three words (ts) ragsan- part 3 last

Ragini was standing outside bua dadi’s house
She didn’t know what to do
She moved in ap laksh dadi were sitting in hall they saw her but still acted as if they didn’t know dadi gave helpless look
“laksh pack ur things we’ll leave today evening” ap said him and stood up and started moving
“ma” ragini called but she ignored
“bua ji ask we four will return today before going I wanna vist shiv mandir” ap said
“ok we’ll leave in some time” dadi said
Ap started walking towards her room

Ragini followed her
She kept on calling her but she didn’t pay heed to her
“ma please talk to me” ragini said in between her sobs ap couldn’t see her tears she opened her arms ragini ran and hugged her tight
“I am sorry ma” ap caressed her hair
“shh bacha” she rubbed her back they broke the hug ap wiped her tears

What ever it is mom is always a mom she can’t see her child in pain
“ragini” ap was sitting on bed and ragini had laid her head in ap’s lap ap was caressing her hair
“I did a big mistake na” ragini spoke she looked up towards ap her eyes were moist
“my doll can’t do mistake what ever it was its just a misunderstanding and I know u can clear it” she said
“u hate me don’t u”
“mother can never hate her child and yeah I was angry on before taking any such action u didn’t even consider about me”

“ma” ap cut her
“ if u had thought of me as ur mom u wouldn’t have left me”
“I didn’t want to but then I didn’t know what to do I was so confused”
“u hurt sanskar alot in all these” ap said
“I know but”
“ragini u could have avoided all these in these 6 months it was sanskar who was affected the most”
Ragini had her head down

Ap raised her chin
“but know I want you both to get along soon” ap said and she smiled a bit
“did u try to talk to him”
“I did but he didn’t respond”
“sanskar” ragini called him entering his room
He looked up at her and ignored
Ragini felt bad
“I am sorry” before she could complete he cut her “leave”

“just leave” he said angrily she silently walked out
Laksh saw her moving disappointed she looked up and found him he immediately turned
“laksh” she called him he stopped in his way but didn’t turn
She walked to him
And stood in front of him

“sorry” she said cutely holding her ears
He smiled but then got that stern look back on his face and turned opposite
“sorry yaar maff kar do” she said turning him towards her
And hugged him
And he hugged back

“on a condition”
“I am ready for anything just forgive me”
“promise me that u would never leave us and won’t do any stupid stunt in future” he asked forwarding his hand
She happily placed her hand in his
“promise” she said and he smiled

“I missed you” he said side hugging her
“me too”
“so who is ur girl friend at present” she asked trying to light moments between them
He gave disappointed look

“no GF ”
“u were not their na to give ideas to impress girls and bhai he became total work holic after u left”
Her heart pained knowing how he hurt himself

“I am sorry” he looked at her “because of me all this” he wiped her tears
“from where do u get so much water supply” he asked and she frowned wiping her nose
Ragini tried her level best to talk to sanskar but he was ignoring her
She felt guilty and sad for his ignorance she knew it was her mistake but he was know too rude to her
Soon they returned to Kolkata
At mm
All were waiting for ap sanskar and laksh
Ragini was too with them
Everyone were happy having ragini back ap asked servant to take ragini’s luggage to guest room
“she won’t stay here” sanskar said all looked shocked towards him
“sanskar” before ap could complete sanskar cut her
“she can go where ever she wants but not here if she stays here I won’t” saying sanskar left to his room

All were looking shocked confused they didn’t except this reaction from him
“I’ll leave” ragini said
Sanskar stopped in his way
“if he doesn’t want I won’t stay here” she said in dull voice
Sanskar walked to his room

Some times we don’t understand why things happen it pains a lot when the person we love trust the most leave us without any reason sanskar was going through same pain he himself didn’t know why he was distancing himself from her he didn’t knew it he loved her it was true but seeing her having her again in his life engraged him he was angry and his anger was justified because ragini was wrong In leaving like that she knew what she meant to him but still for her so called family she left him who was with her In all times

Ragini was sad and wanted to cry but controlled herself she didn’t know what next she had made her way back but how would she make her way back to his heart he love her she know it but how would she prove him her love how would she pacify his anger
Ragini was staying in out house on lot of instance from family she agreed
Early morning sanskar woke up he stood near window and looked out and found ragini standing their holding a sorry board he looked away ragini was sad and her disappointment didn’t go unnoticed by him
Servant got him coffee

With coffee their was a sorry note too
He smiled but then back to anger
He left to office early because he knew his whole family are supporting her and they would definitely try something to help her

He walked out near his car she was standing holding flower bouquet and sorry card he swiftly walked away
All family came out she gave disappointed look
“sanskar what is wrong with you” dp questioned
“what’s wrong with me”

“if nothing is wrong why are u distancing ragini from all”
“I don’t wanna have any talk about her”
“sanskar” but he left
It has been almost three days each day she tried something new hoping that he would melt talk to her but he didn’t mend
Maheswari family was also trying but sanskar was adamant

Ragini was getting angry know obivo she tried so many ways but he akadu
It was night ragini wanted to have a talk to him at any cost she was waiting for him
He came late
Ragini saw him walking inside house she followed him
“sanskar” but he walked straight to his room without turning
He was about to close door she entered and he turned she locked the door he heard door locking sound
“sanskar talk to me”

“just leave” he said
She walked angrily towards him and pulled him he didn’t except her act
“what is your problem why are u doing this to me” she asked in painful voice and he could feel her hurt
He freed himself and turned

“fine don’t talk to me know I also won’t try akadu” she stamped her foot but he didn’t bulge
“I am leaving and forever and won’t ever return” and walked out he looked puzzle towards her disappearing figure
Morning sun rays disturbed his sleep
It was lazy Sunday morning her words were still ringing in his mind
He got fresh
And left as he had some work
In afternoon he returned heard some sounds from hall he walked their
“don’t know where she went” he heard ap
“ma don’t worry I am going in search of her” laksh said walking out
“in whose search he went” ‘ragini’ he thought and shrugged his thoughts and walked down
“ ma where laksh went” he asked ap turned angrily towards him
“why do u care be in ur koop bhavan (anger house)”

Ap cut him
“their is limit for everything sanskar yeah she was wrong on her path but know what are u doing she is trying to get ur forgiveness in every way but u why are u being so stub burn sanskar”
“don’t worry know u can be happy she left”
“what” he was shocked

“ma where she left”
“I don’t know from morning I didn’t see her and watching said he saw her leaving early morning with a bag” sanskar was so much shocked
“how can she leave like that as she lost her all senses” he cursed her and walked out
He searched her in every possible place bus stop air port railway station every where but didn’t find her
Ap was worried as both her children didn’t return
She tried to find him but couldn’t

It was evening

She reached beach where they used to spend their time she smiled remembering their old times
Tears rolled down her cheek
Sanskar was too disappointed he tried to find her in every way but couldn’t he too reached beach
“where are u ragini”
He thought of their old times their beach fun
He saw a womanly figure their his heart said its ragini
His legs moved in that direction

“ragini” he wishpered
She turned her head
Seeing her he pulled her in a bone crushing hug
“where u left idiot”
She hugged him back more tight
“I am sorry I would never leave u please forgive me” she said
He broke the hug
“where u lost u r all senses who leaves like that u know how much worried I was and ma laksh every one are so worried have u done some phd in doing stupid things idiot” he almost badly screamed at her

She smiled in her tears
The sun was setting creating most romantic environment as it could be
She got close to him And held his face in her palm
He looked towards her
She stood on her tose and pecked his lips
He was shocked
“I love you” she said and hugged him he hugged back

“I love you too”
“promise that” she cut him
“i’ll never leave me no matter what”
They stayed in that hug for lot of him feeling each other’s heart beat which was screaming each other’s name it was indeed beautiful, beauty of love indeed
Sanskar’s phone beeped getting them to sense
He picked it

“ha bol laksh”
“bhai I think we should complain to police” laksh spoke worriedly
“their is no such need”

“u reach home I am too coming with ur bhabi” and smiled at her
He intertwined his fingers with her and she rested her heard on his shoulder
They say silence is most powerful weapon when u are with your loved once the warmth of love is enough no words are required even the silence feel so amazing
“ragini why are u still awake” he asked entering their room and finding his cute wife still awake
She threw pillow at him

“idiot where were u and why so late”
“dear wifey if u forget I was in some meeting and I had informed u that I would get late and had asked you to have dinner and sleep but why are u awake”
She pouted at his question
What he asked raising his eye brow she gestured her eyes next to her
He walked to her and sat near her on bed
She hugged him

“because I was missing warmth of you” she buried her head in chest and he warped his arm protectively around her
“eww my baby was missing me”
“baby and baby’s mama too” he laughed at her cute antics
Life is not always as we think every one has to go through some hard ship
Jeena ka nam hai zindagi (its about living so its life)
Love is most powerful weapon if it has power to make your life it can destroy too but it depends how we take it positively or negatively

Lucky are those who find their loved once and be with them through times
Never miss the person who loves u and can do anything for you because at end when u have no one but u would still have them finding true love is not easy if u found don’t leave them

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