back with second last shot…

DEDICATION –  sweet & spicy  “♥ANU MODI ♥ ” from ur nivi & navi …
” may god bless u with cherish filled life ahead”…..
Miss u alot anu dr……


Days passed swasan bonding grew like roots of climbers so strong and vine which can never be chopped of… If so also they re-grew like nails and hair…………

Maheswari’s and Gadodia’s  wedding shopping :

Both the families arrived at  boutique which is very famous  in the city….
They started selecting dresses for engagement, wedding and reception……

Being generous parents gave space for swasan letting them alone and choose the dress based on their tastes…

Ladies moved towards jewellery section and started their hunting……. Husbands were grinning at them…..

Swasan side :

Sanskar what dou think about this design and color?? I love them so much….

Plum but its not  beautiful as u are!!!!

Sanskar its 43rd saree, im tired better u choose something for me……

Sanskar picked dark red silk saree designed with golden threads and its pleats embroidery  had ” bridegroom in wedding attire”…..

Swara liked his selection and signed him yes……

He picked another one for engagement which was  maroon saree that too silk…

( friends in our state we prefer silk saree always so im going in that flow)

Swara drapped the saree above her dress for trial and sanskar was mesmerized to see his plum like cute doll rapped in cover…

Both were standing before a mirror looking eo… sanskar whispered gorgeous in her ears making swara’s cheeks pink….
Sanskar moved closer making her difficult..

Ahem ahem a group of voice brought them back to reality…….(parents)

Swasan scratched their heads not knowing how to react…..

Finished ur shopping???(sans mom)
No mom still i did not choose my dress…
If u cling on to swara, how will u select ur clothes my son?????
Swasan were embarassed on hearing this…
Papa u move on i we both will accopany u soon…..
Shekar and shomi signaled swara to come..
Sanskar caught them, uncle i will drop swara after our shopping plz…..
Swara was not able to speak as she was caught btwn her parents and fiance….
Finally sujatha spoke” let them do shopping alone we will wait for them outside”……
All left swasan behind in mens section….

Swara chose traditional wear for sanskar and they left the boutique by settling the bills….

As it was late afternoon they planned to have their lunch at near by restautrant..

Restaurtant :

All settled on their respective seats…. swasan sat opposite to eo….
Orders came, due to tiring shopping none let a word… every1 barged on their food…
Swasan were eating silently & same time laughed at eo secretly……
Lastly they had dessert and parted away bidding bye……

Gadodia’s house :
House was decorated beautifully with orchid and gerbera flowers filling the hall with its enchanting fragrance…..
Satin ribbons of pink, yellow, sky blue, white and red were wavering in the air welcoming the guests….

Swasan were standing on middle of the podium surrounded by families…..
Clock struck : ding dong…..
Sanskar adorned her finger with a gold ring studded with sapphire stone in middle… the ring finger was getting its glory becz it has got its “SOULMATE”
He pressed her hands assuring her “that he will be always with her no matter death comes”…..
Swara nodded her head in response…..
It was swara’s turn…. first time she is gonna hold on  someone (man) who is gonna become a part of her life to define it
” better half”

Swara’s pov :
Still now my everthing was my dad(male) whom i can claim as mine.. soon its gonna become different…. Alpha is entering my life… from now on he is my everything but he can never occupy my dad’s place.. yes he is male but different… he is part of me who will never leave me till the death…. i was happy to have someone on my side. whom  I can rely on and
Say proudly ” HE IS MINE”…..
my lips curled into warm smile looking his face…..
Swara…….. i heard a voice…….  shit i have been woolgathering in my engagement… what a embarassing situation….

Pov ends….

Sanskar raised his eyebrows at swara…  swara gave her million dollar smile shooling her head east to west….
Swara holdes his plam in hers, first time she is holding a male’s hand after dad’s.
Slowly she slipped the ring with emerald stone in his finger……
Wow both the ring fingers were happy finding their soulmates…..
Both gave glance and let out small smile…
Guests gave huge applause…..
Congratz was echoing the hall…

Dinner time :

Buffet system :

Foods of all kinds were kept…..
Starters to desserts menu course…..

Starters had soups of mexican and so on..

Main course – chicken briyani and sea food…. chicken 65, chicken tandoori, barbaque….
Veg – pulov, panner butter masala, panner kari, mushroom briyani and curry…
Tandoori and so on….

Side tiffin – chappathi, parotta, romali rotti, pulka,kulcha and so on….

Savouries – pakkoda, rasagulla, kajar ka halwa, jamun, rasmalai, basandhi, ladoo..

Chat items – bread baji, sandwich ( veg and othr variety) pani poori(golgappa), masala poori….

Desserts – choco, vanilla, pista,butterscotch, strawberry, black current were served in scoops . Topped with  raisins and nuts filled with jelly of litche ,raspberry & blueberry….

Icecream Cakes – choco truffle, black forest, german forest and red velvet ( cake of ♥)

Beverages – coke, pepsi and redbull….

Juices – apple, pineapple, musambi and so on…..

Ppl were relishing their dinner in moon light….
Swasan were secretly sitting & feeding eo…
Sanskar fed her  using his fingers and swara swallowed the food like small child…
Swara too fed him in her own hands… in bwtn they had few eyelocks…..

But swasan were disturbed by our gorgeous ladies( my lovely readers )  they were pulling swasan leg…

Swasan took them to dinner place and all were rejoicing it expect one cute devil ( kakali )…
That devil (kaks) was drooling over the food… swasan  pulled her” why r u  staring at the food as though u haven’t seen them in ur life ??”
Cute devil ” wow so many dishes… i will spend my entire life in eating.. but u betrayed me…. u cheated me… i hate u both” kaks ran away from swasan…..

Swasan stood in shock slowly recollecting her words…. they ran behind the devil(kakali)….
Hello what did we do?? Ur cursing us on our engagement day??
U cheaters & betrayers…. she was weeping……
Three girls were laughing at kakali and swasan turned their heads to see them…
Kakali was on the floor rolling like ant eater and sobbing……
Swasan ” oh god what happen to her?”
Nivi mica shreeyu – today she is on fasting and u have given us feast…. so only this devil is crying…..
Three girls – hmmm food yummy still im licking my fingers…. i never had thought of washing them… waahhhh it was delicious..   umhhhhhhhhh…..

Kakali who was rolling on the floor crying got up pushed the three girls aside and ran away blessing swasan happy married life………

All wished( readers) swasan a “happy married life ” bidding them goodbye……..

Swasan were giggling thinking about kakali devil and sweet readers….

Night passed out and morning rays were brusting out between the clouds…..

Swasan got ready separately and families reached banquet…..

Hall was filled with echoes of ppl bustling..
Mandap was beautifully decorated with flowers and inbetween was lying agni kundam and adjacent to it was pandit ji chanting mantras…..

” Mangalsutra was kept in a plate containing grains coated with tumeric and few flower petals were laying aside”, a girl was taking this plate to elders and close relatives to bless the mangalsutra and wished (couple) in minds to keep this realtion lifelong…….

Another side a boy was passing a plate filled with grains coated with turmeric and flower petals to everyone… so they can bless the couple during the auspicious time of tying the knot……

Bridegroom were announced to enter the mandap..pandit ji ordered them to spell few mantras and he gave seasame  seeds filled water to drop them into agni kundam….. followed by many rituals….

Swasan exchanged garlands with wide smile on their faces…. pandit ji told ketimelam ketimela…. sanskar tied the most scared mangalsutra on swara’s neck followed by applying sindhoor on her forehead announcing official to the world she is his one and only life belongs to him……..
Tears of happiness rolled over swara cheeks…. parents,cousins,realtions and other guests blessed the bridegroom by sprinking them with archanai(dat grains mentioned above….)

Finally pandit ji asked the couple “can u see star ( arundhati) in the sky??” Couples raised their heads smiled at eo “yes”…… ( traditional custom – where the Vashista and Arundhati stars present in heaven as an ideal couple, symbolic of marital fulfilment and loyalty. The couples are asked to look up the constellation symbolizing conjugal love and affection)

Followed by many rituals im skipping dat..

Reception and so on….

Night :
Groom stays in bride house followed by many rituals in night and morning….

Next day morning :
Swasan along with family visit temples and at evening swasan leave to groom’s house….
Swara was sobbing like 1 yr old kid moving to hostel….
Sanskar and others were looking her like watching a movie….

(Sanskar & shekar private talks :
Im handing over entire property to u sanskar.. nothing is valuable than my daughter.. she is our pride and love… we have grown her within our plams not letting her to know how cruel the world is….. though she does mistakes do teach her but with affection… she may scold or get hurted but u teach her with patience… she will slowly understand.. we have pampered her alot.. hope u take care of her….. every parent has 1 fear that will this married life be successfull one r did they commit mistake in this marriage..
I hope u wont let my head down in ashame…..

stay happy sanskar.. feel free to talk with me….. all d bst tc of u too…
shekar was shedding tears….. sanskar”grabbed his hands i wont let u down uncle and we will prove u how we live to the world and u dnt take tensions”……)

After family moments swasan left to their place…..

Maheswari house :
Grahapravesh was done successfully……
Swasan had their dinner and moved towards their room….
Sanskar changed and petformed his work casually….Swara was feeling uncomforatable seeing new environment…… she was standing at the door… each thing in his room reminded of her room… tears welled up on her beautiful eyes…..
Sanskar saw her standing and was shocked seeing her crying face…..
What happen swara why r u crying??
Swara was not able to hold on she ran to the washroom locked the door..

Swara was weeping like kid….. papa im coming to u… plz take me papa.. who brought this stupid law only girls should leave their house… mumma i need to hug u.. plz come to me mumma…

Sanskar who heard this scratched his head… donno how to convince her…
Swara open the door plz we can meet ur parents tmrw or skype them….

Swara composed herself and entered the room… sorry sanskar u sleep. I will change and sleep..

Sannskar,”Swara come sit here(on bed)”. He gave her water and swara was twisting her fingers, tears were rolling down her cheeks…
Sanskar gave sigh” swara i know its difficult to leave parents but here after this is also ur house”…
Feel free…. ok u sleep now tmrw we can talk..
Swara hummed hmmmmmm….

Sanskar went near swara and just gave hug….
“Hugs are the most powerful medicine in world” he gave her the best medicine…
Swara was needing a shoulder and there he was…. both hugged eo with compassion….
Swara sobbed and slept in his hug….
Sanskar broke the hug and made her lie on the bed comfortably……
He covered her with sheet and he too slept due to tiring day………


Tmrw i will post d last part….

A/N – i made this part for knowing the importance of marriage… how painful it will b for parents and daughter to depart…

Thank u for reading…..

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