Tied together by Destiny…swasan and ardhika…(chapter 4) The care of his Queen !!!

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This is fourth chapter …here we go.

The alliance was fixed .Arjun and radhika has promised themselves to be good friends .It had been two days after their fixing alliance .Today the families are going to exchange their visits to each other’s home.Rads and her whole family are coming to Gadodia Mansion.The ladies here wer preparing breakfast for the guests .

Shekar was sitting on the couch and was reading newspaper and waiting for the arrival of Maheshwari family.

Here in arjun’s room he was getting ready .swara who was sitting with her brother never left a chance to tease him ..He was giving her deadly glares but she was like ..I don’t care ..
Then swara went down to talk with sumi.When they heated the horn at door all went outside.swara was very eager to meet her Bhabhi.But failed to look at sanskar who stood like statue in looking at the cute angel who was running towards their car.Rads hugged swara ..all were very happy to see their bond .Then swara took blessings from Dp and Ap .Dad’s went to sumi and shekar to take their blessings.All were going inside .when swara turned to move she saw sanskar coming there .For that second her breath struck at her throat …She was continuously staring at him without blinking…she thought that ..why I always fall for this guy ..whom I didn’t even know properly…May be love doesn’t need address to enter…oops what am I thinking ..love she quietly laughed at her thoughts and started moving in opposite direction of their home…avoiding his gaze ..sanskar was also sanskar at her but came in senses when she started moving in wrong direction.
when swara started walking ..her heart beats started to run in marathon…she felt butterflies at her stomach ..she turned to see sanskar was holding her hands …she looked at him like what …he told her that swara are you going out for walking or shopping ..swara was surprised at his question and asked him why ?He laughed at her (a heart taking one :-)) and told her that then around yaar .u r going in a wrong direction ..
swara unknowingly smiled at her act and ran inside the house.

Inside the house all were chit chatting..Arjun and radhika were sitting opposite to each other and were looking bored of the elderly talks…swara who looked at the facial expressions of her bhai and bhabhi ,asked permission from elders to take radhika around the house .Simi asked Arjun also to accompany them.sanskar too joined them.
After reaching upstairs swara who thought to give ardhika some privacy ,signed sanskar to follow her .She came to her room with sanskar .Arjun and radhika were walking on the corridor .Radhika has become very comfortable in talking with him ..They both became good friends ..
swara was showing her stuff to sanskar .she showed her paintings.which was her job and showed some photos of natural scenery which is her passion.sanskar was looking at everything and was questioning about some paintings.They spent their time like this.They both were ignorant of the fact that they both are sailing on 24th same boat which can only be brought to land by Destiny …

After sometime elders call them for breakfast .After breakfast rads and her family left for their home.swara then left to her gallery and all other started doing their daily chores .

But it was different for Arjun …he was reminiscing the moments he spent with rads ..He very confidently told her that they can be good friends but it becomes mission impossible for him when she is around him ..He was laughing at his own thoughts .


Everyone reached home and sanskar left for office .Dad’s had changed into her tips and patialla pants ..she was writing something on her notepad and was thinking something very seriously.
Dp came into her room.On seeing him rads hugged him .He asked her whether she liked Arjun or not .Dad’s nodded in agreement .Dp asked her not to say the answer just bcz we r forcing day it from ur heart .Rads hugged her dad tightly and said that she like Arjun and also mention that he was just like her father ,very caring and protective for her.Dp felt happy and blessed her and asked her to come for lunch .He went down.He told this to ap who also on cloud nine bcz rads was so adamant that she will not marry but now she agreed .Then rads came down and all had their lunch together …


Next day morning .MM house .
The phone was ringing continuously .Ap attended the call .it was sumi on the other side who said that arjun and rads horoscope said that they were made for each .she also told that panditji has asked them to keep engagement within a week .Simi asked ap to discuss with the family and tell her about the date of engagement .
They said bye to each other and ended their conversation.Then ap discussed it with the family and decided that the engagement will be on the weekend .They informed it to shekar. They decided to send ardhika to shopping for their engagement..They asked rads to go to the mall with Arjun.
Rads was wearing a red Salwar with her hair made into a neat bun at back.She has applied a little makeup.but she was looking gorgeous enough to kill adjunct her looks.She. She came near the car of Arjun ,she smiled at him .Arjun controlled all his emotions and smiled back at her .They went to the mall to buy dresses for them and their rings which is going to be the symbol of bond that is going to be built between them.They first went to dresses section.Radhika was looking at some dresses.As athin got a call he went out to pick it up.Rads,was continuously searching for dresses she was selecting dresses for everyone .She suddenly felt some strange feeling as of someone was watching her .she turned around but didn’t find anyone.She brushed the thoughts away and started selecting dresses.Here someone was hiding and taking her photos and that person left the place smiling .
Arjun then entered the shop was boggled by the large number of bags purchased by his Queen.Radhika laughed at his expression and said him that these all are not only for me ..I have brought dresses for everyone .Arjun then grinned at her goodness.Then they went to select rings for their engagement.They choose a platinum ring studded with solitaire diamond and a platinum ring with little diamonds for arjun.They then went to a restaurant has their lunch and he went to drop Radhika at her house .She thanked him and left inside the house .They waved each other but and went home.At house sumi and shekar were astonished by the care of rads and they felt that they have chosen yhe best pair for Arjun and the best dil for the house .swara who saw her dress immediately called her bhabhi and thanked her .Simi and shekar also thanked her .Radhika said to them not to thank her bcz she is also their daughter na.All smiled at her sweetness and they were talking with rads about preparing for engagement about her dress etc .After sometime they cut the call and started the work to search the right and majestic place for ardhika engagement.

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precap:the one who took rads photos was revealed !!!!

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