The three words (part 8)


Hi friends. and I am going to disclose the past of our Jeeva and Vasu for some parts ,so sorry for the boring (Interesting ?) past . All of you have many doubts why Varun killed his family ,Why Vikram accept Jeeva as his family member .the answer starts from today’s part

Both of them the Chennai airport ,Vasu tries to hold Jeeva’s hand ,Jeeva tells “Don’t make me to slap you in public “.She takes her hand and goes from there ,Vasu remembers their past ,he tells Driver and he’ll will drive and leaves the place .Jeeva takes a taxi and leaves the airport .In both the vehicle a common song plays .Jeeva says “Anna ,vandiya Beachla niruthunga ( Stop the car near Marina beach )”.Vasu stops his car near the mahabalipuram beach .They both remembers their past.
Jeeva and Vasu always have different aspects towards all things ,they always debate their own thoughts ,but the things in common is that they both loves Reading Books,Donating blood .
They met again in a blood donation camp held near their college ,both was surprised to see other in the camp.After that they met again: n during the selection for College cultural.

Vasu comes to Jeeva’s class to get the participation list for Cultural programmes ,Jeeva was not interested in this cultural ,she try to leave the place ,when Vasu enters .Vasu sees Jeeva’s name missing and writes her name in the performance with him.and smirks “So Miss Responsibility will fall down in other’s eyes “. Vasu was the pet for all the professor due to his nature ,and lover boy for all the girls except Jeeva

Jeeva shout at Vasu for adding her name, Vasu cooly says “Unaku bayam, end kuda ada ,loser ( You are afraid to dance with me ,Loser)’. Jeeva tells that She will dance with him to prove her ability.

on the day of Cultural Jeeva and Vasu gets ready for their performance,One of Vasu’s friend ask “How da you haven’t done rehearsal together ,how will you match your steps “.Vasu says “Don’t worry, she is going to just stand and only I am going to dance ” ask his friend to change the song for every 10 sec because Jeeva cannot get the steps within 10 sec.They reaches the stage .They started to dance , The song changes in the background but both matches the steps and smirks at each others and at last they have a eyelock, Vasu holding her and Jeeva closing his eyes with her hands. Everyone claps in the end of performance ,The curtain falls at the end if show ,but the curtain found in each others heart falls .they have a new view for one another .
After that they still have problems but not in such a vigour matter.

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  1. Ohooo still lot of queries in my mind dr…. plz reveal fast

  2. superb continue sis……..

  3. O dr such a short one. . . Updt nxt part soon. . . Pls. . .n Reveal the past yaar. . . 🙂

    1. I wrote this as a extras part because you ask fr next update usually I write only one part per day so only ,it is short ,tommorow ,I will write a long part

  4. Awesome episode, wowwww loved it very much. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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