Tied together by destiny…swasan and ardhika …chapter 25 last chapter


Hi sweets ..ok I am ready to get any kind of thrashing and killing from you all. I know I am a lazy girl but really this time the fault is my imagination ..I was trying to write something for so much time but my mind was not under my control …I doesn’t want my last chapter to be a complete nonsense (as if other chap were wonderful 😛 ) ..it’s ok ..now I am here with the last chap of my very first ff …I will miss it and your comments which have been my only source of motivation .
I am sorry guys I doesn’t know whether I make this to a standard or not but still with a little faith ..I am here to submit the last chapter …

The fresh morning started with the super fast preparations going on in Gadodia mansion .Radhika was busy managing all the aarrangement …while Arjun was handling his four month old son ..Abhijith…

Sanskar was sitting with Swara in their room ..he helped her in getting ready ..Swara was looking so cute with her baby bump ..Sanskar made her wear the Saree properly and made her wear sindoor.Swara was looking ar her husband lovingly .she kissed him sweetly on his cheeks for which sanky grinned widely .as the time came they completed the function …swara’s godhbarai.
After the function ,Swara and sanskar went up .Radhika was preparing food for dinner with sumi .
Soon Swara gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was named anushka..
Abhijith’s anushka.. 

Five years later …
The family has planned for a picnic as it is summer ,they planned to go to their farmhouse in shimla.
Sanskar has become always busy in pampering his daughter who is always the most pampered and the rival of Abhijith ..Radhika and arjun even fight to take her with them .she is such a chubby ,bubbly kid who immediately become acquainted with every one .Swara has high time managing her .
Swara : Anu baby come drink this hot chocolate and then change your dress na baby.
Anu :Mumma why don’t you give me some milk instead of this ?
Swara : But you was the one who asked hot chocolate when I bought milk na anu .
Anu smiled very sweetly at her .
Swara :anu tell me what devilish thing are you planning now .are you going to tell me or we are going to leave you here alone in home .
Anu (smiling devilishly ) oh mom ..ok let’s make a deal now .give me a candy and I will drink this hot chocolate in a swish …

Swara with widened eyes . No anu this is going to be your seventh candy from morning ..you are making deals with me for every small work. Wait I will call your papa
Anu: mom then pls be ready with the candy .Wait let me call papa
She shouts papaaaaaaaa ..with that sound sanky came running towards her …
Sanky :baby what happened.did your mom scolded you .
Swara gave a unbelievable look where as Anu was all set to start her acting.
Anu :papa she is not giving me milk to drink .and not giving me candy too
Sanky :Swara what’s wrong with you ..why are you not giving her milk ?

Swara and sanskar started arguing and Anu had fled the place and ran to her dadi who gave her a candy without a question ..
All were set to go to picnic .as soon as Radhika and arjun came in anu ran to them and jumped on Arjun who took her in his arms and twirled her .Radhika gave her a sugar candy pack .
Abhijith came in after them and ran to sanky and kissed Swara .
Abhi :Bumi are you All ready .
Swara :abhi what is bumi baby ? A new name to me huh
Abhi : beats his head with his palm ….no Bumi ….my mom told me last week that you are both my bua and mami so bua +mami =Bumi ..he smiles with his dimples .
Swara kissed him so much love ..all others were seeing this with smiles ..where as one soul was planning something ..yeah yeah it’s his rival only 😛

Once they reached shimla ,Anu and abhi started playing with snow .Anu started making balls in snow and soon they were thrown in abhi ..only he knows how much this devil can torture him .
He started running behind her and here starts the new journey of Tom and Jerry 
After 20 years######
Radhika : Swara I think there is something fishy between this abhi and Anu .
Swara :yeah bhabhi ..I think these two Tom and Jerry have started behaving weird ..I saw them blushing di..when I saw Anu all red in blushing while talking to abhi ..I was. About to faint di ..I think they are going to make our job easy ..
They plan something very secretly ..

After two days ..
Swara and Radhika has already asked their husbands and family permission to execute the plan .
Swara and Radhika told everyone about fixing anu’s alliance with a perfect groom soon.Anu’s face paled and years brimmed in her eyes but she didn’t show our .Whereas abhi was seen with a determined face.
It was Anu ‘s birthday today .eeveryone was set to cut the cake ..every year she bestused to demand gifts but now this year she was so silent and never looked happy .abhi was not seen from morning .Sanskar was mad at Swara for making Anu like this but she made him quiet with her own techniques .
In evening ,before Anu could cut the cake there came a sound from the stage ..all turned to see abhi on the stage sitting in his knees ….

Anu ,we were known as Tom and Jerry to every one .but they were not aware of the love we shared and cherished ..I doesn’t enclosed our love to our family bcz I wanted to achieve and earn before taking my princess inside my life to keep her happy .your dad and my mama has given you all your needs and I also wish to give you all the world’s happiness and now my career is all set and I am earning like our fathers .now I have the right to ask this confidently
Will you give me the privilege of holding your hand now and forever..now. In front of our family and relatives I ask your wish …will you become my better half and be with me like my Bumi and ma ..
Anu was all in happy tears she ran to abhi and hugged him ..all applauded and here comes the love story of next generation and their marriage was fixed soon

Swara and Radhika gave hi fi to each other ..sanskar’s Anu is going to officially become Abhijith ‘s Anu soon 

Credit to: Harani

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    1. Thank you for reading it and commenting …every one ..thank you for your love …suga I am happy that you loved it 🙂

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  9. wow it was awesome….. i will miss this sooooo much…..
    but only one question, Anu n abhi r cousins so how can they marry???

    1. To say frankly I wrote abhi and Anu based on tamil.culture ,that is mama’s son has that right to marry her 😛
      So sorry I didn’t think about other culture 🙁

      1. oh… ok Harani…. on the whole an awesome n cute story….

  10. I’m soo angry on u such a sweet story where were u these days. K I loved it to the core. Don’t stop writing. I need a new ff from u soon. Love u dear this was fabulous. Wanna see u soon in the next ff. Bear hugs and kisses. Muuhhhaaa

    1. sv r u the one writing manmarziyan two states ah ..and this story I ended bcz seriously there is .I more scenes in my scene 😛
      thank you baby for your sweet comment ..I will try a new ff ,I have a plot ma but till I get the complete picture I hope I will be a active commenter 🙂

      1. * that is. .there is no more scenes ma * typos are born with me

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    Wow…it was awesome…..u updated after a long tym yaar……i’m sad that this ff is ending…..i wanna new ff dear….pls…..

    1. I will try new one but I need some time sweetheart ..and I am here all set to read all my fav ff and comment my heart ..and thank you for such a sweet comment of yours 🙂

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      love you loads …

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    I am gonna miss u.. (a hug and im pulling ur ears :-/ 😛 )

    1. Yaayy…I have got one silent reader too ..and thank you for this wonderful comment Dr ….love you loads…here is my ear come on pull it ..I am feeling loved ..yaayyyyy 😛

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