The three words (part 63)

Jeeva sees Dev and smiles happily.Rohit gets very much happy on Vasu and Jeeva’s family.Vasu happily goes and plays with Dev and Inba.Sivaraman asks Jeeva,about Vasu and his health.She says “he us fine,appa and very much fine”.She hugs her father and thinks to tell about meeting Risha but stops thinking that Rohit won’t like such talk.Rohit gets ready to leave to office.Jeeva prays in her mind to unite Rohit and Risha.

He goes from there and stops the car in front of his house and gets inside.He sees the staffs talking among themselves and Only Risha working in her room.Rohit claps his hand and asks everyone to assemble in hall and leaves the area.Risha also comes and stands with other staff.Rohit asks everyone to work properly and not waste the company’s time.He leaves to his room.Risha shows him the wat to go,she gets slipped and falls.Rohit hold her from falling.They share a cute eye lock

Vasu sees Sivaraman getting ready yoleave to his shop and asks him yo rake care of his heath.He searches for Jeevs and finds her reading a book in hall and sits near her.She turns and sees him and continue her reading.Vasu sees her and suddenly holds her arm .She asks him,the reason for his romantically nature today.He says’I am always Romantic darling ‘.They share a light moment suddenly they gears a knock at the door and goes to see.Jeeva laughs on him and opens the door and finds Aditya standing,she gets shocked and adjs him to come inside the home.Vasu smiles artificially on seeing Aditya and fumes inside

Rohit makes her stands properly and says “Try to stand properly Risha”,she stare at him with shyness and anger together.Rohit wishtles and goes to his room.she doesnt respond and sees him leaving very fastly from there.He sees Standing Risha through the mirror and enters his room.Srimathi sees Her photo with Rohit and misses him very much.She touches the photo and says to herself that “Why did you left me Rohit,aren’t me your Amma ?”.Rohit takes out a photo from his purse and says “Even though you sometimes behaves partial but you are my Amma “and smiles on seeing Srimathi’s photo. Aditya sits in the sofa and asks about Vasu’s wellbeing.

Vasu tells about him and sees Jeeva with anger for letting him come inside.Aditya tells about the function of Reunion in the college and invites both of them to come .Vasu doesn’t react to his obligation ,Jeeva remembers her batch and says that she will come surely to meet Her friends.Vasu stares at her and leaves from there.Aditya goes from there .Jeeva goes and sees Vasu very much angry andadksVasu to understand her idea.He says”No need”and leaves with Dev and Inba.Before Jeeva could see him ,he goes away in Hus car.Jeeva sees him going without knowing what to do next.

Sivaraman sees the article from his bag and remembers Jeeva,talking about being a self made in life and thinks that she is happy being as a wife of Vasu,we should not tell her about this article and make her more pressurise.He throws the paper in the dust bin.Jeeva sees time and finds him notyet returning,she gets super angry and calls him.Jeeva remembers Vasu shouting at her once that “You don’t know my tension because you are at home or just doing NGO works “.Jeeva gets different thoughts and thinks first to unite Rohit and Risha ,then thinks other things .

precap:Jeeva sends a email to someone and turns satisfied and sees Sivaraman standing on seeing her.

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  1. So nice dr why she dont like aditya

  2. because he only created problem,and he only put Jesu’s photo in notice board after their fight.

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