Tied together by Destiny,, swasan and ardhika ..chapter 23 part -3


Hi sweets ..love you all ..I am going to end this in just two more updates .Your comments even if it is just a word that’s not a issue .it gives me so much of confidence  thank you so much .this is part 1 of the cHapter 23 
Recap : Swara becoming uunconscious..sanskar and Arjun finding the one who published swasan photo on magaZine .
Sanskar and Arjun entered Gadodia mansion as swara was taken home .she is resting in her room .
Shekar and sumi were in the hall .Radhika was sitting with Swara as she is sleeping .
Arjun :Papa I want to tell you something very important .
Shekar : Arjun .Ask him to leave this place .I am controlling my anger .
Sanskar turned to go .but was caught by Arjun who made him stand beside him .
Arjun: Every one listen to me .You all are angry on sanskar for leaving Swara in between .But do anyone know how much he suffered in these days .
Shekar : Arjun .what is this new story.
Sumi: shekar ji ..let him tell his reason .
Arjun :sanskar please sit down .you are not at fault and you don’t want to be ashamed .
Sanskar :No jiju .it’s ok .I don’t deserve all these .Arjun asked him to sit again.
Arjun : Ma papa you all thought that sanskar is going to marry kavitha .that’s not true .This is just a trap .
Shekar : Trap? What are you saying Arjun .if it is so Radhi should have known that it is a lie right .but even she was clueless .
Arjun : Kavitha is their cousin but she is already married .she is now in Us dad .Radhika don’t know about her because kavitha have eloped and married no one knew this except Sanksar and Dp uncle .
Sumi : But Arjun ..why are you confusing us, .tell the matter directly .
Radhika was standing at upstairs and hearing all this along with Swara .but Swara has hidden .she felt a gush of relief on hearing this .but like Every one she is also confused …
Shekar :Arjun Do my test my patience. Tell that quickly .
“Actually dad for some four months sanskar was getting repeated threats from some unknown people .He doesn’t care about it because he was not afraid and it is very common in a business man’s life .”said Arjun cautiously .
“Then when sanskar was about to propose Swara for marriage he got the calls again telling him that ,they are going to kill his whole family .sanky was afraid to let Swara into this trouble .He also wanted to catch the person behind this .so he made came arrangements for his fake engagement .He finest want to reveal it to anybody .Every one of you misunderstood him .He doesn’t want to come in front of Swara as he thought that it may harm her life .”
Shekar :But what about that article with Swara and his photos.Sanskar now stood up to tell his view .
Sanskar :(taking deep breath)uncle ..as they couldn’t find anything about my fiancee they bribed my pa and he gave them our pic and the editor who was also his right hand helped him .unfortunately again Swara is dragged inside this .
Shekar :Did you find who is that ?
Arjun :yes dad .the person behind all this is Mr .Rohan singhania ..the biggest and dangerous rival of Maheshwaris ..
Radhika widened her eyes on hearing that name .Yes that bastard was behind her for many years .
Arjun then continued saying “Rohan was behind Radhika for years but when she refused him he became obessed of her and made oath to destroy her family “
Sanskar: uncle as he come to know that di is married he thought of ruining her life .and with help of my pa he got the images of Swara and me .he thought that I am going to marry kavitha and to defame me he bribed the editor to publish our image .”sanky said this and hunged his head down .
Swara felt little dizzy and Rads took her to her room .
@hall ..
Sanskar :I am sorry uncle ..I tried her hard to keep Swara away from this but everything was destroyed .I am sorry uncle .I will not disturb her again .I will handle this alone .he then turns to Arjun and tells him “thank you so much jiju ..you helped me a lot .I cannot afford to take you into trouble .”he took blessing from Shekar and sumi and turned to go .But was caught by someone .When he turned he was shocked to see Radhika standing there with teary eyes .
“I am sorry bachu ..I did a mistake of not trusting you .swara’s condition made me forget my senses ..she was completely broken and pale .Radhika hugged sanky and cried a lot .Sanskar felt relieved as his di forgave him .He hugged her even more tightly .
He then said bye to Radhika and turned to go .
Shekar :stop right there sanskar .give answer for my daughter and go
Sanskar was baffled .He then saw Every one smiling at him .But he was still afraid to take Swara in his embrace because of the threats .he can die but cannot let his love and family die .
But Arjun assured him by pressing his shoulders .He ran to swara’s room .all felt relieved as the pain that was travelling through their hearts for two months was getting lowered .Shekar called dp Nd told that They want to make the marriage arrangements immediately .Dp and ap who were also literally dying to see Swara in their house as their daughter felt happy as the traps and plans are all over …
@swara’s room .
Sanskar entered the room panting due to running very quickly .He was at the verge of crying on seeing her weak figure laid on the bed with blankets on her .She has lost her charm and bubbly look .Sanskar sat down near her .took her hand in his.Swara turned a little in her sleep which made sanky move near her .His heart beat races as if it was a part of F1race .He moved near her face .he hugged her and took her up in his embrace .she smiled a little and he was happy to see her still in love with him even after being away for months .She slowly opened her eyes and was shocked to see sanky near her .
“you started again to come in my dreams ..oh why am I hallucinating so much when you are not here .she again closed her eyes “ but opened it widely when she got a trail kisses on her cheeks without a single break .She was perplexed to see sanky sitting near her with teary eyes .she now rememnered what she heared down .she knew that sanky was away from her only to save her .but she is not ready to give up her anger .He have left her even without a single clue .she pushed him and asked to go away for her .Sanskar got teary eyed on seeing her anger .But understood that it is of no wrong because he deserves it .She was scolding him all the time .he was watching her red eyes and heated cheeks .When she was at high pitch scolding him and throwing things at him .he caught hold of her .
And pulled her in his embrace when she moved away he pulled her into a back hug .He brought his lips near to eat shells and she shivered in his proximity .But not ready to show it .He held her by waist and and kept on giving her his love through the trail of kisses .he caught her ear shells between his lips .she caught her dress tight .He turned her and saw her beautiful frame with coloured cheeks and closed eyes .Yes she is responding quickly to his touch .he loved it .he is not using her but he is finding his lost leave in her embrace .She is loosing her anger but all stood frozen when they heared Arjun shouting his queen’s name …Radhikaa 

precap :swasan emotional talk and ardhika moments 🙂

Credit to: Harani

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