Tied together by Destiny,, swasan and ardhika ..chapter 23 part -2

Hi sweets this is my part 2 in chapter 23 ..I hope you all enjoy it and pls comment on This 
Recap : Mystery revealed and yeah Swasan moments 

.Sanskar carefully took Swara out and they were shocked to see Radhika lying unconscious on the floor .
Arjun took her to the room in bridal style while Shekar cord the doctor .sumi and Swara accompanied them .Sanskar was still holding Swara and sumi felt glad of it .they then went to Arjun and Radhi .The doctor arrived after a while .All stood out tensedly ..Arjun was pacing here and there .after sometime doctor came out and said that..nothing to worry and it is a good news that she is pregnant now
Sumi and shekar were extremely happy .Dp and ap also arrived there adding so much of happiness Arjun was at peak of the world .heArjun immediately ran into the room and sat beside rads .everyone came in .Swara kissed her bhabhi and told that She is so happy as she is soon going to be bua .
Ap who was seeing all this turned to Swara and told ..not bua Swara but mami .
Sanky and others understood what does that mean whereas swara was clueless .then Every one went out giving some privacy to the couple .Swara was walking slowly to her room at other end .All the elders went down .Sanskar who was walking behind Swara came near her and called her mami .she narrowed her eyes and “ what does that mean ..I am going to be bua but why are you calling me mami “ she literally ranted in frustration .sanskar’s eyes gleamed in north .He pulled her to him and told that now you are bua but after marrying her mama you will be called mami only na Swara ..by saying this he took her in his arms .

Swara was shocked by his gesture and was trying hard to release herself .
Sanskar :madam there is no use of dancing in my arms .I am not going to leave you .tell me will you marry me or not ,?
Swara :do I look like idiot to marry you. .that’s not going to happen ever .
Sanskar was like ..oh really ..he took has to her room ..she told him ..see Mr.Maheshwari ..I am not going to marry you .She was smiling inside seeing his sad face but was baffled when his face lit up …he came near her ..She tried to push him but he fell on her ..their lips were just inch apart .His hot breath was falling on her lips .she felt her heart shivering in his touch .He looked into her eyes .Her eyes closed to stop him from going depths inside her to find the truth that she is no longer angry .
He blew air on her eyes but she didn’t open her eyes .he went near her lips just brushed it with his and her eyes opened with a jerk .he smiled at her .she looked away with shy smile …he held her chin and told her that I am sorry swara I made you cry a lot ..it’s better I could have die…before he could complete it she slapped him .
Swara :keep your tongue quiet or you will face so much pain Mr .Maheshwari.I am angry on you .It’s because you left me in the middle of the life that too without a reason .You never knew how much I suffered .you could at least given me a hint of what is happening in my life ..Do you know how much grief I felt when your dad told about your alliance …

Sanskar :swara ..I know I hurted you badly .I deserve punishment .but it was all our destiny Swara ..to be separated for a idiotic jerk ..
Swara :you should have at least informed me about it .but you were like a stone heart went on to the mission without paying heed to my pain .I told you so many times that my life will become useless without you .
Sanskar :Swara …he was stopped by swara .
Swara :No Sanskar ..I want to pour out all my feelings because I will become mad by keeping all these to me .I tried so much to move on but I ended up acting so because of me my family was suffering..didn’t you feel to see me at least once ..was our love so weak that you stayed away this easily ..here I was screaming inside and laughing outside ..it was like a horrible nightmare ..
Swara started sobbing holding his shirt. Sanskar was witnessing all these ..he wish to convince her ,sooth her but the irony is he is the cause of her pain her tears her grief ..His heart ached so much .
Swara : (Wiped her tears) no problem Sanskar ..you can go on in your mission ..don’t worry..i know to handle myself ..without you (All these were just told between her tears )
Sanskar :so you don’t want me ..no need of me …but I was always behind you idiot and even I will follow this in future ..I used to watch you work all day and night in your gallery and I never left the place before you reach home ..I have seen you crying and weeping but I was helpless ..I can’t lie to you Swara ..if I see you I will forget everything around me. .I don’t want u to get hurt bcz of me ..you are my life Swara I can’t afford loosing my life …you are my soul my love and everything necessary to live …and yeah I will go now but will never leAve your hand again because he got to know that you are my life ..I will be your shield and get the dangers before you .and I will wait till the day your heart agreed for our marriage 
Swara was standing there speechless ..yeah she have forgiven him but her pain is still clinging to her which is making her hesitant to accept him ..love is there ,care is alive but pain is the blockage now …
Sanky left to home and Swara was pacing her room tensedly..

@ardhika room 😀
Arjun was so happy ..he was out of world.was busy caring his Queen who is sleeping now due to medicines .His life looks complete with his lovable wife and now soon coming baby ..he kissed her forehead .He took her in his embrace and hugged her like a delicate feather he then left somewhere…
After sometime..Rads woke up from her sleep and looked here and there surprisingly ..yeah the room is completely altered ..she was rubbing her eyes twice in order to confirm as it looks like she is in a baby shop.The wall is fully covered by cute baby pics and there were so many toys around .the door clicked open and arjun her love entered with many more toys in his hand .Radhika was in happy tears ..he started to care for his child now itself ..she widened her arms asking him to hug her ..he placed those toys down very slowly and hugged her delicately ..he took her in his arms and told her that they are shifting down because it is not good to walk upstairs ..she was blinking because he was going on telling so many conditions some of them were so funny and Rads hardly controlled her laugh …he carried her down .they were interrupted. By swara who winked at rads and regarding them.
“bhai I will tell you a better plan .you change ur office to your room so the you will not leave your wife even a second ..how is my idea 😛
Swara was teasing them to core .Arjun took rads down and made her lie in the bed .Swara brought a heavy iron Chain inside .Rads looked at her puzzled and arjun looked like what ..Swara kept the chain down moved to the door and said to Arjun ..bhai as it will be tough for you to watch bhabhi all the time you can the her to bed ..nahhh you can tie her to your hip and carry her everywhere ..saying this she ran away ..Arjun was laughing at her tactics and Rads was watching him lovingly ..
Arjun came near her and sat beside her on bed ..he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and was soothing her and she felt very comfortable nd safe in his embrace …just minutes later Sanskar entered the room with so many toys and dresses ..he coughed to alert the pair ..
Arjun :now only your better half ran away from here advising me to tie your sister with me and now you came to disturb our romance .Rads turned crimson on his open anger .Sanskar laughed at it and was shocked on seeing the iron chain ..
Sanky :this is my girl’s idea huh ..to tie you both ..not bad 😛
Arjun :not bad huh?my brother in law …if you want to compliment her to she is upstairs disturbing your future mil ..if you stand here and make fun of me Nd my wife I will end up kidnapping you and your girl to a deserted island ..
Sanky :wow jiju ..perfect place for romance ..pls kidnap me na 😛
he ran away
It has been two months after this ..Sanky was being careful with his family ..the family have planned to arrange Swasan wedding…

precap : surprise

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