ..he kissed her cheeks and run away in happiness ..

Arjun was sitting in his room with his laptop .swara entered his room .

swara :bhai ..u r so unromantic ..u r going to get married in a week even now I didn’t ask for bhabhi number .

Arjun:what do u want now .why are you disturbing me .

swara : disturbance huh..ok leave it ..do u need her number or not ..answer me .

Arjun :-don’t play with me again ..if u want bubble ask me directly .

swara :I don’t want any chocolate …i will not give u bhabhi number …saying this she turned to move ..

Arjun : don’t lie ..if you do so then I will not give u chocolates forever ..

swara :I swear ..I am not lying bro…this is her number ..

Arjun gave her bubble and sent her out ..and dialled the number given by swara .At first a busy tone came but at second time the line not connected .
there a sweet voice asked him ..who is that .

Arjun :,Hi radhika .

Radhika :Yeah I am Radhika ..who is this .?

Arjun :umm..this is Arjun ur fiancee .

Radhika :arjunn..but how u got my number ?why u called me at this time ..is there any problem for u .shall I call mom..

Arjun :-wait ma wait …I can answer only when I am given a chance. …shouldn’t I call u .?

Radhika :No not like that ..just got afraid bcz u called me at this time ..

Arjun :ok save my number .

Radhika :ok sure .

Arjun: good night 🙂

Radhika :good night Arjun ..get up soon we have haldi na ..

Arjun :ok my boss…

she smiled at this and cut the call..Arjun had a broad from after this…when he opened his door he was shocked to find swara standing there. …

swara :so..bhai.what about my talent ..ok ok u don’t want to say thank u and all bye good night ..saying this she run into her room.

precap..ardhika haldi ..romance etc,,,

Credit to: Harani

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