The three words (part 71)


Risha reaches the office and almost misses her grip while climbing the stairs,she manages and goes inside the conference hall and greets everyone who are present in the place, she gives Rohit the presentation CD ,he sees her with a thankful look and plays the presentation,he sees Risha in some interval of minutes and thanks her with his eyes.she tries to smile but cannot due to heavy head pain and fever.she tries to sit in the chair.

Vasu searches for jeeva all over the house and finds her playing with inba in the garden.he sits in the wooden bench and thinks about talking with his friend about the reunion in the college.He asks her to come so that he can talk with her something every: important, she. sits beside him and asks him the matter.
Jeeva:I know you want to talk about Rohit
Jeeva: What. Vasu?
Vasu(Sees Inba playing in mud):inba kutti,no ma.
Jeeva: Inba
Inba smiles seeing both and runs inside the house.
Vasu:What are we talking?
Jeeva:About Rihit,isn’t it?
Vasu:No I was talking about our college reunion.
Jeeva:wat about it?
Vasu:I think. we can go,

Jeeva: you go.
Jeeva:I leaving to meet one of company’s television partner in Delhi.
Jeeva:Anything else ?
Vasu:About rohit,he is a bit stubborn.
Jeeva(Sees through his eyes): OK,so
Vasu:What are you doing inside my eyes?
Jeeva:I am just seeing how you have changed?
Jeeva:Yes,you scolded me for talking with Adi about this and today when Fawad says things changes .
Vasu:How do you know?
Jeeva:He called me in morning today only.

Rohit thanks all of his client for attending the conference and praises about Risha in front of them.He makes them leave comfortable and comes in and get So much shocked to see her lying unconcious in the floor.He sprays water ,in her face and hold her hand to life.he finds her body with high temperature and lifts her in his arms.he starts the car and rushes to the hospital .He gets very much sad seeing her state and calls Jeesu’s number for many times but they didn’t not pick the call.he gets afraid to see her murmuring something in unclear voice.
Jeeva goes to supermarket to purchase some vegetables and sees the crowd in the roads due to heavy traffic,she turns her rear view mirror and gets surprised to see Rohit running inside the crowd with Risha in his arms.she takes out her phone to call him but sees many missed call from his number.she shouts in name but Rohit was ready to stop due to any reason.He reaches the nearby hospital.
After a while,Both Jeeva and Vasu comes running to the hospital and gets surprised to see Rohit sitting in the reception with so much trats,he sees both of them and gets up.
Vasu: What happened da,Now only Jesvva called me and I came.

Rohit:I am very much frightened,you people didn’t come on time to support me.
Jeeva: Hey,wat happened da,anything serious?
Rohit:I. don’t know but I want her to talk with me right now.
Vasu (sees the doctor) Sir .
Doctor: nothing to be worried ,she has a fever that all.she will be fine.
Rohit:Doctor but she didn’t talked ,ask her to talk doctor.
Jeeva:Come on Rohit,she will be fine in sometimes.
Rohit:What yes?
Doctor: don’t worry
Rohit:Can. I go and see her?
Jeeva:Mmmm not Now sit here.
Rohit:Jeeva,I am very much afraid, she is very good one not like me.
Vasu:Even you are the best husband ,you care for her so much. (smiles seeing Jeeva).

precap:Risha hugs Rohit.

(guys I think to end both Three words and When destiny meets together)

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