The three words (part 7)


Jeeva again leaves the house for factory ,she remembers her first day college incident and says to herself “Vasudev Ranganathan SP college ,Chairman of student association ” . She sees there are new mails for her and sees a wedding invitation send to her from his close friend Bindhu .she think for a while and book a ticket for Chennai in Night flight .
Vasu goes to his room and he revieves a call from Chennai
Vasu : Hello Maya ,what’s the matter
Maya : our contract with AM enterprises is getting ready and we need you to come and sign the papers
Vasu : Mmm I will come to Chennai tommorow
Maya : OK Sir .

He calls Vikram to inform the matter ,Vikram says “OK, You go but don’t leave before I come “.Vasu says OK. Vasu packs his bag .Aditi and Tarun goes inside the college campus ,Aditi shows the boys who have teased her, Tarun says “Now you go to the class “.He comes out of the college and waits for Aditi .In the evening Vasu gets ready in his navy blue jean and Baby pink formal shirt. Jeeva comes in ,she doesn’t even sees Vasu,She goes to her room and come down with a small trolley bag and says “Aunty I am going to Attend my friend Marriage “.Madhuri ask “Where ?”. Jeeva says surprise .She sees and ask “Vasu sir ,are you going for any trip “.He smiles and says “Yes miss Jeeva “.Vikram calls Vasu to go with Jeeva because he is struck in a meeting .Vasu says this to Jeeva ,shesays “OK I will”. They leaves for airport . Both of them did not talk ,they gets down in airport .

Vasu turns near the gate and says “OK bye ,Jeeva “.Jeeva ask “What ,I am also travelling “.Vasu says ” Mmm OK “.Jeeva try to find the counter for Chennai.They reaches the checking counter and was shocked to know that they were going to same destination .Vasu and Jeeva sees each other and was surprised.They goes to the flight .
Jeeva searches for her seat no 110 .Vasu signs her from distance to come here ,she goes there and ask “What “.Vasu shows 110 seat .Vasu ask her to go and sit .Vasu sits in the next row .A old man sits near Jeeva ,he looks very tired .A lady ask ” Beta ,could you please change your seat ,Uncle needs my Help “.Jeeva says “Sure , aunty,you can ask me any help ,if you need “.Jeeva goes to Aunty’s seat and finds Vasu there .She sits .
A Airhostress comes and ask Vasu “What do you want ,sir “.Vasu sees Jeeva and says ” Wine “. Jeeva ask for a apple juice .Jeeva sees Vadu reading a magazine and closes her eyes .Jeeva remembers her college life .
FB shown :

Vasu smiles at Jeeva’s innocent face and walks towards his class .One of his friend ask “Do you love Jeeva at first sight “.Vasu laughs and says “No, That was just a small prank of mine , She is so innocent “. Jeeva gets many new friends in the college .
One day A proffesor was on leave so HOD asks Jeeva to call. Vasu from M.Com 1Year class and ask him to give the sum.Jeeva enters M.Com class and ask “HOD calls Mr.Vasu ,Where is he ?”. Vasu was reading a magazine and says “Just come in ,Miss.Jeeva.”

Jeeva surprisingly see him and enter the class.Vasu tells his class mates that “She is Jeeva Sivaram,The professors are expecting her to be the topper of B.Com “.They all shout “Ho oh “.Vasu leaves to B.Com class with Jeeva. He enters the class and ask all to do the sum without any sound .Vasu ask everyone to tell about their regrets of this college

Jeeva says “No one knows how to behave with a girl “. Vasu stare at her and moves to next person.The bell rang ,Vasu calls Jeeva to come with him to Department .Jeeva follows her. Vasu says “I am sorry ,I was just joking that day “.Jeeva sees through his eyes and asked “So your sorry for your deeds ,it is nice “and leaves the place .
FB ends

Vasu calls Jeeva and gives her the apple juice .She get it from him and sips the drink.Jeeva sees Vasu reading Magazine and sees the picture of him in it .Vasu goes to freshen up .Jeeva reads the article. Is Mr Vasu planning his Marriage :
“Mr Vasudev Ranganathan says that he is in love with someone special .Rumours are there that It might be Radhika Chandran,

a famous model in Southern India .” Jeeva drops the magazine . Vasu comes to seat and sees the magazine ,understand the matter . He try to explain her but Jeeva says “No need Vasu ,There is nothing to be explained and nothing left “.She turns the other side and sees the clear sky but her mind is full of thoughts .Vasu says “You don’t respect my feelings “. Tears roll from Jeeva’s eyes .
To be continued

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    1. So much dr….. i want to know jeeva and vasu live story
      How varin killed family members plzzzz reveal it na….

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