The three words (part 68)


Risha comes towards Jeeva’s table and sees her sitting with some angry reaction.she calls her name in’a mild voice.Jeeva turns and gets so much surprised to see Risha standing.she asks her “Mmmnice Risha,you also know to call me by name “.Risha asks her not to get angry and sits near her in a chair.she asks Jeeva”Wat is the problem that is very much bothering you”.She asks Risha not to worry for her and think about her life,and walks from there thinking that may be something will work well.She goes to the office canteen and orders for a tea and sits. Vasudev comes and stands behind her and asks her about the new job.She asks him to be quiet and sips the tea.he sits opposite to her and examines her with his eyes.she feels different And reauses her eyes to see him and gets shocked seeing Rohit coming towards the canteen.

Vasudev sees some change in her behaviour and turns,he sees his brother and signs him to come and sit with him.Jeeva tries to go but Rohit asks them to sit and he need to tell something to them.
Rohit:guys you must clear your problem and must.
Jeeva:please stop it,I am a employee. and I need yo go.
Vasudev:mmm yes,don’t disturb mam,she need to
Jeeva:yes, I need to,so wat.
Vasudev:Rohit,it’s waste of time,you just.
Rohit:stop it,I need to talk and you(both) listen.
Jeeva:first you be perfect and then you can ralj to me.mmm got it.
Rohit:mine is different,she actually she.
Vasudev:you are hurting him.
Jeeva:OK,my apologises.

she walks away.Rohit thinks about Jeeva’s words and gets into thought.Vasudev sees her going and smiles thinking about her determination to unite Rihit.Vasu asks Rohit not to think about her silly words and goes from there.Risha sees Vasudev coming and stops him.Vasudev asks her not to talk anything personal in tjd office and walks to his cabin.

In the night, Dev plays the video games and hears Jeeva coming and switches off it fastly,she sees this and asks him”Who brought this ?”.he shows Vasu,who was reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee.She asks Dev not to waste time and asks him to go and have food,she puts the bags near Vasudev and asks him why he is spoiling Dev.He takes out his eyes from the paper and standsup and says”I am just ,you are always creating problems “.She goes to the room,Vasu follows her and asks her “Dev is my Son “.she asks him to shut up and tries to freshen up,He hold her hand ,didn’t leave her to move.They hears Inba shouting and rushes to see.

Risha reaches the home and sees Srimathi sleeping and goes to her room and change her cloths,she hears some noise in the door and goes to see.Srimathi wakes from sleep ans gets surprised to see Lakshmi patti in the door with some bags of gifts.Risha welcomes her and asks her to sit and ,she leaves to make something to drink.Srimathi asks Lakshmi about her health and gets surprised to know that she came specially to meet her.Rohit completes the work and sees the time nearly 10 PM,and see his phone with many missed call from Jeeva.he gets up to leave.Jeeva comes to room after competing her food and sees Inba sleeping peacefully in Vasu’s shoulder. She asks him to go and have food and extend her hand to take Inba.he says”Go and praise your son”and walks along with Inba.She calls out “Dev’and sees him sitting in the Terrance and crying.she pacifies him.Dev says”No Amma,Inba only broke the vase by putting it down and Appa scolded me “.She hugs him .Vasu sees this and feels sorry for hurting Dev .he goes from there.Rohit reaches Home and sees the mess.

Risha sits in the bedroom and remembers to tell good night to Srimathi and walks towards her room.she hears some voice and stops near the door.
Lakshmi: but,she is not our daughter in law.
Srimathi:Ma,please she is like my daughter.
Lakshmi:do you forget something,Vasu and Jeeva left the family due to her mom.
Srimathi:Ma change the topic,you know they are now in Chennai.
Lakshmi:Hoo,I need to meet them.
Srimathi:Yes even I want to do so but Risha.
Lakshmi:wat Risha,is she your boss.
Srimathi:no,she is my daughter.
Srimathi:She is with me in all the time of problem and moreover my Rohit’s wife.

Risha gets tears on hearing this and thinks to unite the family by some means.Rohit goes to sleep and sees Dev sitting in the chair without anyone and asks him the matter,he tells the incident.He asks Dev to go and sleep.Jeeva comes back to her room and sees Inva sleeping deeply and Vasu in the bathroom. She tries to go.but Vasu asks her to stop as he need to talk about something as it us very much important. She denies.he says’About Rohit’.

precap:Dev asks Jeeva about his real parents.

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