three words (ts) ragsan- part 2

AP was doing pooja maheswari house sound so dull all their happiness seemed to be lost
She saw sanskar coming
It was more than 6 months of that incident sanskar broke his engagement everything turned so weird from the time she left
Sanskar entered his room
He was emotionless he tried hard to find her but failed he hated her hated her for the pain she gave him pain of love hurt of cheat
That night sanskar tried to force her but soon his consciousness took over him
“why are u doing this” he questioned her she was beneath him “please stop all this for once and all” her face looked so tried ,tears were not stopping
“hey don’t” he wiped her tears he smiled at her
“I love you” it escaped her lips he smiled and fell unconscious on her
The next he woke he found himself in ragini’s room he was unable to recollect anything but her confession was in his mind
He recalled what happened he stood and tried to search her
The room looked so messed her tears and screams were coming in his mind
‘what have I done I tried to force her how could I’ he was cursing himself
“ragini” he searched and didn’t find her
He descended down and gadodia’s were shocked seeing him their
“ragini” he was screaming “where is ragini” he asked
But no reply
He moved out and tried to search her
‘temple church’ he thought and searched every possible place to find her
He was broken not finding her
‘she can’t leave me’
‘may be she went to ma’ he thought and moved towards their home
“ma” he called
Ap came
“did ragini come here” he asked and she nodded no
Laksh handed him a letter that he found
He was shocked
Sorry for all the troubles caused by me I know may be I am wrong but this is right
I can’t take this anymore so I am leaving leaving far from u to place where u can’t find me
Once again sorry marry swara and have a happy married life my well wishes are always with u miss u
U are the best person whom I met in my life and I am thankful for this
U are my best friend and will always be
Yours ragini”
He was devasted
He fell down ap was confused
“sanskar” she called
He hugged her tight
“she left me ma she left me” he busted in cry
Ap was shocked and sad seeing her son’s state
“how could she ma how can she leave like that”
Flashback end
He closed his eyes in anger
He tried every possible way to find her every place he knew she can go he searched but failed
He got to know about dadi and sumi’s plan he understood why she was denying her love
“sanskar” ap called
“ji ma”he stood up
“beta wo”
“ha tell ma”
“I wanted you to visit rishikesh” he looked puzzled
“wo your bua dadi wanted to meet you she asked me to send you their”
He agreed
She caressed his face
“everything will be fine soon
“beta don’t miss your food” an old lady said to a girl
“don’t worry dadi ma I’ll have it” she said smiling thousand of pain was hidden in her smile how easily she could fake it
She was serving food to all old people
“areh sharmila dadi where were u” asked she
“wo beta just got late my grandson is coming so getting house cleaned for that” she said happily
“so when grandson is coming forgot this daughter of yours”
“no beta how can anyone forget this angle”
“ha ha know don’t butter me” she said
“ragini beta” a lady called
She made dadi sit with other oldies
“u be here I am coming” saying she left
“aur sharmila when is ur grandson coming”
“today evening” she happily said
Sanskar reached rishikesh he moved to bua dadi’s place
He was warmly welcomed and he had good time with them
But some unexpected twist was waiting his way and he didn’t know why but he felt some thing different from the time he came to rishikesh his heart was filled with some sort of happiness he couldn’t understand it
All these months he acted as if he didn’t care of her absence he made her very belonging far from himself he hated her or u can say he tried to hate her but he failed
Sanskar knew ragini better he knew well about her emotional state how sensitive she was regarding relations and family and her family used her weakness to make her away from all may be they succeeded
He was on terrace talking to laksh over phone
“dadi” he heard a voice and his world seemed to be stopped
“ragini” he thought
“I’’ll talk to u later lucky” saying he cut the call
He hurriedly walked towards terrace end and saw a girl who was talking to bau dadi
She handed her a box and turned to leave she turned saying her something
Sanskar had mixed emotions
“ragini” a lone tear escaped his eyes he quickly wiped it he was confused about how to react should he be happy sad angry
From past 6months he tried to find her and finally he found her where in rishikesh
He moved to his room he had a mixed emotion he locked himself in room and dadi was worried as she called him so many times but he didn’t respond
She called ap and informed her everything dadi knew that sanskar was loving his childhood friend but didn’t know it was ragini
Ap called sanskar
And he picked the call
“sanskar beta what happened are u fine something troubling you” she posed so many questions
But he didn’t respond
“she is here” he replied ap was shocked happy
“are u” he cutted her
“I saw her talking to dadi”
“I am coming” she said and ended the call
Ap and laksh boarded the flight the same noon
Dadi talked to sanskar about all the matter and he said about ragini
Dadi was beyond happy she liked ragini alot she sensed her pain but didn’t know that she was related to her grandson
“she loves sanskar I have seen that pain in her eyes she longs for you but is just afraid of all” dadi said crasseing his face
He smiled fakely at her
He actually was not sure about what next should he confront her take her back with him or what his life was turned to a puzzle he was not sure about anything unknowingly he hurted her he didn’t deserve her he had better choice then but the path he choose without his conscience was wrong
He wanted to show her reality that how crooked her family was for whom she left him actually never cared for her it was their selfishness that today she was away from them
Ap and laksh reached their by evening
Sanskar didn’t speak much and it could be understood that his state was not good
The next day all moved to temple
Their was a grand puja organised all were present their and ragini too was their
she saw bua dadi and moved to greet her dadi didn’t react
she was shocked seeing ap and laksh their her legs were frozen she had mixed emotions
ap moved to her
“ma” she wishpered
Ap slapped her she was shocked
“u have lost that right long back” she said her eyes were furious
Ragini thought she deserved that her eyes were red and she was crying tears rolled down her cheeks
Ap held her shoulders
“why ragini why all this didn’t u think once about ur ma how would she feel if u had thought u wouldn’t have left” ap said
“I am sorry” she said
But ap left
“laksh” she called but he didn’t pay any attention to her and walked from their
She was feeling terrible
She found sanskar standing their she didn’t have courage to go to him talk to him she just stood their looking at him and he was too standing their without any emotions
Laksh called him and he too walked from their
Once they left she broke down
Dadi caressed her head
She hugged her tight and cried hard
Dadi wiped her tears
“na bacha don’t cry crying won’t help u in anyways”
“then what am I supposed to do dadi”
“mend those relations which just got spoiled get back to your family get your love back” ragini was shocked
She stood up wiped her tears
“no I can’t” saying she was about to leave
“sanskar still loves you he has broken his engagement” dadi informed her
“no he can’t do that he promised me” she said and it striked her mind how do dadi know all this
“dadi how do”
“I know ur shocked how I know about all this but I can explain later first u need to get their forgiveness”
“but how can I if I do then swara”
“ur family wanted this only ragini they wanted to make u away from sanskar so they played the emotional drama with u and u easily fell in their trap” dadi said and ragini gapsed
Dadi left ragini was beyond shock she was broken
She was sitting near ganga ghat all alone at one corner stone where no one was around
Sanskar too came their he saw her
He reminded of their moments how they used to be their fun at beach and all
Ragini turned and saw him their eyes met
He could see tears marks on her face he wanted to console her but didn’t do
He started walking and she ran to him
“won’t u talk to ur friend” she asked unsure about her question he laughed at his fate she wanted to him as her friend
He turned gave her a look and ahead
“sanskar stop please” she screamed her sobs were pinching his heart
He turned and stopped looking at her
She ran to him and hugged him tight
A urge ran in him to hold her in his arms tight but he didn’t react to hug
She broke the hug
He didn’t speak anything and she didn’t knew what next
He walked and she stood their watching him go

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