The three words (part 6)


Readers please give me a opinion whether to continue it as a romance story or a Suspense Romance story .

Vikram ask about “Jeeva and Vasu to His mother .His mother explains the incident ,Vikram continues to call Jeeva and Vasu .Vadu sees his phone has no charge ,he shout at the watchman for carelessness .Jeeva laugh at him ” You ,You are talking , Mr Carelessness is talking about the mistake of others ,sounds interesting “.Vasu ask her to stop her nonsense .Jeeva sees a car coming near the factory ,sees Vikram on it .Vikram takes a spare key and opens the gate of factory .Vasu thanked Vikran for saving him from the lecture of his friend Jeeva .Vikram ask them to come home

They reaches Home, Jeeva explains the incident to all.she goes to her room and close the door ,sits in the bed and think about their conversation happened today .She tells”Vasu ,I hate you for your deed but ,”stops and goes to sleep .Madhuri. prays to god to keep her family save from evil .Vasu hears the prayer of Madhuri and “god will take care of good people to himself “.Next day ,Vasu gets ready to go and visit the construction of his house .Jeeva hears this and breaks the eyeliner bottle and says ” Vasu inaga veedu construct panrara ,ridiculous (Vasu is constructing the house ).”. She gets ready and leaves for the factory .Tarun comes from jogging and wishes her”Good morning,Jeeva”.Jeeva replies ,she goes to meet And shocked to see him ordering the servants in the house .Jeeva struck by the sight and calls Tarun to come and see .

Jeeva tells “VP will get soon in some days “.Tarun crosses his finger and says “Hope so “.Jeeva leaves to the factory .Vasu sees this from Balcony and leaves the place to get ready .Jeeva calls the Night watchman to come and scold him for his irresponsibility. During the lunch time, Aditi calls Jeeva “Di ,plsecme home ,I want yo see you and sobs “.When Jeeva comes home she sees Aditi crying and shouting at everyone .Vasu also comes in to take his laptop .Jeeva adl her “What happened Aditi ?”.She says a senior ragging her in college . Jeeva suddenly sees Vasu and shocked to see him smiling at her .

FB in shown
Chennai before 5 years
A girl shouts at her father for getting late as it is her first day of
college ,She is wearing a yellow salwar with blue dupatta . her father takes her in his Uno car and when she was about to get down ,A boy in blue formal dress stops his bike on the way , She shouts “Dump “.Her father says “Jeeva quite ma, don’t create problems “.She ask him “Appa be po ,nan parthukuren ( daddy ,you go and I’ll manage )”.

she enters the college and walk in the path .A boy shouts “Miss yellow salwar , plse come here “.Jeeva goes near the group of boy s and girls and talk to the boy “what do you want Mr Blue?”
Everyone are shocked by her way of talk and The boy asked “Do you know me ?”.She says “Sorry ,I don’t know that you are a man of wisdom ” and teases him .The senior girl says “What have you done ,he is Aditya ,the king of college “. When Jeeva was about to tell a boy walk past them, the gang ask The boy to stop .They ask The boy to tell “Who are you ?”.The boy gets worried and says “Anna ,nan India collegeku pudusu payama iruku please leave me (I am new to this college ,leave me ).”.Jeeva try to move but a girl stops him and says “Don’t try to escape “.Aditiya ask “Which year are you from ?”.The boy says “I year “.They ask him to propose to Jeeva .Jeeva says “What the hell is this ,leave me “.The boy says “No,that is wrong “. The boy cries and says “Sorry “and his to his knees and proposes to Jeeva.

Jeeva cries due to humiliation .Aditya and member of his gang laugh .A girl ask which major are you to The boy .He says Commerce PG .All the person get down and says PG.The boy laugh at them and sit stylely on the bench and says “Vasudev Ranganathan, Cgairman of. SP college student association”.All of them gets down from the bench .Vasu ask all of them to disperse .He ask Aditya about Jeeva’s name and shouts at Jeeva “Eppo en lova accept panuva Jeeva “.
Jeeva runs from there .

FB ends
Jeeva ask Aditi to stop crying ,She says she will come and meet the college principal.Vasu says “Yes , Your di will complain to Principal “in a tone which only Jeeva can understand ,She ask “Tarun to pacify Aditi ,”Tarun takes Aditi back to college . VP says ” Tarun ,Don’t get too angry ,talk calmly .Tarun stares at VP ans leaves .

-To be continued

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  1. Yr plz dont write in tamil or telugu which ever lamfuage it is as i m unalble to understand write in hindi or english

  2. That means jeeva when will u accept my proposal is it right actually i dont know tamil… but i know some words…. plzzz continue like love story only

      1. Ohovasu fall in love with jeeva at first sight……

  3. I am writing some dialogues only to bring the feel ,if any one feel uncomfortable ,I am writing the same dialogue in English also .Please tell which you prefer Suspense Love story Or Love story .

  4. Hey dr, plz write in english. . . n if vasu is senior, y did he propos to jeeva. . .

    1. Liya ,I cannot understand your question , Vasu was just playing a prank and teasing Aditya and his team in his own way .

  5. janani, its nice. I am tamilian. Writing in tamil gives more effect,so dont stop the way write in eng for others. Continue it as love story.and say fb about jeeVAsu completely

  6. Apppol vasu fall in luv at first sight pinned plzz make it suspense romance

  7. Very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  8. wow…………
    VASU’s intro was nice…….
    so heroic………
    i want it to be suspense love strory………….
    actually i also want it in tamil because for every human is mother tongue gives more expression…….
    but we do have all language people reading………..
    and guys janani sis is writing in english also in brackets so i think u can understand…………
    pls anyone dont misunderstand me……….
    i m sorry if i had hurt someone……………..

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