The three words (part 73)


for first few paras kindly refer when destiny meets last episode.

Jeeva turns and sees a young man in his late 20’s standing with so much dullness and fever in his eyes, Dev says”Amma this is Akash actor”,she also remembers seeing him once or twice in films.Akash comes running and hugs Maya tightly,he didn’t bother about the people who are around,people in the airport sees him with a different look.Maya almost pushes him and begins to walk from there.Jeeva prays to the god to make her understand his love .She finds her cell ringing and picks up the call.
Vasu:What are you doing,did you. reached London,is they fine,inba and Dev?,hows is Aunty?
Jeeva:Wait, wait, they are fine,I am in the airport.
Vasu:OK,are you fine ?
Jeeva:Mmmm Vasu(gets tears)
Vasu:I hope you are not crying ,no ?
Jeeva: Mmmm,
Vasu:You don’t worry I will try tocome there
Jeeva:No ,I can manage and sorry.
Vasu:For what,yes I know the reason I myself found my shoes you have hidden it somewhere.
Jeeva: What?
Vasu:Don’t worry for anything,and I miss you.
Jeeva:Mmmm same here,bye.

she walks out of the airport and sees Akash and Maya talking with tears,she hope everything must be fine,she sees Tarun’s car and begin to walk toward the car.Maya hugs Akash and sees jeeva going to get into the car,She shouts’Jeeva,thank ,I gave him a last chance,bye’,she smiles and get into the car.Tarun asks her the matter,she asks him to be quiet and says”They are couples”,Tarun saysabout Madhuri’s improved state and says”like you and Vasu”,she says in mind”We are unique”and calls his number.

the end.

note:thank you to all who was supporting me for all these days.

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