The three words (part 65)

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Jeeva sees Kolkata and smiles remembering about the first time she comes to the place and how Vikram and his family takes good care of her.She gets upset on hearing the current postion of the family .they are separated and not even in, talking terms with one another. she gets down from the flight and comes out after finishing the security check ,and finds a person and gets very much shocked and stands spell bound.

Vasu sees Dev and Inva sleeping and sits in the vrendah thinking about his life with Jeeva and smiles bitterly thinking that their live has vanished in all thses circumstances of life. he remembers their petty fight which changes into big problems and sees the sleeping Inba making noise and walks towards her.Inba searches for Jeeva and weeps badly.Rohit comes from.his room and asks the matter,he takes Inba out and shows her many birds and controls her tears.Vasu thinks that he is not even spending time with Inba and Dev.and pats Dev’s back.

Risha gets up in the middle of the night and feels very much upset due to her dream.she takes her cellphone to check the time and finds it 3am and thinks to sit in the sofa and walks from her bedroom.she hears Srimathi sleeping in her room and sits in the sofa.She remembers about her life with Rohit and holds her rung which he presented for some occasion.she remvets the day of their big fight and how Srimathi supported her and closes her eyes.

Jeeva sees Vikram in the airport,he turns and sees Jeeva.He calks her name and walks towards her with a broad smile.Jeeva artificially smiles and asks “Vikram,how are you ?”he says very much fine and takes her, to the car.Vikram asks the driver to drive the car to his house and asks Jeeva about Vasu and her father.she replies shortly and sees Vikram’s attitude and wonders about the matter.The car stops in front of His house and both of them gets inside.She sees many photographs of Vikram with Madhuri and Aditi and smiles seeing them.He asks her to sit comfortably and leaves to make tea for both of them.She hears a message tone in her phone and finds message from Vasu,asking her about her journey.she replies fine and turns to see Vikram coming with two cups of tea.

after fewer hours Vasu gets ready to go for his morning walk and searches for Rohit.he finds him playing with Dev in the garden and asks him about going to walking ,three of them begin to go for the walking.Rohit asks Vasu about Jeeva,he replies without must interest.Rohit asks Dev to play in the park and asks Vasu to sit with him in the bench.
Vasu:what is your problem?
Rohit:you must say about your problem.
Vasu:it is not a big deal just in simple words,I am not a good husband.
Rohit(laughs):come on,what is the reason for all this ?
Vasu:you and your wife.
Rohit(spills the water):wat?
Vasu:yes,she believing strongly that the problem between you was caused due done of my influence ,from that day my marriage life us nothing more than a hell.
Vasu:during that time she was 8 months pregnant and not even said about her labor pain and she itself went and admitted in the hospital.
Rohit:no she must be mistaken,I will explain her.
Vasu:no one can explain her anything.she is missing Risha and her friendship,Vikram’s family very much but not ready to go and meet them because I am against all this.
Vasu:She don’t want our marriage life to be good.we are going to file divorce after six months .
Rohit:hey don’t do something like a idiot.

They stops their conversation and sees Dev coming with dirty cloths.Vasu hugs him and they resumes their walking.Vasu thinks about Jeeva and remembers their love in college,love in work and hate in marriage life.Rohit thinks to sort the matter by any extend.

precap:Jeeva goes to the office where she had applied for job to attend a interview.
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  1. please change the divorce track.Make them stay together

  2. What is this yaar divorce seriously

  3. After all problms dey get married and nw dey r going 2 file divorce…wot stupidity is dis…have dey thought hw dis will influence der children…. Plz don’t separate dem…. Make dem talk and sort out der differences….. Update soon!!!tc

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