Im writting this article for entertainment somethings may appear illogic so bear it…

Gadodia House :

A girl was sitting on her bed wearing a beautiful saree,adorned with jewels but her face showed multiple feelings at a time….. happy,sad,nervous,strong everthing was playing on her face……
she is our heroine “swara” today groom’s family are coming to see her and fix a date for engagement and marriage…….
Swara was checking out her dress & makeup in mirror. But door cracking noise gained her attention…..
She peeped through the mirror to look on the person standing at the door……
It was her cousin ragini, she was plastering smile on her face taking heavy steps and hugged swara from back….
“Omg ur fiance would faint looking at the 8th wonder of the world”,rags complimented her…..

Stop teasing me rags im quite nervous  said swara with broken voice….
“Oh oh the prankster bubbly girl is afraid for her marriage, plz someone freeze this moment”,ragz was teasing her…..
“I can still remember ur scary bird face when u met laksh on ur engagement day, u even ran away inbetween the function panicking the parents, inlaws and guests”swara said by laughing out loud….
Girls were teasing eachother and shomi entered the room, “arey bhagawan when will these girls learn to be quite and give them some mouth control”……
Swaragini – why shud we??(hifi)

Shomi – u would never change…
Swaragini – dats not our policy(wink at eo)
Shomi – huuhhh leave it…. i came to inform u,with in few minutes groom’s family would arrive and plz stay quite… lock ur india gate mouth atleast today….
Swara – mom……
Shomi – just joke shona….
Rags – aunty dont worry i will take care of swara… u look on to the arrangements…
Shomi – thnk u ladoo…
Swara – ha mata rani plz leave this place…
Shomi – bye bye im leaving….
Shekar was busy checking the arrangements and  welcoming the relatives….
Shomi – shekar atleast have cafe…
Shekar – no need…
Shomi – till what time u will b fasting..
Shekar – let this allaiance get fixed today in successful manner then i wud break my fasting..
Shomi – shekar dont worry everthing would happen according to god’s plan….
Shekar – hmmm… ok go bring the aarti plates….( its a ritual)
(Aarti plate – water mixed with sindhoor and sumtyms tumeric and a betel leaf will b floating over it)….
Shomi came with aarti plate and rags was standing next to her followed by laksh, shekar and others…..
Groom’s family was welcomed with vanakkam( namaste, hello)…..
Aarti was taken by rags and shomi…. rags demanded for money….. laksh pulled her hands to stay quite, suji was laughing and she insisted sanskar to give money for taking aarti….
Sanskar gave her money and groom family entered the house…..
Everyone got seated on their places…..
Maheswari’s and gadodia’s were discussing about family then other stuffs related to marriage…..
As it was Auspicious time shekar signaled shomi to bring swara to the hall…
Shomi and rags went to her room….
Swara was seen twisting her fingers due to nervousness….
Rags smiled and gave her a hug…. shona be strong y ru panicking???
Swara gave her faint smile…
Shomi was laughing at her…
Swara – y is this lady laughing at me???
Rags – shona stay quite…

Swara said ha and acted  zipping her mouth…
Shomi & rags –  vaai mattum ilana una dog kavitu poidum( stop talking)
They brought her to hall, swara was stumbling due to nervousness & other side due to her saree….
Rags – shona walk properly orelse u would fall below ur fiance foot…
Shomi – correct ladoo…
Swara – both joined in a team to give me nose cut ah?? Wait i will call jiju for help…

Shomi & rags – shona close ur mouth we have arrived the hall and person’s sitting on the sofa are ur in-laws and would be husband..
Shona raised her head to check them….

Rags – shona never look at a person when we are talking about them.. they might have suspicion that we are gossiping about them….
Shona – adapavingala!!! Neenga dhaney ena pakka sonnega( u only told me to see them right)
Rags – we just said  but did not inisist u to look at them…
Shona – ragini im going to faint….
Rags – what???
Shona- my hands are shivering see they have turned cold by saying this swara entwined her fingers on rags palm…
Rags – omg shona….. b calm…
Swara gave smile to in-laws and sanskar…
Lucky was sitting next to sanskar and winked at swara and signaling her sumthng about sanskar……
Shona  rolled her eyes….
Rags stared at lucky..

Lucky remained silent and swara gave a chuckle…..
Swara seeked blessings from in-laws and left to her room….
Shekar – so ram ji…
Ram” can  we fix the date for engagement”……
Shomi and suji hugged eo other showing their happiness…..
Lucky cleared his throat gaining attention, “sanskar wants to meet swara personally”….
Sanskar was shocked and nodded his head vigourosly…
Lucky “sanskar before few minutes only u told me that u want to meet her”…
Ram and suji were giving glares to sanskar…
Sanskar was caught inbtwn his parents and lucky. 
Shekar gestured shomi take sanskar to swara’s room….

Sanskar stood up immediately and others laughed seeing his eagerness…..
Lucky and rags took sanskar to swara’s room….
Rags,”swara open the door!!! I have brought a gift for u”,with giggle and gave wink to lucky where as sanskar was feeling shy…
Swara opened the door with yell,”where is my gift ladoo!!!”
Sanskar was standing with shock on his face and raglak were controlling their laughter…..
Lucky pushed sanskar inside the room saying “here is ur precious gift” and gave wink to swara…..
Swara was standing like statue doesn’t know what to do……
Rags  whispered on swara’s ear all the best shona and closed the door….

Swara was staring at the closed door and sanskar was gazing at her room..
Sanskar cleared his throat,” excuse me”
Swara gained her sense and found sanskar sitting on her bed with legs crossed…..
Swara has never let anyone to sit on her bed but seeing him, her anger grew like fire….Excuse me can u please get up!!!  settle urself on the couch????
Sanskar mummured so much attitude ah…
Swara was cleaning the bed were sanskar was sitting with frown on her face….
Sanskar was glaring at her….

Swara settled on her bed gazing her room may be scanning her room….
Sanskar,” Are u interested in this marriage???”
Swara was feeling nervous and her voice got stuck in throat….. y…ea….. s……..
Sanskar got shock due to her stammering.. ru ok swara????
Swara nodded her head positively…. she was twisting the pleats of her saree….
Sanskar,” i think so u are scary bird”…..
Swara inner voice became bold and she yelled no…….
Sanskar with proud smile on his lips “fine”
swara ” hmmmmm”…..
Sanskar “hmmmmmmmmm”
Swara twisted her lips in irritation.. shhhhhhhh….
Sanskar “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
Swara rolled her eyes in fustration and shook her head….
Sanskar did the same…
Swara cooled herself by taking few breath and gave small smile….
Sanskar smiled back and then took few breath (act of cooling himself)
Swara’s mouth gave wide O seeing him ridiculous…..
“Ok swara bye tc im leaving meet u soon”,sanskar stood up adjusting his dress…
Swara got up to send him off…. shit……..

Due to her saree she stumbled and fell on sanskar. As a result sanskar fell on the couch ending up swara on top of sanskar…..
Swasan were having cute eyelock..
Her eyes had powers to mesemerize sanskar and he whispered ” plums have u planned to sleep over me thinking as ur bed??”
Swara got embarrased on his question and stood up with difficulty…..
Sanskar helped her but this time he was stamping her saree and with jerk swara fell again on sanskar…. safely landing on the couch……
……swasan eyeballs popped out from their sockets ……(guess)
Heheheehhehehe nothing happend(dont kill me)
Actually their lips brushed off…..
Swasan heart was fluttering like butterfly wings….. both stoop up in shock and embarrasment took over……
Swasan hissed sorry avoiding direct eye  contact…
There was knock on the door gaining their attention…
Swasan made them presentable and sanskar opened the door where as swara was standing behind him…
“Its been long so came to inform u dat ur not on honeymoon its just a talk”,rags remainded them……
Swasan were embarrased on hearing her words but last incident made them nervous but brought happiness inside their heart….
Lucky dragged sanskar and went downstairs…….
Down all were waiting for his reply…..
Suji and ram were shooting daggers to sanskar.. he just assured him through eyes…..
Shekar and shomi were so happy…..
Date was fixed for marriage and engagement……..

Groom family bid them bye but sanskar was waiting for swara, his eyes were searching for her endlessly….
Ragini ran upstairs dragged swara near to the window “stay here”, she ran down again….
Swara whispered weird and twisted her head outside &  saw sanskar looking at her window …..
Sanskar was smiling at her and wetted his lips and swara flushed as red tomato and bowed her head due to shyness….
Sanskar shook his head in disbelief……



Im ending here today……

Thank u for reading…….

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