The three words (part 69)


Risha thinks about Lakshmi Patti’s words and thinks to unite the family by any of the means,she sees Rohit’s photo and gets tears to thinks about him behaving like the third person to her in life,she thinks to move on in her life after uniting the family together.Jeeva comes to bedroom and sees Vasu still upset and asks him the reason,she sees him feeling guilty for scolding Dev and sits along with him and touches his hands.He says “Sorry”and hold her hand.Rohit sits with Dev and thinks in his mind that the fight of Vasu and Jeeva is hurting Dev very much .He thinks to talk to Vasu and sitsin his bed.Next morning,Vasu gets ready to go to jogging and sees Dev calling for Jeeva and wandering in the corridor,he calls Dev to come nearer to him.

Rohit comes to office in morning and sees Risha getting down from the bus and he thinks to askher something but stops because of his ego,she walks in the steps of office and gets surprised to see Rohit standing,she wishes him without hesitation and sees him trying to ask her something,she volunteerly says”I have only this bus today,my scooty is repair “,he acts asif he don’t care and goes in.she follows him and stands near the door of entrance.

Jeeva reaches the office sharply at 10 am and sees most of them not yet coming and finds Risha sitting in her desk with a bundle of papers and reports.She thinks to talk to her regarding Rohit and stops seeing him coming towards her.she greets “GM,Rohitsir”.He nods yes and goes to Risha’s table to discuss about a report .She thinks in her mind to keep them together in life till death and hears some coughing sound and turns with a smile.Vasu stands near her in a black shirt and asks her the matter in a whispering voice,she replies to him and asks him about Dev.

Dev plays with Sivaraman in his shop and asks his grandfather about the customer who usually comes there and about the average turnover per day and many question,he laughs loudly and hugs his grandson.
Sivaraman:you are really bright da.
Dev:yes,Thatha(grandpa),I am very smart like my dad.
Sivaraman:mmmm dad,wat about your Amma.
Dev:she is a bit (laughs)

Sivaraman:hey,she is my daughter.
Dev:Mmmm OK,sorry.
one of the customer shouts at the salesman and begins yo create issue.both the duo sees this and Sivaraman leaves to see about the actual problem ,Dev follows him with his toys in his hand.Inba wakes from bed and sees Her sleeping in couch and calls out’Ma,pa anna’and finds no answer,she begins to weep loudly, the servant comes running and pacifies her.Jeeva feels a bit bad and thinks to call to home to know about Inba but stop thinking and sees
Rohit and Risha continues their conversation almost till the luncheon.

Jeeva sits with her lunch box and sees Vasu ordering something to the peon to buy and asks the peon the matter,he tells about Vasu’s order to buy food for lunch and leaves the place.Jeeva sees the watch and thinks why he is hurting himself and knock at the room’s door with force.Vasu opens the door and asks her the matter,she gives her lunch box and asks him to eat .He smiles seeing her concern and pulls her inside the room .Jeeva askshim to eat and try to go when he hold her hand tightly not letting her go.Risha gets cough and searches for the water bottle and finds it without water.Rohit offers her water .She drinks it in a hurry and gets heavy coughs.Rohit helps her and hold her head .Risha sees him with surprise.
(the scene ends with Rihit in one side and Jeesu in other side )

precap:Rohit asks Jeeva to be happy with Vasu,she asks him to think before talk.

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