Swasan were sleeping peacefully on their bed covered with individual sheets…..
Swara was constantly tossing though she was alseep….
It was bit disturbing sanskar but triedness made him not to move an inch….

Midnight :
Sanskar felt chillness raising in his body due to AC temperature and he was struggling to find the remote closing his eyes…..  shhhhhh he was hissing due to failure… To overcome the coldness sanskar clutchhed  his sheet tightly…. there he found he was having the least part of sheet where the other side of sheet was pulled by swara….
Though swara had her own sheet, she pulled his sheet also due to chillness…
Sanskar slowly pulled his sheet from her clutch and protected himself from coldness prevailing in their room….

Again after an hour swara was pulling his sheet & sanskar was pulling the sheet another side…..
Finally he pulled it and slept on the couch covering himself cautiously……
Swara was rolling on the bed…..

Morning :
Sanskar got up and found him sleeping on couch. Later he remembered last night incident…. huuhhhh… he  moved towards the washroom….
He refreshed and came to wake swara…
He was laughing at her loudly…..
Swara was found to be cocooned covered by her sheet then another coating as bed spread…. her body was rolled with bedsheets…..
Sanskar bend near her face” swara  its getting late”….
No response from her side…..

Swara he shouted on her ears…
Swara squeezed her eyes due to unpleasant noise…
Haaaaannnnnn she got up with jerk and due to bedsheets she was about to fall down but sanskar caught her like doll…
Plum be carefull he roared in care….
Swara hummed hmm…
Ok get ready fast!!! mom will b waiting for u down…… sanskar left the room…
Swara opened her cocoon shell & marched towards washroom…
Soon she got ready and descended the stairs with warm smile….
Suji rp and sans were waiting for her…

Followed by breakfast and few talks….
Sans went to office and swara occupied herself in helping suji in cooking and chit-chat….

Evening she called her parents and had family time though tears were rolling down her cheeks……

Her papa caught her crying….. “shona beta dont cry just matter of few days, then u would get acclamatized to the environment”…..
“So now wipe ur tears, smile… behave like mature girl “, he ordered her…
Ha,” now u too wipe ur tears and sound like grown up man dad “, she teased shekar..
Who told im crying its just my eyes are sweating he complained her playfully….
Followed by mom and daughter talks….
And call ended….

Sanskar was back from work….

Swara was watching tv along with suji…
Mom can u get me cup of coffee i will get refreshed…
Suji answered sure with smile…
“Swara u go prepare him coffee and spend sometime with him”, suji said with playful smile…..
Swara could not control her laughter and sounded aunty with embarassement….
Suji was pressing her lips to control her laughter…. ok go fast before he breaks my head…..
Swara nodded her head like child and rushed to their room…

Swasan room :

Swara kept the coffee on table and arranged the room and replaced the stuffs in their respective places… she could hear the door crackling sound….

swara was afraid dont know how to start the conversation…. she was twisting her saree pallu in between her fingers….

Sanskar stood infront of the mirror adjusting his hairs and sprayed his perfume…..
Swara’s lungs got filled with his perfume and she was standing there “lost child in city”….
Sanskar later noticed her” swara”….
Swara’s breath caught in her throat…
Sanskar saw the coffee on the table and had them by settling on his bed….
Swara he called again….
She turned towards him with fearful face…
Am i looking like alien???
No she shook her head….
Then what?? come sit here…..
Swara behaved like kid…..
Sanskar shook his head in disblief.. Are u the same swara whom i met before marriage?? He asked raising his eyebrow….
Swara nodded her head in yes…..

Again non- verbally… can u plz say something swara?? Bcz im not expert in studying gestures…..

Swara was twisting her fingers….

Sanskar  caught her fingers and she looked at him in shock…
What!! Y ru sounding weird?????
Nothing she spoke in feeble voice…

“Swara if u open up only i will know what ur feeling”, he asked her…
Swara  hugged him tightly sobbing on his chest ” im missing my parents sanskar”….
Sans patted her back and shoulders making her comfortable…..
Shhhhh… ” plum ur cry bird, never thought ur cry puppy searching for her mummy”, he added fuel to fire…
Sanskar im not cry bird or puppy she retorted him……
Woahh im seeing it who is so brave….
Sanskar stop teasing me she yelled at him…
Sanskar broke the hug and he was searching sumthng under the cot, moving the pillows and tables….

What are u searching sansku she asked him…

U cant help me in finding he replied her..
May b if u tell me i will help u sansku..
Sure!!! But u cant help me in finding the thing….
Huhhh dnt under estimate the power of mrs. Swara sanskar maheswari…..
Is it??? Sans asked her in  sarcastic tone….
Yeah she yelled at him….

Ok fine!!! After knowing that u should not jump into any stupid conclusion… promise me…..

Ha sansku i sware u….. enough of giving buildup and tell me what u have been searching for….

He gave her mischievious smile” i was searching for swara bose whom i knew before the marriage who was bold and naughty”….. he said in one go and ran outside to save himself from his devil..

Swara was standing  like potrait  collecting his each word….  her mind flinched how different she has acted… though she fell as prey in the trap but it was true….  she was behaving immature….
She smiled herself how he made her realise that she was living in world of sad instead of living in present….. 

Sanskar was waiting for her reaction but she never showed up.. so he planned to move towards the room watch her actions….

Sans entered the room and found it empty… he cursed his mind for doing such a stupid act….
But nxt minute he found weight on his back….. yes it was swara….

Swara hugged him tightly ” thank u so much sansku for making me realise how stupid i was”…..

Swara its not stupidness its ur feeling.. i know its difficult for a girl to leave her family.. i just helped u in overcoming that and bring u back to normal…

She hugged him tight and spoke thank u so much for understanding me and helping sansku… she pulled his cheeks….
Jeez swara!!! Im not small kid stop pulling my cheeks…
She pulled his cheeks again like rubberband…
Awww its paining he yelled at her…
This for teasing me sansku she retorted him with venom on her tongue and wink….
Oh is it?? He moved close to her…

Ur intentions seems to be bad sansku….

No im doing what im feeling right he gave her wink….

Swara bowed her in shynesss….

Sanskarrrr swaraaaa…… they heard suji calling them…

Both went down laughing at eo…

Night : sanskar told swara wt she did and swara felt annoyed for  her act…  he gave her two bedsheets extra and warned her not to disturb his sleep…..
Swara nodded yes with smirk…
Night passed….

Morning :

Both swasan got ready since family has  planned to visit temple today…

Swasan were fighting before mirror…
Sanskar pushed swara while she applying eyeline and swara pushed sankar while he was combing…. 

sanskar was applying cream on his face and swara pushed him saying she wants to wear bangle…

Seriously for wearing bangle too u need to watch them in mirror???

Ha she replied him pressing her lips…

Sanskar pulled her hair out in anger…

U know how much time it took for me to do this hair style but u spoiled it…… she pulled his hairs done with gel….
Swaraaaaaaaa he yelled at her…
Both were fighting…

Suji yelled” we are living as family do  keep dat in mind”…

Swasan scratched her head and started doing the make up again….

Swara was struggling to tie her rope on her blouse…. she tried several times it ended up too tight or too loose…
She found sansku sitting on the bed and asked him to help…..
Sans shook his head… no ways im doing that stuff..
Sanskar plz na its getting late.. aunty would think bad of me.. plz sanskar…
Sanskar shook his head in no…
Thank u so much i dont need ur help i will ask aunty to tie the rope…
Ha go…
Swara was about to go but he pulled her by hands and tied her the rope…. ( dnt expect romance in this place always :p )
He whispered on her ears huskily” dont make this as habit”….
Swara closed her eyes in shy…

Swasan suji and rp visited temple and day passed….

Next day :

Swara went to have bath and sanskar was doing some work on his mobile….
Swara kept her dress on the bed and went..
Sanskar after completing his work found her dress and smirked seeing her blouse…
Sans left the room silently…
Swara finished her bathing and drapped  her saree but she felt something uncomfortable but brushed of her thoughts….

All had breakfast and day passed..

swara came to her room and while cleaning she found something and anger arose in her nose….
Let him come today he is dead….

Sanskar came from office and entered the room and found swara sitting on the bed….
He watched her carefully and went to refresh…. swara gave him coffee…. he had it in silence….

swara took out the thing she found and questioned ”  can u explain me sansku she said in anger”….

Sans spit the coffee in surprise and eyes popped out……
I donno want ur asking plum he replied coolly….
Oh let me explain u she stood up fisting her palms into ball may b ready for punching….
Omg physical tortuers are prohibited my dr wifey….
She was about to hit him…
Stop he yelled ” lemme explain”….

Flash back :

Actually u left ur clothes and  i found ur blouse having rope and i know u will make me tie dat.. so to escape from that wrk i had to cut the rope of the blouse… but shit being stupid i had to put them in dustbin….

Flash back ends…

U idiot, stupid, nonsense, plastic bucket u know how difficult it was for me to handle them… u simply removed them from my blouse… i was dying due to discomfort….
She started to cry…….

Sans being caring hubby cooed her unable to find the future consequence….
Sansku i hate u!!! she cried like kid…
Stop crying swara i will do what ever u want me to do…
Pakka promise she held her hand out..
Sans fell in  her trap and promised her…
Ok from now on u should help me in tying the rope….
What????? No way!!!!!!!
Mr.sanskar for ur kind info just now u promised me , she said….
Sanskar nodded his head in sorrow…..

Week passed swasan were now comfortable with eo…..

Swasan moved to separate house due to travel problem… suji and rp would visit them in weekends or month end…

Swasan bond grew strong in absence of others..  both had to depend on other… they shared everthing from morning to evening stories…..

One day :

Swara why ru wearing saree always b in ur comfortable clothes..  its not mandatory to wear them always….
Swara shook her and retorted him ” are u planning to escape from ur punishment sansku??”
Swara…….. do u think like dat he gave her wink….
Swara blushed on hearing his statement.. bcz nowdays tying rope of her blouse has bcm habitual to him like daily breakfast….
Both spent time and slept…..

Weekend :
Sans came from office and shocked to see swara dressing…..
Swara what are u wearing??? He asked in disbelief…
Swara rolled her eyes saying him ” u asked me to be in comfortable clothes right”….
Ha he replied her…..
He was checking top to toe….
Finshed checking me sansku she asked him in wide grin…
Sanskar slapped his brain for being caught…. he gave her grin and moved towards his room….
Swara yelled him ” down fast sweeto”…

Sans entered his room got refreshed and stood infront of mirror setting his hair…

” swara’ s image popped on his mind – she was wearing faded blue cotton short pants upto her knee and loose t- shirt in pink color slightly exposing her belly button” his breath got stuck in his throat on witnessing her strucutre……
He was smiling without his sense….

Sanskaaar a voice brought him back….

He descended the stairs ogling at swara..
Swara caught him and spoke ” some one’s intentions are not so good”…
Ahem no nothing like dat he gave her straight replies but inside his hormones were jumping and may burst out like volcano anytime……

Both were stealing glances not knowing to talk futher….

Swasan had their dinner and slept…

Next day sanskar went to office and swara was doing her work at house….

Both were holding up their feelings bcz still they did not confess yet….

Swara thought, today she will confess him some how….

Swara prepared their fav dishes and cleaned the house and their room.. etc etc..

Evening :

Sanskar returned from office and called her asking coffee… swara stood beside him in shy filled face and blush..
Is any thing wrong he asked her…
Swara nodded no and pressed her lips to control her feelings…
Sanskar sensed something is gonna happen.. Swara r u fine he qustioned her..
She blushed yes..
Sanskar confirmed she has planned something… sanskar have ur dinner now and change ur clothes later she said with smile…
Sanskar shook his head… removed his blazer and sat on the chair…
Swara served him dinner and he fed her also inbetween….
Both finished their dinner and she told him ” i will discard the vessels and come, u take rest sweeto”……

Sanskar sighed ok and left to their room….. he refreshed and swara came to their room… he was standing and swara came close to him…..
Sanskar i want to tell u onething….
Yeah swara tell me…..
Sanskar….. aahhh hmmmmm ahhh she was finding courage to tell him…
But sanskar caught her intention…

His brain slapped him” u stupid , idiot , wastefellow stand like this itself… she is gonna propose u first… if she does then it will b waste of u… better u confess her first or else this universe will laugh at u….

Swara called him ” sanskar where are u lost??”….

Ha nothing tell me…

Swara ,” ahhhhh hmmmm I………”

Sanskar immediately hugged her tight and left his hand inside her t-shirt making patterns on her belly and another hand holding her nape…… his mouth on hear ear whispering ” come on plum!! u were telling something and left his hot breath and his tongue touching her ear lobe”…

Swara’s heart stopped beating on his actions and she stood still… his actions were making her weak and it was unexplainable feeling… butterflies on her stomach….. she closed her eyes on feeling his tongue on her ear….

Swara gulped her saliva….. sanssskarrrr plz leave me … i want to tell u…..

Ha tell me he said pressing his body close on her and his hands roamed on her waist and he started giving her kisses on her face…

Stop it right there she yelled at him…..

No babe he retroted her back and kissed her cheeks then on her chin …

Sanskar plz leave me i want to tell u….
” I”….

Sanskar mind slapped him” stupid!! she gonna confess but ur kissing her”….

Okieeee wait he cursed his mind…

Swara again started “I ”

Sanskar smashed his lips on her stopping her from speaking further… swara was shocked but later she too joined him…

Both were giving deep kisses on eachother lips nibbling them…. fight started to conquer the other and claim them as theirs……..

Swara pushed him stop!!!!!
Sanskar laughed at her….
Seriously!!!!! sanskar stop doing that.. i want to tell u….
Ha babe tell me….
Swara,” I lo……”..

Sanskar pulled her into hug and shushed her lips again deepening the kiss and his hands were roaming over her ribcage…
Swara melted in his touch…….

Sanskar spoke against her lips”plum u told me that u want to confess me something with smirk”…

U idiot she scolded him…..

He was giving deep kisses on her neck and below…. she moaned in his touch….

Sanskar gave a victorious smile…

Swara pushed him….. dare to touch me…

Sweetheart rules are ment to b broken… he caged her between wall and rested his head on hers…. both were smiling against eo lips….

Swasan ” I LOVE U”…….

Joyness was overloaded in their hearts.. happiness was expressed as tears on their cheeks… they never expected this day….

Swara hugged him tight and sanskar gave her place to hide….

Soon they broke the hug… sanskar picked in arms and placed her on the bed…
Swara pulled him through collars letting him collide on her body ……..
Swara kissed his face with love and care….
Sanskar let her do…..
She nibbled his ears like he did…
This is not fair my lady… r u taking revenge he asked her….
She gestured him yes…..

Swasan got busy in their love making and room echoed with their moans…..

Morning birds waked sleepy heads and swasan reminiscened their last night making them flush as tomato…..

Though they were tied by marriage but they were locked by hearts understanding eo in every situation……


Huhhhhhhhhh……… Finshed…..

Tadda… last part over……

Thanku for reading…. bye tata….

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