The three words (part 60)

Jeeva cannot trust her own eyes that she is seeing Risha,her old friend after two years.Risha doesn’t give any response and asks all the three to get into the car so that they can go and meet the MD.Vasu ,Rohit sits in the backseat with Inba in Vasu’s hand,Jeeva sits near Vasu while Risha sits in front with the driver.She cannot control her emotions and sees the nature.Jeeva asks Risha about Srimathi.Both The men stare at he and ask her to shut up.Risha turns and says”She is fine mam”.Jeeva feels strangeness in her words and keeps quiet.

Risha sees Rohit through the rear view mirror and finds him.not even seeing inside the cat because she is there.Rohit turns and finds Risga seeing his reflection ,she turns from the mirror.Rohit sees Inba seeing all the places with a surprise and ask her did she like that situation.she laughs and says “Haaaaa,maaaaa”.Jeeva sees Inba and lifts her and makes her sit in her lap.Vasu sees Inba and smiles.

They reaches the hospital and goes to meet Risha’s MD.He welcomes them and asks them to sit .Vasu sees Hus fractured arm and leg and worries for him.He says “You don’t worry Vasu,I am always fine in all condition”.He obligates Vasu to take over his company .He sees his brother and wife’s face and atlast says “Yes,sure”.Jeeva sees Risha standing without any emotion and goes out with her daughter.She sees Someone in the hospital and stands shocked.

Three of them leaves to Vasu’s house and finds the servant cleaning the dust.Jeeva comes inside the house with her past memories.She sits in the sofa.Vasu sees Jeeva and ask her to enjoy not to worry.She gives her reply with a small smile.Rohit plays with Inba and remembers about Risha and feels bad .Inba wipes his tears and says “Risha good “.he hugs the child and walks towards the garden.Vasu thanks the servant for keeping us house clean.The servant says “Sir,I didn’t do anything Jeeva mam comes once in Two months and cleans the house “,he turns to ask the matter to Jeeva and finds her not in the sofa ad goes in search of her.

Risha cannot understand the reality and sits crying in the hospital,she remembers how Jeeva talked with her and how she her?.She washes her face and remembers Jeeva calling her child as Inba and her thoughts goes back to 14 years.

at the time both Jeeva and Risha were studying in 6th standard.Jeeva sits in her bench writing the home work and finds Risha coming in color dress and runs to her shouting “Hey,Rishu you didn’t tell me that today is yr birthday “Risha says “have chocolates”.after sometimes,Jeeva asks “What is the name which they kept when you born ?”.Risha says that tomorrow she will tell,and in the next day ,she says “They have kept Inba”

she comes to reality and comes out wiping her face in tissue and finds Rohit standing in the reception and walks towards him.He turns and finds Risha coming,he stands like a stone without any emotions in his face.Risha asks him the need for visit of hospital.Rohit doesn’t reply and sees the painting in the wall behind Risha and remains silent.

precap:Vasu asks Rohit to take care of the company.

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