The three words (part 61)

Jeeva sees Vasu coming and turns from the window and walks towards him.He sees her with many question and asks her wgeyer she usually comes and visits Chennai in regular intervals.She days yes.Vasu didn’t talk further and goes out.Jeeva sees Vasu going in standing in the garden and follows him.He says that the explanation is not needed because he knows her very well.

Rohit walks past Risha and adjs the receptionist about the date when the patient will be discharged,she sees him without even blinking the eyes.Risha controls her tears and sees Rohit.He turns and comes near her and sees Her sobbing and gives his kerchief to her.She nods no and walks from there.Rohit sees her going and thinks that his heart is paining on her tears and sees the sure tion where she leaves.

Jeeva asks Vasu to understand her,he asks her shu she doesn’t tell him before. Jeeva says she will answer and comes with a cup of coffee and gives one to him and stands in the balcony.he repeats his question.Jeeva asks Vasu to react too much ,He sees her with a question.Jeeva says “Vasu,both you and me knows that our marriage doesn’t go well ,why are we just faking ,just for Inba “.He didn’t respond and says “Actually I am not fully responsible for all the problems,and you don’t like me nowadays “.She smiles and go from there.

Srimathi prays to god to keep both of her children happy,She
years done noise and runs to see ,finds the mirror broken into pieces.she thinks that sometimes problems may arise as this not a good omen,She sees Risha coming and asks the matter.She shouts ,tells about the reason .Risha hugs Srimathi and cries soundly.Rohit reaches the house and sees Inba playing with toys in the sofa.,he searches and finds Vasu talking with Someone on phone.

Jeeva comes out of the room and asks Rohit to sit and she will bring Food for him and leaves,he sits and drinks a glass of water and thinks about Risha.Jeeva serves him hot lemon rice.She sees Vasu talking with someone and stands at the door waiting for him,he turns and sees Her and cuts the call.He comes out and asks her the detail.She shows the dining table .Vasu goes and sits.

Jeeva doesn’t talk anything and serves food,Vasu tastes the food and compliment the taste.He sees Jeeva not seeing him and smiles ,he goes to his room and sits in the bed.Jeeva comes and gives him glass of milk and asks him to drink.He asks her to sit.she sits unwillingly.
Jeeva:yes ,what happens
Vasu:(searches something in Jeeva’s eyes ):mmnm
Jeeva:what happened
Vasu:just searching my lover Jeeva in you but she is actually missing.
Jeeva:not blabber,I need to go .
Vasu:am I ?
Jeeva:please Vasu,if I begins to talk then it don’t end

Vasu:yes,you can talk.
Jeeva:you are just searching your lover but my lover Vasu,who cared for other is dead .
Vasu:come on Jeeva.

Jeeva:you don’t have time for family,Vasu you are becoming more ambitious.
She tries to go from there but Vasu holds her arms very tightly and brings her close to him.they shares a very angry eye lock .both of them hears Inba crying and moves from each other with anger.They cones yo hall and sees Inba crying because she feeling hungry.Jeeva gives her food to eat and plays with her.Vasu enjoys all this and lean in the door.he noticed Rohit very much disturbed and goes and says “Rogit sir,I think to make you as the MD for this new company “.Rohit says”Do as per your rush,first tell what is the problem between you ?”.

precap:Jeeva sees Vasu playing with Inba and smiles happily.

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  1. Inba is their child na? Where is dev

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