The three words (part 64)

Jeeva sits thinking about her dreams which still remains as a dream in her life,she thinks to herself that “I have totally lost my self Confidence and esteem in thses years”,she hears the car stopping in the portico and comes to see ,Vasu comes out with Dev and Inba.He smiles at Jeeva,and comes Nearer to her.Jeeva takes Inba in her hand and makes her sit in the room and comes out of the room.She sees Vasu talking with someone on phone.

Risha tries to concentrates on her work but she gets distracted on seeing everyone talking about Rohit.She closes the file and leaves to wash her face.She washes her face and finds herself so dull today. She comes to her seat and resumes the work,Rohit sees her from the seat and smiles seeing her activities.He sees the time and phones Jeeva to ask about Lunch.Jeeva says that she has send the food with driver.Risha comes to Rohit’s room to get a signature of him on a file.He reads the file and says “OK,I will sign you go and do your work “.She leaves the room.Rohit asks her to stop ,and says”You looked same as before 2 years “.Risha sees him with a surprising view.

Vasu completes his conversation and comes near Jeeva ,make her sit in the chair.She sees him with a question mark.Vasu asks her to understand the things in the our life,I don’t like you to go to the Reunion function ,please Jeeva. Jeeva says”OK,but I need a favour from you “.he says that he can do anything for her .She says “Not today Vasu,I will tell you when I needed it “.She walks from there and sees Dev playing in garden.

VP gets ready in his room in Kolkata,He comes down and finds Mafhuri waiting for someone,Charu comes home with grossery items in her bag She sees VP and smiles.He asks Madhuri about the matter for waiting so long.She doesn’t respond and sees the entrance with curiosity.He asks Charu about the matter,she says “No,Varun,I don’t know what is going on in this house but aunty asjedme to purchase thses things if I can ?”.A car stops in the house and VP comes out to see.The family has come to see Aditi for marriage. Aditi sits in her room with crying and sobbing.

Sivaraman comes home and finds Jeeva getting ready to leave and asks her the matter,Vasu says “Uncle,actually she is going for NGO work back in Kolkata today night “.Sivaraman asks her is it needed,she says “Appa,please “and leaves the place.She emails someone and turns satisfied. Sivaraman sees her with doubt and asks her the reason for return journey.She tells about the NGO work and leaves.

Rohit gets ready to go to home,he sees Risha still doingd the work and asks her to go home and the work can be completed afterwards ,she replies him with a broad smile ,He sees time and leaves the office,in the ay to home he geys thoughts of Risha and geys disturbed by thinking about her more and more .He reaches the home and finds Jeeva getting ready to leave somewhere .

precap:Jeeva reaches Kolkata and sees Someone there with a surprise.

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