Tied together by destiny…swasan and ardhika …chapter 24

Tied together by destiny..swasan and ardhika ..chapter 24 ♥ Hi Drs ..i hope you all didn’t forget me and my story .. It had been days since we spoke ha? I ddnt disppear anywhere I was here going round and round in ff of everyone and commenting but for my ff it was like my mind protested against me and everything was like its blocked? Its ok and enough of my blabla ..so now is my story . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It had been seven months now and everything has changed a lot .actually no tragedy was here but my heart is nervous right now because its radhi’s delivery date today ,I am more afraid than her ..ahh this swara she will never leave any chance to tease me ..i thought she will go soon to her sasural but this little angel stayed here with her beloved Bhabhi ? She loves radhi more than me .i don’t know why but when she is near radhi i don’t feel afraid bcz i knew my baby sister will take care of my wife like me .like what she did five months ago by even risking her life ..that day i still remember ..we were all going to temple for some rituals .sanskar was already pleading my baby sister to get her nod for the marriage .But she is playing with him to enjoy the revenge … Swara and sanskar were walking near to each other .I know how much sanky cares for her ..let them enjoy ..i moved to radhi ..aww.how can I leave her ♥

Radhi was thinking something ans she was lil nervous ..arjun kept hands on her shoulders .she turned with a fake smile just to assure him that she is alright but he is Arjun ,,,radhi’s Arjun how will he not know her .. “any problem sweety “Arjun softly asked her .radhi nodded in no and said “I am restless achu ..i feel something bad is near us .”Arjun pulled her to a side hug and patted her shoulders softly and said “nothing is going to be wrong “she smiled at me but it was not her tradeark awesome one but a faint one . When everything in temple was over we started towards home .swara was sitting with radhi .arjun was driving the car . Sanskar was in the another car with mom and dad (both sumi ap and shekar dp). Swara and radhi were chatting like school girls and laughing .i was looking at them and felt some unknown pleasure ..of having everything youlove near you .just as he turned to the road he saw a truck speeding towards them in order to save the car from accident he turned it to the left and it banged with a tree .with that Arjun hit his head with the steering ..he fainted ..soon the unconscious radhika was pulled down .swara was throwed down to the floor with the force she woke up only to find the pervert Rohan standing there with a smirk near radhi ..he was looking at her wit complete lust in his eyes . Swara was trying hard to get up .no one noticed her .she opened her Skype immediately connected with sanky .sanky who was driving his car ..turned around to go back to save his life and sister there ..ap and sumi were panicking ..where as dp and shekar got down and stood there calling police ..sanskar was driving but his car stopped without moving an inch .he left sumi and ap there in the car and ran to the place .

Rohan went near unconscious radhi and when he was about to touch her swara attacked him the a wooden log which she found near the car ..Rohan roared like a angry lion .his men caught swara .he slapped her hard and hard ..her lips were bleeding yet she was struggling to save radhi ..Rohan left her and went near Radhi,.when he was about to touch her she woke up and jerked his hands .Rohan smirked at her .. “don’t show so much attitude baby..come to me or I will kill you “radhika slapped him and moved away . You choose to move away and here I am presenting you the gift of death to you and your unborn baby…rohan shouted…arjun wake up rubbing his bleeding forehead ..he stellled out to find half conscious swara down in the land and radhi was standing at a distance.His eyes reddend in anger on seeing Rohan .. “you blo*dy bastard ‘…arjun shouted ..radhi felt relieved on seeing him .but Rohan without wasting a second asked his men to catch Arjun ..a man from behind bet Arjun with a rod .arjun fell down with a thud..”arjunnnnn”radhika shouted with all her strength ..swara woke up with a jerk ..she saw men standing at distance ..she limped near a man sand silently toook his guns without being caught .she ran to radhi .on seeing swara running to radhika Rohan took his gun and turned towards radhika and said “sorry baby ..if you cant be mine ..you will never be alive for anyone “he shoot towards radhi …sanskar who was running stood still in his place ..arjun shouted “radhiiii”…

Before the bullet could hit radhika …swara jumped in …the bullet pierced her porcelain skin …swara smiled one weak smile at everyone before shooting Rohan at his chest ..he fell down ..swara who looked satisfied slowly lost her grip and when she was about yo fall down radhi caught her Nd shouted swaraaaa… Sanky beat the shit out of everyone there ,Arjun limped towards swara ..he took his baby sister in his arms and started walking towards the car …she opened her eyes and told Arjun “bhai tell your child that his bua alias mami loved him/her so much” ..she saw sanky and kissed his cheeks and again fainted ..sanky took her in his arms and sat in back seat..radhi drove away the car ..police arrived and took Rohan ..he didn’t die was just unconscious….everything was over … At hospital … Sanskar was hopelessly crying sitting in the chair out the operation theatre … Radhi was looking at the soul trying hard to overcome her pain which indeed saved her life ..her eyes were crying on seeing the lifeless soul of swara which is neeing treated by doctors . Everyone came running to the hospital ..arjun hugged sanskar ..arjun was nursed fir his injuries ..

Everyone was literally waiting for the arrival of the doctor … Doctor arrived with a big smile on his face ..sanskar ran to him and asked about swara .. “she is alright Mr.Maheshwari ..just need some rest .you can meet her now “sanskar hugged doctor tightly and ran to see swara .. She was lying on the bed like a delicate feather …sanky sat there crying continously over her neck by hugging her …swara woke up only to find sleeping sanskar near her ..her heart ached to find his red swollen eyes ….sanky woke up by her hands which were going through his hairs ..sanky saw her and immediately hugged her .. Swara “marry me sanky ,,,right now ..i can’t wait more “sanky hugged her and both smiled seeing each other ..ardhika who witnessed it hugged each other ..

Present ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Arjun ran to radhika as she shouted his name ..swara who is now swara sansakr Maheshwari …also helped me to take her down to the car ..we went to hospital ..i was pacing in front of the ot …swara was holding her bump which is evidence of their love was equally tensed like me ,sanskar consolled ..radhika screamed and it ended with the emerging sound of a cute baby sound ..nurse brought a cute baby wrapped in a pink cloth .arjun held him gently in his hands and kissed his baby’s forehead,..all went inside ..arjun sat near radhi to show their happiness and to each other ,,,swasan looked at each other and pulled everyone out to give the new parents their privacy ?


Ok sweets only one more chap more ..love you all do comment ,.I completed all my exams so ,..i will post the one last episode soon ? Bye bye love you all

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