The three words (part 70)


Risha thinks about the present and asks him to move and she leaves the room with tears in her eyes.Sivaraman asks the cashier about the problem ,the cashier explains about the customer torn the saree by mistake and not ready to Pay for the
damage.the customer tells that he is not responsible and argues more and more.Dev tinks something and tells the same to Sivaraman.He smiles ,says “You are correct ”

Jeeva asks Vasu to have food ,leaves the room and comes out,she notices Rohit still on the room ,searches for Risha.Risha stands in near the washroom and cries thinking about her life.She feels someone’s presence due to the shadow ,Jeeva. hold her shoulder and asks her the matter in a very calm voice.she hugs Jeeva with tears .

Sivaraman acts according to the idea of Dev and plays the recording in the CCTv footage which clearly shows that The customer torn it by his mistake. The customer stands with guilt and apologises for the mistake ,he rakes out money to pay for the cloth.Dev says”No uncle,you don’t want to pay for it”.Sivaraman praises Dev and hugs him tightly.

Jeeva reaches home,thinking about the matter which risha shared with her, she herself thinks to meet Srimathi and sits in the sofa very much tiredly.The servant gives Inba to her ,leavezto prepare food for night.Inba plays with hermom’s hair and sees Vasu coming back to home and shouts”Papa” in her childish tone.He sits near Inba and sees Jeevavery much disturbed. he hold her hand .she thinks to explain the matter and to make Vasu meet Srimathi.she suddenly feels Vasu’s touch ,turns towards him with a determination.

Rohit comes out of the coffee day ,sees Risha coming out of mall with Srimathi .He sees Srimathi and gets tears from his eyes.he remembered the first day ehensrimathi accepted him as her isn son and cared for him so much.Srimathi feels Rohit and turns to see him ,he hides behind a wall.
Risha:Ma,wat ?
Srimathi:Rohit,I feel like he is nearer to me.
Risha:Ma,don’t worry .come
Risha:We will meet him ,you come

Rohit thinks to go and talk but stops remembering about incidents which happened in past.He drives back to his house,Vasu asks Jeeva not to insist him,walks out of the room.She comes calling him and sees Rohit entering the house.He asks Jeeva about the issue and advice’s”You must give a chance to your relation”.She bitterly smile .She asks him not to talk about giving a chance to relation because he don’t know the worth like his brother.Vasu sits waiting for his tea in the garden.he thinks about Rihitand wonders about their union.He sees his phone ringing and picks the call.

Vasu:Hello,it is Vasudev.
Fawad(college mate):Hello Vasu,it is Fawad.
Vasu:hey,how are you Buddy?
Fawad:Fine machan(dude),did you get invitation for Reunion in college.
Vasu:Invitation(remembered Aditya coming before a month), mmmm
Fawad:You must come naa.
Vasu:I cannot come because.
Fawad:Please da,we are going to meet after 6 long years,please da,please.
Vasu:I will try.
Fawad:you should come

Vasu sees Rohitcoming with his tea and asks about the servant.Rohit tells about his Idea to go back to London forever.Vasu asks him not to joke all the time and sees some business mail.Rohit tells the same which shocks Vasu.he asks him”have you out of your mind”.Rohit tells about meeting Srimathi in the mall and her love for him etc.Vasu asks him whether Jeeva knows about his trip to London.He says”No “.He asks Vasu to understand Jeeva well.Vasu asks him to tell the same to her and adds”You first understand others,don’t be like a kadhhos like you Pyari friend “.he goes.Rohit thinks”Both hates and fight but always blames me correctly”.he thinks to units them by any way PR by any extend.

Next morning,Risha gets up from vef and sees the time nearly 10 AM and runs to get ready.Srimathi comes to her room with hot idli and sambar and says about her fever in night ,She asks Srimathi to pack idli ,simultaneously calls Rohit’s number to tell about the delay. He picks the calk and asksher tocomd soon because the foreign delicates are there and insist fast.She tells the matter to her mother in law and runs out to start the scooty.

precap:Risha sees a couple on road and thinks about going out with Rohit

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