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Lemme start…..

Swasan engagement day was fixed which would be held after 3 months… Engagement day followed by next day would be their marriage…..
Swasan were happy to hear but at the same time they were eager to know about their life partner….
Swara’s papa is strict man he dislikes meeting before marriage and outing all…
Shekar granted permission only to talk through phone…. ( what to do, over protective father, but he is correct… we never knw what will happen in the future)
So swasan started having conversation through phones…..
Sanskar is not love stuck teenager he too has responsiblities like office so during night or evenings he would talk with swara…
Swara is a person who is completely introvert type to unknown or stranger… when she feels comfy no one can stop her spontaniety…..
One day night :
Swasan phone convo :
Sans – swara…….
Swara – ha..
Sans – so what do u think about me or do u have any expectation that ur life partner should have these qualities???
Swara – not so much but he should know to respect elders and treat my family as his and mainly “respect his wife”
Sans – oh oh….
Swara – wt oh oh???
Sans – nothing…
Swara – u only raised theย  question i just gave u true answer….
Sans – everything is ok but the last line” respect wife” do u think husbands dont respect their partners….
Swara – yup mostly…. men’s think gifting her jewel’s, buying her a saree and just sharing ur business problem doesnt make her happy……
” u should know about her feeling. How she feels being with u!! Talk with her daily, ask het did she have food?? Take her out when ur free more than that give her smike dats enough to make her happy”…
Sans – shhhhhhhh…. u speak too much…
Swara – poda unta poi sonnen paaru… nee thaney enta ketta.. enamo na mokkai potta madhuri solra.. ( u nly asked me right but ur sounding as if im talking sumthing irrelevant)
Sans – y ru getting tensed.. stay cool…
Swara – what do u expect from me….
Sans – nothing only u ๐Ÿ˜‰
Swara – stop buttering tell and wts cooking up in ur brain…..
Sans – okieee ” i dont expect too much but my better half should be my strength and understand my words.. should never nag me asking wt happened today in ofc or blah blah… i know to explain and share her”…..
Swara – huhhh alien….
Sans – then wt u are?? May b???
Swara – may b??
Sans- ahhhh……
Swara – tell na….
Sans – hmmmm……
Swara – ??????
Sans – my plum cake….
Swara was blushing u stupid…
Sans – we boys are poor its difficult to understand girl’s thoughts..
Swara – dont try hard u will end up becoming nutcase…
Sans – yeah ur correct…. mens end up mad due to womens….
Swara – this is too much… stop talking bad about womens….
Sans – when did i badmouth them its just that we spoke what we felt….
Swa – dont act sanskar.. ur words are true….
Sans – y ru sounding as though i have pointed u…. ” i said womens but not u sweetheart”….
Swa- im also a women right….
Sans – but i did not utter swara right…
Swa – ur clever mr.sanskar who knows to tackle the situation perfectly….
San – thank u ms. Plum….
Swa – y ru addressing me as plum??
Sans – bcz ur cheeks resemble plum โ™ฅ
Swa was blushing, okiee im feeling sleepy..
Sans – but ur bad….
Swa – y???
Sans – whr is my sweet name ms.plum??
Swa – sanskar will anyone ask their nickname openly???
Sans – s… sanskar the great….
Swa – ok bye gud nyt swt drms…
Sans – my name ๐Ÿ™
Swa – mr.sanskar….
Sans – i know…
Swa – bye….
Days passed swasan got to know abt eo other perfectly and now their level of comfort has become close……
One day sanskar planned to take swara for an outing….. but she was afraid thinking about her dad…. and she was also feeling nervous said big no…….
“Swara!! first time i have asked u onething cant u even do this for ur hubby???” He asked her with sad tone…
Swara felt sad by hearing his sad tone and accepted his request…
Its k swara, we can go on some other day he said in soft tone…
Swara was feeling bad” no i mean s.. we can go out today its order from ur plum”…
Sanskar was beyond world of happiness and jumped on his bed like monkey…. yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..
But im afraid wt if papa gets to know about this outing hubby???
Swara what did u call me???
Swara bit her tongue being caught, i did not tell anything….
No i heard something huuubbbb….
Sanskar !!!stop dreaming and if u keep on talkingย  rubbish then our outing plan may b destroyed…
I dont know y u girls are eager on bursting the bubble of happiness roaming on boys head…..
You guys assume we are breaking ur happiness..
Ok leave it !!! Can i speak to shomi aunty and seek permission for taking u out??
I will discuss and let u know about our desicion sanskar….
Ok madame as u wish…..
Swara took shomi’s permission and she helped her too sneek out with help of raglak.. so if they r caught they can give raglak as excuse…ย 
Swara kissed shomi’s cheeks due to overload of happiness….. she made herself presentable wearing simple long gown upto legs with simple make up leaving her hairs free with central clutch…. shomi kisses her forehead and wished her bye…
Raglak arrived and took swara. On the way raglak were teasing her so much were as her cheeks turned red..ย 
Ragini unknown about swara’s new name she mentioned,” stop blushing swara!! u have turned into red plum”……
On hearing the word plum swara blushed showing her happiness……
Rags” omg shona stop blushing my thinkings are going beyond”……
Swara” shut ur mouth ladoo, jiju why ruย  quiet????”
Swara on seeing ur face so much questions are roaming on my brain said laksh with chuckle……
Come on stop pulling me raglak…..
Soon they arrived the spot wr sanskar was waiting in his car near a garden…..
Raglak greeted sanskar and wished all d bst to swara and gave her hug…..raglak bid them bye went off….
Swara was standing but seeing the other side of road donno how to start a conversation…….
Sans cleared his throat ” so till when have u planned to stay here plum”…
On hearing the word plum swara’s face turned pink and turned her face other sideย  from being caught…..
I saw ur cherry face swara so tell me the reason behind ur pinkish cheeks…..
sanskar u asking so many questions come lets go….
Swasan got settled in the car…. both were maintaing silence donno what to talk next..
They were smiling thinking about their phone conversations were they used to talk alot and even fight for 3rd person but here they are maintaing silence being in library….
Swara started, ” where we going sanskar??”….
Sans shook his head “Its surprise”….
Swara rolled her eyes in approval…
Soon they arrived the place, ” It was wood house in forest”…
Sanskar dont tell me we are going to spend our time here…..
Wow swara ur too smart!!!! We are staying here (wink)
3rd pov :
Actually both got to know eo well and so sanskar plan to spend a day with her in nature’s beauty with his plum….
Pov ………..
They climbed the wood house built on tree top were the windows were painted with glass colors and it had medium size door and comfy bed in the centre with few chairs and tables…
We settled on the chairs and the sunrays are piercing through the windows illuminating the room with orange, red and yellow ligts… it was majestic view… from the window we were able to see the city far away from us….
Did u like this place swara ???
Wide smile crept on my face and shook my head in response to sanskar…
I was able to see his face which was bright as lamp as i conveyed him my feelings about the place…..
I was having urge to hug him but my conscience stopped me from doing so…
Sanskar saw her facial expression and gave loud chuckle…
Swara raised her eye brows asking him what???
Sans shook his head no….

Song :

Sanskar sang :
Verenna Verenna Vendum Oru Murai Sonnaal Pothum
Nilavaiyum Unthan Kaalmithiyaai Vaipaene Vaipaene……..
Sollavum Kooda Vaendaam Kannimaithaalae Poathum
Kaelvigal Indri Uyiraiyum Naan Tharuvene

Swara sang :

Ivan Yaaro Ivan Yaaro Vanthathu Etharkaaga
Sirikinraan Rasikinraan Enakkae Enakaaga
Ennaachu Enakkae Theriyavillai
En Moochin Kaaychal Kuraiyavillai
Ada Enna Ithu Enna Ithu Ippadi Maati Kondaen
Ithu Pidikirathaa Pidikallaiyaa Yaaridam Kaettu Solvaen

Song ends…..

Sans pov:

Then we spoke a lot and now our level of comfy became close to so close…
We had our lunch and planned to return..
I was feeling tired due to long drive and thought of taking small nap but thinking about swara’s safety i chose no…. and asked her can we move…

Pov ends….

We can stay here for a while sankar… y dont u take a nap???
” we need to reach the city, lets move” sanskar said her…..
Nahhh u take a nap i will b watching the scenery….
Sanskar gave a sigh and slept leaving swara in her world….
Swara was gazing the nature and she took many snaps… while so she went near sanskar and took his snap while sleeping… His face revealed that he was happy…..
Swara sat beside him on the ground and took a snap to tease him later….
Swara got too bored and she too fell asleep next to him on bed but maintaining few feet distance…..
Sky started revealing shades of orangishย  red sun settling down…..
Sanskar’s phone disturbed his sleep and got up to check swara… he found her sleepingย  with dicomfort adjusting at the end of bed….
( bcz noย  girl will share a bed with a men unlessย  she has unbreakable relation with him)

Sanskar was laughing by seeing her position and how self consciousย she is while sleeping too….
He moved towards her took a qiuck snap and moved to the other side….
Sans checked the time it was 5.00 pm and they were getting late…ย 
“Get up !!Its getting late swara”,he called out…
But no response from swara for past 5 mints….
Sanskar climbed on the bed sat on his legs and streched his hands to wake her but he with drew them….. again he streched calling her name but with drew his hand… alas he tapped her shoulders waking her from deep sleep…
Swara squeezed her eyes and slowly opened them to see sanskar beside her….
What r u doing sanskar???
Ha im eating ms.kumbakarani( girl form)
Ms. Kumbakarni?? Wt name is this??
Bcz ur girl right so i called u kumbakarni instead ok karna….
Shappaaa mudiyala!! Sanskar( huhh i cnt tolerate u sanskar)
Okieee get up let us leave…..
Sanskar was waiting for her dowm and swara made her presentable and reached the ground…ย 

They reached the garden around 7.30 pm and raglak was ready to pick her…..
Raglak greeted sanskar and wished bye and swara left him bidding bye… sanskar gave her wink… swara blushed due to shyness…..
Raglak being mature did not ask her about outing but they wr just pulling her legs..
Soon they reached gadodia house….
Shekar was waiting for trio…..
Trio were gulping in fear….
Shekar – Is this the time to come home swara????
Swara was bowing her head in guilt…
Raglak protected her” uncle we only compelled her to stay a bit long, since she will be leaving to her in-laws house soon”….
Shekar – oh okieee… u can have her during day time raglak i wont ask u anything but night she should be inside the house.. we dnt know what society would tell….
Raglak – yea we can understand uncle…
Shekar – untill marriage we should be safe and carefull.. i hope u understand what is the feeling behind my words.. being father its my duty right…..
Raglak – ur correct uncle..
Shekar – ok come lets have dinner…
All had dinner and went to sleep where as raglak left bidding them bye……

Night :
Swasan phone conv:
Sans – hiiii… any prblm???
Swa – no papa did not catch us redhand but he gave advice not to roam during nights and enjoy during daytime….
Sans – oh okieee… its duty of a father to protect her daughter…
Swa – hmm yes…..
Sans – had ur dinner??
Swa – yea and u??
Sans – haan….
Swa – i have gift for u…. wait i will send…
Sansย  – ok…..
Swara sent him the pic which she took in wood house where he was busy in sleeping..
Sans – shit delete that pic….
Swa – no way honey….
Sans – not bad i have turned into honey…
Swa – sent him wink smiley and blushing too…..
Sans – sent her the pic which he took while she was sleeping…
Swa – oi its offence to take some one’s pic without their permission mr.honey….
Sans – oh ms.rules who is telling that??? Same applies for u too…
Swa – no way….
Sans – yup….
Both were fighting( playfully) and bid gud nyt…..
But sleep was far from them….

Swara pov :
I got up at 1st attempt while ur waking me sanskar..ย  but to avoid the situation i acted sleeping… omg!!! when u were sitting next to me and trying to strech ur hand and withdrawing them i felt blessed to have u as better half….. u acted so geniunely…. i salute u sanskar…. i felt so happy but i hid this from u sorry…….
Pov ends……….

Sans pov :
I know swara u were awake and im a man with principles too.. i wont take advantage of the situation….. but i want to tell u dat i like u so much……
Pov ends…….

Swara texted sanskar “slept???”
Sans – no…. what happen plum???
Swa – actually i got upย  in the 1st attemptย  itself sanskar… i was just pretending to sleep…… sorry…. i was feeling guilty for my act……
Sans – hahaha i knew that swara….
Swa- what?? How???
Sans – bcz… leave it…
Swa – ahh honey y do u always leave in cliffhang…
Sans – bcz i sensed ur goosepumps….
Swa – what??????????????
Sans – s……
Swa – sorry….
Sans – its k everyone will take tym to b comfy…..
Swa – sanskar i really like u and love being around u but still i need lil space for being more than to close…
Sans – yeah no prblm i can understand swara…. dnt stress… tc… gud nyt plum..
Swa – im so happy to gt u as better half honey… gud nyt tc……


Tadda today its over……

Next one will b d last shot……..

Friends if u have any suggestions plz free to share and want me to include any scenes u can tell me through comment….


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