The three words (part 67)

Jeeva and Vasu reaches the home,they signs each other and get down of the car.Rohit sees them coming not even without talking properly and comes out with a bouquet and says “Welcome back,Jeeva madam “,she angrily leaves from the place and goes straight to her room.Rohit sees Vasu and he signs to be quiet and he will explain the matter in some times.Jeeva goes and sits near Dev and caress his face with smile.

next morning,Rohit gets ready to leave to the office.He finds Risha standing outside the company and thinking about something and not locking her vehicle,he stops his car and asks her the matter,she doesn’t give any response.Rohit offs the Scooty and holds Risha’s hand.she feels his touch and moves back.Rohit asks her to come in to the office to do the business and not to stand in the entrance itself.she nods yes and they enters the office.

Both of them sees Jeeva sitting in the reception and gets confused and Rohit asks her the reason for her need to visit the office.she Says about coming to attend the interview of the company.Rohit does react and says “Don’t blabber,it is your family’s company but you’re “,Jeeva asks him to shut up and she need to win by her talent.

Rohit goes to his cabin.Risha stands and thinks to talk but stops and goes from there.
The interview starts and Vasu sits in the panel and Jeeva sits as a interviewee. All of them asks many question to her.Vasu gets very upset by her this activity and says “OK,the interview is over and you are appointed “,and walks away from the place.other panel members sees this and gets shocked.Jeeva waits to get her appointment letter.Vasu asks the peon to call Jeeva to his cabin.She enters the cabin and knocks at the door.

Risha sees Rohit very much worried and gives him water to drink.he gets the water and sips it.he asks her about the result of the interview.Risha tekks about Jeeva been selected .Risha gets concerned about Jeeva and asks “If you wish to say,you can ,I need to know is there any problem between them “.Rohit sees her for a while and says mmmm.and walks from there.

Vasu closes the door and hold her and pin her to the wall.Jeeva witters in pain and asks him to move from her.He shouts”What are you doing,what is he need to apply in your own company “.She. gets tears due to the pain He moves her from the wall and stands in the distance.Jeeva says”You spoiled my interview in Kolkata now not letting me to work in your company,very bad Vasu”,he tries to say something but stops seeing Rohit coming.

Jeeva and Vasu moves from each other,Rogit asks them,what us this next drama of wife working in husband’s own company.Jeeva sees the clear sky outside and remains silent,she after a while Says “Sir,you are asking about personal issue,here Mr.Vasu sir is my head and I am his subordinate “.Rohit leaves from there thinking that he cannot make any of the persons understand the situation.

Jeeva sees him leaving and hold Vasu’s shoulder and turns him towards her.she says “Vadu,I need to stand in my own legs,not in your support “,He sees her with a different and kisses her hand and hugs her.Jeeva says “Vasu,this is office,don’t do it “,He says”OK,Mrs.Jeeva do the work properly “.Both of them laughs and lost each others eyes.

precap:Risha sees Jeeva very much angry and calls her,”Jeeva”.

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