three words (ts) ragsan

At beach
A girl and boy are shown playing in water
“I’ll not leave u sanki” screamed the girl when the boy picked her and threw in water
She stamped her feet and sudden tide of water hit her making her fall the sanskar was laughing hard seeing her
“why always me” the girl cursed her fate making puppy face
Sand was stuck on her face and hairs all messy messy she was still their on beach floor
Sanskar was looking no different
Sanskar controlled his laugh and forwarded his hand to her
She looked at him
“I can stand myself” she said and tried to stand and finally she had to take his support she tried to act smart to push him water she succeeded but herself fell along with him
She was on top of him the composed themselves both sat
They looked towards each other and busted in laugh
“u can eat this slowly” he said the way she was eating ice cream could make any one feel grumpy her lips were fully covered with ice cream
“bhukad” he said cleaning her face with tissue
“will u ever change” he asked
And nodded no like kid
“I was thinking to get swara married to sanskar” her dadi said to her father
Her world stopped she came to talk to her dad and stopped in her way when she found dadi with him
“but ma”
“what they are childhood friends they know eachother so well I don’t think they would have any problem and even swara likes him” completed dadi
Her world collapsed she tried hard to control herself her words struck in her throat
She quickly ran towards her room splashed the door hard
She leaned along the door and busted in cry she couldn’t hold this feeling more
Her world was revolving around her sanskar he was not just her friend he meant everything to her
The time she realised who was her dad her mom had left the world she was 5 then she was brought to gadodia nivas only to be hated by her family she had no one’s support she used to carve for love
Her dad had married and he had two kids swara and shail they were twins she always treated them as her siblings but they never considered her one
Sumi their mom never liked ragini from first day she used to hate her and even dadi who consider as bad omen
She used to cry a lot at nights having no one by her side to console her
It was then she met him sanskar maheswari their family friend’s son
She found a whole family along him his family always loved her the way they did their house children’s
Laksh and uttra turned her partner’s in crime they used to prank so much her life got some happiness ap sanskar uttra laksh’s mom she used to feel connected to her she found her mom in ap and ap also used to pamper her a lot dadi and sumi were never happy the way maheswari’s were concerned of ragini and ragsan friend ship was never acceptable by them they never let a chance to create hurdle’s for her but she overcome them because she had sanskar with her and sanskar he was her friend her support system her life and her love!
Some time back She was so happy at the she had found her family dadi had forgave her she accepted and the realisation of her love made her happiness more

“ragini beta” dadi called ragini was shocked because dadi never used to come her room
“ha dadi” she stood up from her study and slightly smiled at her she was nervous like hell
“beta come sit here” she said moving towards couch and making herself comfortable their
Ragini was just looking her dadi took her hand in her’s and looked towards her
“will u forgive ur dadi beta”
“dadi” a whisper escaped her lips
“I am sorry beta for all my deeds for always mistreating you for never understanding you” said dadi she sheding tears and ragini too turned emotional looking at all this
“dadi its ok” saying she hugged her
She busted in bitter cry and dadi consoled her
She felt she found all her happiness
“Ma” she screamed entering maheswari mansion
“she is to temple loudspeaker” laksh informed
“oh” “laksh u know what happened” she sound so excited and laksh was horrified her long never ending stories and many were nonsense
“sorry not today ragini I have some work I need to leave u can talk to bhai he’s in his room” saying laksh ran
“werid but whatever”
“sanky” screeching she ran to his room
He came out of washroom having bath just a towel around him
He heard her and was seemed puzzled he thought her to be in trouble he rushed out
She entered his room like a storm and both dashed
“ahhh” she screamed out of fear he held her his hand one hand was having a grip around her waist and other was on her shoulders
She held his shoulders
They looked towards each other and were lost they were deadly close to eachother he shirtless and her hands across his bare chest some tiny water droplets fell on her shoulders from his head they came to reality and composed themselves that’s when she noticed him
she turned her closing her eyes
“u shameless can’t u wear something” she yelled
Then it stuck him he was shirtless wet hairs
“oh hello it was you who barged in my room like that” he shot back
“toh who stays in room shirtless”
“my room my choice”
“what for you”
“you shameless creature” she turned sudden and pointed her finger to him
She again turned
“wear some clothes and come down I am waiting” saying she left
He chuckled at her “pagal”
“ma u know how happy I am” she narrated whole incident to ap she was very happy and sanskar was too happy seeing her happiness
“beautiful”it escaped his lips when he saw her descending she was wearing a dark blue gown looking angle hairs one side and those tiny studs shining in her ears indeed increased her beauty
He was lost looking at her his gaze made her heart tickle
“may I have dance with u beautiful lady” one of her friend asked she agreed it was their family business party
The slow music started he was dancing with swara
Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you, go on
Both were dancing with different partners but still gazed fixed on each other
Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you, go on
Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart and my heart will go on and on
The partners changed and she was with him both were lost in each other
Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we’re gone
Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold you
In my life we’ll always go on
Flash back end

It was that night which made her realise her feelings for him his closeness affected her so much she felt so possessive about him
But she never realised what fate had stored for her unknowingly she promised her all happiness to her family
Sumi had asked her to promise that she’ll always keep family happiness before hers and she agreed only to realise that her love will never be hers
Love is so complicated it gives u happiness it gives u tears of pain love is simple yet so sophisticated
After that day she started maintaining distance from sanskar trying to avoid him in whatever way possible
“why she is doing this” he questioned
“because she is busy and she is happy”his mind said
“but why is he bothering so much why does her absence affect him” his heart questioned
“its just that they are good friends and he is habituated to her” his mind said
“no because he cares for her because he wants her in his life because he loves her” his heart said
“love how can he love her”his mind objected
“love its just happens and he loves her” his heart said
He closed his eyes realising all their moments how he loved spending time with her her silly pranks her smile her laugh her tears how her was raged finding her with some one else
“I love her” he confessed and smiled at this thought of his
“I love her I am in love” he screeched happily
“wait but what about her do she too feels the same” he questioned
“sanskar” she screamed reaching near some hill she received a call that sanskar met an accident she lost her senses and reached the place tears were not stopping
“sanskar” she fell on ground crying bitterly she found a touch on her shoulder turning her head she found him she hugged him so tight he reciprocated the hug pulling her more close
“I was scared”
She broke the hug and cupped his face
“you are fine na nothing happened to you na u didn’t get much hurt na ” she was asking non stop question she stopped when his lips captured her he kissed her she was beyond shock and was frozen the moment his lips on her’s she was melting she didn’t react
He broke the kiss joining their forehead’s
“I love you” he said that’s when reality struck her she slapped him he was shocked by her sudden act
“ragini” before he could complete
“how could u sanskar”
“ragini I can explain”
“explain what u know how much scared I was u can’t even imagine all those deadly thoughts were coming in mind I rushed here for what u just faked this drama” he pulled her by shoulders
“I did this act just to get you here u were not picking my calls not responding to my messages”

She freed herself “sanskar I was busy and what if I didn’t talk to you what big difference it makes”
She turned other side
He pulled her again
“what big difference it makes it indeed makes I missed u so much these days I wanted to be with I wanted to say you that I love you I wanted to confess my feelings and I know u too love me” he cupped her face
“stop all this sanskar I don’t feel anything like that”
“if u didn’t u wouldn’t have come running like this”
“I came because I care for my friend and why don’t u understand its just nothing” saying she left
He was heart broken and more than him it was her
“dpji I wanted to ask sanskar’s hand for my swara” shekar got the proposal for swasan’s marriage
Maheswari’s were shocked at the moment
Ragini knew about it
From the day he confessed his feeling she never talked to him he tried hard to mend their friend ship but she never agreed
Sanskar agreed for marriage because ragini kept a condition in front of him if he wanted their friend ship he should marry swara
Sanskar’s world turned up and down listening to her
He thought a lot those sleepless nights thinking about everything
Both were in deep pain he was hurt he didn’t know why she was doing this
She couldn’t control her feelings more she knew she’ll break if she is around him she decided to leave the city forever once swasan engagement happens
Sanskar had shared about his feeling with laksh and laksh was too angry on ragini for what she was doing because he sensed her feelings before even she realised
He asked sanskar to agree for engagement they could make her jealous and she would come running confessing her feeling
Swara was angry knowing that sanskar loved ragini but dadi assured that sanskar’s love only belong to her
It was engagement his eyes were searching her
And she was making all arrangement for her departure
Laksh tried hard to make ragini realise
Swasan were standing on stage
Ragini didn’t stop engagement
But sanskar didn’t leave hope he was stilling looking at her
“come on ragini please” he thought in mind
She walked to them and hugged sanskar
“I am so happy” she said trying to control her sob and sanskar was blank
“congrats swara” she wished them and walked to her room
It was night and two hearts were crying in pain of separation
Her room was dark she sitting at corner and shedding tears
Sanskar was in bar he was totally drunk “why ragini” he questioned
With some people help he reached his home but stopped he wanted his answers with great difficulty he walked to gadodia nivas

he entered her room through balcony she was so lost that she didn’t realise his presence
“why ma why me”she spoke
Seeing her condition he was sure that she was hiding something from him
He was so raged he walked to her
“ragini” he called softly she was shocked hearing his voice
“sanskar” she stood up “what are u doing here”
Before she could complete he pulled her and pinned to near by wall
He kissed her hard she was trying to protest the more she was trying the more rough and hard he got she stopped trying tears ran down her cheeks
He kissed her as if their is no end her lower started bleeding when bite her hard
“I love you and I know u too love me u are just running away from me , today I’ll mark u mine no matter u agree or not u are mine and will always be ” he sound deadly she shivered hearing his tone she could clearly see anger disappointed and love in his eyes she knew she was doing wrong but she was right on her path she was doing this for her family
He started nibbling her neck trailing wet kisses across her shoulder his hand was across her waist pulling her more close she was going weak by his touch
He bite her shoulder hard
She pushed him
“just go from here before I call everyone here” she warned
“call let them also know what is going on between us” his proximity was affecting her so much
“just go please” she hissed in pain he couldn’t see her tears
“u are not in ur sense”
But he seemed to be in no mood to leave her
He pinned her to bed
“sanskar please leave me” she pleaded him
“this is wrong” but her words didn’t reach him
To be continued

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