The three words (part 9)


Flashback continues
Jeeva goes to canteen to buy some snacks ,she sees Vasu sitting there and eating his food, she gets her cup of coffee and a vada (a food item )goes near him ,ask “Are you hungry by 11 am “.Vasu sees her and ask her to sit .He takes the vafa from her hand and eat it .Jeeva says “It was mine,I bought it for 6 rupees “.Vasu taste the food and says “So what now its mine “.When they were about to start their argument ,they hear people shouting vinu did suicide .All starts to run .Vasu and Jeeva also runs to see .

Vinu was Vasu’s class mate ,Vasu shouts “Vinu ,get up da,get up “.They call the ambulance to take Vinu to hospital . Vasu and Jeeca goes with vinu to hospital .he was shattered to see Vinu in such a state .Jeeva ask him to calm down .

The doctor says he died on the way .Vasu shatters and falls on the ground and cries “Vinu “,He remembers meeting Vinu in college .How
Vinu asked “How could you dance without rehersel “and says “Jeeva ,Vinu is my best friend no he is like my own brother “. Jeeva remembers going to Vasu class one day ,Vinu was sitting and talking with his family over Skype .After the conversation ,She ask “Why are you so dull Vinu bhai “.He says I miss my sister ,Jeeva says “So you won’t consider me as your sister “. She cries remembering all this .

The doctor says he found a suicide note on Vinu’s pocket .Vasu shouts “No,it is not Vinu handwriting “.Vasu confront Principal ad says “You would have done this “. There was a fight between students and teachers .Jeeva goes to her house and cries hugging her father.Her father Sivaram remembers Jeeva talking about this boy Vinu evev in the morning ,he pacifies her .Next day when Jeeva goes to college .Vasu comes and calk “Jeeva please come “. He takes Jeeva to Vinu’s parents .

Vinu ‘s father ask “You are Jeeva “. She nods yes .Vinu’s father takes a wollen shawl from his bag and gives it to Jeeva and says “This is my son’s gift for you ,He has specially asked me to weave for you “.It has the portrait of Jeeva in it “, Jeeva shouts “Uncle “and broke down in front of all and cries .Vasu ask her to calm herself .Jeeva hugs him and cries .

Vasu pacifies her and says in mike “The college student association has decided to protest until we get justice for Vinu’s
death ” all the person began to do satyagraha inside the college .The cirrrespindent Mr,shulka was helpless ,he called the police to stop the protest .Jeeva sits seeing the Sweater.The police came to stop the student’s protest .Police beats all the student .Vasu takes Jeeva with him and runs from the place .They runs and goes inside a classroom and licks the door from inside .Jeeva shouts “What are you doing ?”.Vasu keeps his hand on her mouth and ask her not to shout .

They leaves the place after police leaves. The police has issued search warrent on Vasudev for creating mishaps in the college Vasu ask. Jeeva to go from there .She goes from there with fear and pain. The police Commissioner makes a detailed investigation and brings the truth of Vinu’s death .It was not a suicide ,a planned murder to avoid disclosing the fraudlance of Mr,Shukla.Vinu’s death has got justice as per Vadu’s wish .

The college management goes to Mrs Srimathi .a trustee of SP college .the college reopened after 36 days .Jeeva sees Vasu in his class ,the incident changed Vasu’s playfulness .The new correspondent called Vasu to meet her .Jeeva,Vasu,Some of their friend goes to meet her .She says she need to talk with Vadu alone ,all of them goes .Vasu holds Jeeva’s hand and says to Mrs Srimathi that “Jeeva will not go from here ,you can talk to me in her presence itself “.Srimathi asks “How are you Vasu ?”.

Jeeva gets shocked by Srimathi’s question and Vasu’s answer for the question .

Note: Sorry for this very sorrowful part of three words ,tommorow I will write a very happy part for you friends .

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  1. Its too sad for vinu.nice story

  2. Am lovng ur story day by day. . . Pls updt nxt part also. . .pls. . .

  3. I think srimathi is vasu mother i think so

  4. you like it na frnds

  5. it;s awesome dear ….keep it up 🙂

  6. Sad epi….why was vinu murdered…

    1. because he got the footage of Shukla confession .

  7. Ahhhh, it was very emotional and sad episode. ..can’t wait for the next episode. …plz upload soon, love you loads

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