Tied together by Destiny…Swasan and ardhika..chapter 1


Thank u for every comment ..even if I have silent reader (I imagine too much ) thank I so much. This is my 19th chapter ..I hope my ff doesn’t make u have headache ..:-)

Recap : ardhika cute love ..swasan sleeping in each other’s embrace .ap see this ..
Swara was sleeping peacefully .sanskar was not able to give her enough time in these days but she never demanded that .She is always loving,caring and more funny to make him laugh. Love the taste of pleasure .being loved is special ..a romantic date ,party nothing is needed .A eye sight ,glancing them from far ,being teased ,being moral everything together make love an amazing feeling .
Ap was having mixed emotions seeing them .She then went to Radhika ..ap without noticing Arjun airing there told Radhika about her doubt of sanskar being in love with Swara .
Radhika literally cursed at her ill fate of being caught by her own mom ..She told her mom to wait for her down .She will come in ten minutes .Arjun was sitting there with blank face.He was at first sad thinking that swara his very own sweet sister didn’t tell him about this .
Then Rads his sweeto ..he didn’t expect this from her .yes he can understand it is difficult for swara to tell about this to her overprotective bhai.But what about Radhika..ain’t I deserve a little trust .
Arjun turned to go out. But was caught by Rads .She came in front of Arjun .He’s eyes were speaking so much bye he don’t want to fell for that hazel Brown trap .He looked angry as hell.
Arjun: Radhika l am not in a mood to hear all the explanations .now leave my hand .
Rads :-achu ..no I am not here to cover my mistakes with my hands ..I want to say ..
Arjun: Its ok ..who am I to u ..leave my hand and go keep secrets of ur nanad and brother safe .plz don’t bother me .
Rads : Arjun pls ..at least hear me once .they are in love with each other ..i was afraid to tell u bcz u like a kangaroo keeps ur sister inside u .
Arjun : yes ..I am damn protective ..if u feel that’s a problem ..sorry I couldn’t help u..i am not going to interfere in anyone’s personal issues .But she is my sister before becoming ur nanad .
Rads : No I didn’t mean to hurt u ..She was stopped in half ..Arjun pulled his hands out and went out ..he took the car keys ..
All were at down sitting for dinner ..Arjun was walking so fast .Rads was following him fast .
Swasan was looking at them amazed.they didn’t notice the glances that’s being given by ap .
Swara looked at sanskar .who asked her what’s going on in sign ..Swara shrugged her shoulders .ap asked swara ..what happened beta .are u feeling cold .She was indeed teasing her .
Sumi looked at her and asked what happened .Swara somehow managed it .
Sanskar was smiling at all these drama ..Swara narrowed her eyes .saying like ..all because of u .But see u r laughing at me.
Arjun was stopped by dp .Arjun where are u going son .that too at this time .Arjun told him that he forget to get some chocolate for his friends son .dp asked him to come fast .
They came out .still Arjun was ignoring her .
Radhika : achu  ( nickname with love ) chocolate for ur friend’s son ..ohh I see 
Arjun : Yeah do u have any problems ..
Rads :-naah ..why will I have sone problem achu ..:-)
Arjun thinking ..achu this name given by her to me makes me go mad in being out of control ..But somehow I have to manage ..or else how will I enjoy her attention ..( attention seeker )
Radhika :-take me also with u ..But before she could say something he started his car and went out ..Rads made faces and said to herself ..this achu is too much ..hahaha ..I will soon control u baby ..eee ..She thinks of some plan ..

But to her surprise he didn’t come home all night making her feel guilty of her actions .But he was away only not to fall so quickly to her love .
They all got ready ..went to airport and boarded the flight ..Soon all landed in India ..whatever the breeze of other country be ..this native feeling is only for our motherland ..all went home ..they were tired as hell ..All went to their respective homes bidding good bye .sanky winked at Swara and went which was noticed by ap .She thought about something but then left being tired ..postponed that to next day. ..
Swara literally ran to her room to sleep ..before going she went to her bhai and bhabhi .hugged them and ran leaving them smiling all large ..yeah she is irritating to near but she is lovely to the core ..her bond with Radhika is like that between the best friends from birth. .Arjun was little jealous ..oops ok more jealous of Swara being close to Rads ..ee ..kangaroo na
Arjun went inside the room first but before he could enter the bathroom he was blocked by Rads ..he noticed her now completely ..She is with a motive ..hehe ..making him fall ..
But he was only enjoying all these but not ready to leave this stubborn face soon.
But while Arjun was thinking so much he was caught by her ..She made afaces cage by her hands around his neck ..strikes her nose with him. .making him numb .Arjun still stood still …she them blow a little gentle air in his face ..he closed his eyes gulping hard bcz he is going to fall by these tactics of her ..but before her next step she felt a little dizzy ..making him shover .he took her in his arms and gave her medicines and made her sleep ..he then kissed her forehead
~~~~~~~~~~—- –
Swara’s room ..
She came after freshing up .She was in her pyjama ..
She was soon startled to see some movement near her cupboard ..She with hesitation opened it ..but before she could shout someone caught her very tightly .sanky has jumped inside the room and was hiding there ..Swara immediately ran and bolted the door .sanky pulled her by waist and was so near to her ..But her eyes were on the door ..She was afraid what if someone comes ..sanky made her look at him ..he made her look into her eyes ..Swara was staring at him without blinking ..but before something could happen there was a thud on door which made both of them scared ..
Screen ends with their tensed faces …lol ..
Precap: Swasan truth out ..what is the reaction. ..:-)

Lo’ve u all who spend their previous time in commenting for me 
Thank u ..
Harani 

Credit to: Harani

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