The three words (part 62)

Vasu doesn’t reply walks from there.Rohit asks himtoanswer and then leave from there,he goes in search of Jeeva to know the matter,Jeeva stands in the kitchen telling servant to do the dish .She hears Rohit and comes out from Kitchen and asks the matter to Rohit.He makes her sit in the chair and sits opposite to her,
Rohit:tell me.
Jeeva:what,I need to go to see my papa,what do you want .
Rohit:what is the problem between you
Jeeva:Rohit,this kind of problems very much similar in all household.
Rohit: it can be find in all family but not between my family members,what is the reason.
Jeeva:the reason is that your brother doesn’t have idea to unite his family,rsecially you and Risha.
Rohit:disgusting Jeeva.
Jeeva: the actual problem of Vasu is that everyone asked him to sit in the marriage mandap,but he don’t ask the question where you went ?new tell me .
Rohit:actually I went to home to take my earphone.

Jeeva(smiles):Rohit,don’t think that I forget things, I know that you took your earphone .I know that you went to police station to see Manu.
Rohit sees Jeeva with shock and says “Yes,actually “.She asks him the happenings.Rohit tells about the incidents .
“Rohit waits in Hus room to see Manu leaving with Risha ad per their plan but ,Manu enters the Mandapam and sees Risha waiting in her room,he asks her to come with him.Risha resist and asks him whether his questions about her character was clear,she says that she cannot come with him,and calls police to take him,Rohit heys shocked and goes to bail Manu.he thinks not to return and sits in the car.When he receive message from Charu ,he comes to the mandapam”.

Jeeva says “So you are not innocent as your brother thinks “.Rohit doesn’t give his answer and sees Vasu playing with his Inba.he signs Jeeva to see that She goes and sees Inba playing with Vasu and leans on the door smiling happily.He turns and finds Jeeva seeing him.He laughs and says”Inbu,your Amma is so lazy “.She sees her mom and smiles.Jeeva stands near Inba and says “Your papa don’t have sense,did he “.Vasu hold Jeeva closer to him and asks “Am I very senseless “.She laughs and hugs him.He asks Jeeva,when she us going to meet Uncle. She says soon and tries to move from him.but he makes grip tighter.

Rohit gets ready to go and meet his friends in the place.He starts his car and goes out of the house.he thinks of Risha and gets disturbed. He stops the car near a temple and sees Srimathi in the temple and remembers their happy moment together with a smile and tears in his face.Srimathi feels something and turns all the side but doesn’t find Rohit.Risha comes and asks her the matter,they go inside the temple.

Dev gets up from bed and sees the time 11 Am and cries “Thatha,They doesn’t come to see me “.Sivaraman comes with newspaper and sits near Dev and says “They will come,you don’t like to be with me “.He says “No”and hugs him .They hears the door bell and goes to see The person he finds Rohit standing with gifts.He shouts “Uncle,where is my appa ?”.Rohit pacifies him and says that Inba is sleeping ,they will come soon.Dev says “Yes,she always sleeps “.

Vasu gets ready to go and meet Dev and sees Jeeva Coming with Inba in her hand,they leaves to meet Dev.Dev says “they don’t have time for me “and runs to his room.Jeeva comes home running and hugs her father.he happily pats her back and tells that Dev is very much angry.Jeeva goes and knocks at the door.Dev opens and says ‘I am angry with you Amma”.Vasu says “I didn’t do anything you mom only wasted time is make up “.Dev hugs him and says “Mmmm appa”.All of them smiles happily.Dev plays with Inba .

Sivaraman asks Vasu wen they are going to explain Dev about his real family.Both Jeeva and Vasu remains silent,Jeeva says “He knies it Apoa,that we are not His family but still he is OK with us “.Vasu says “Yes uncle when Jeeva was pregnent we thinks of the matter for many times and finally Dev took it very littely “Sivaraman sees the 7 year old boy and smile with atmost happiness.Dev comes and asks Jeeva,whether Inba will eat chocolate ?”.Jeeva says “I dont know you Give her and see ?”.He runs happily

precap: Risha slips from stairs and Rohit hold her from falling down.

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