The three words (part 59)

Vasu begins to think for sometimes sitting in tje dofs,he thinks about the things which Jeeva saud him.snd about the help which he did forhim and decides something and calls “Jeeva”to and ask her to prepare for the travel as they are going to Chennai in some days.Jeeva cannot understand Vasu’s idea and goes from there without any reply,she sees Rohit sitting In the room and knocks at the
door to get his attention,He turns and sees her with a surprise and confusion.She sits near him.

Risha thinks about her MD’s condition and feels very bad for him.and his family.Srimathi sees Risha very much upset and ask her not to worry for her MD because God will take care of him.she says about meeting her mom and sister on the road.Srimathi says “don’t worry Everything will get fine ma”and leaves to prepare food for Risha.She remembers the day of her marriage which is full of problems and closes her eyes.
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Srimathi slaps Rohit and asks him to behave properly.He says “OK ,I will behave properly what about your behaviour?”.Risha sees Mala crying and goes to console her.Rohit sees this and says “Mrs.Mala,if you gave any touch with your daughter,I will leave her and go “.Mala gets shocked and begins to move from there. Srimathi begins something but Rohit says “Enough Amma,you didn’t understand the situation,the son who you was always missing in your life left you because of this family ,enjoy your younger son’s marriage but your elder son won’t come back “.He pulls Risha and takes care with him and leaves.He sees Jeeva and Vasu standing in airport and goes there stopping them.Jeeva says “Until yesterday yjete was friend gir me but sheus no more “and goes.Rohit shouts but they left him

after five months,Rohit was very good towards Risha,One day she gets a phone that her mom is very unwell and goes to meet her without telling the matter to Rohit,but she seesher mommvery well and that was just a false news to bring her there.Rohit comes to same hospital and srrs Risha with her mom and gets angry.He leaves the place and waits for her in home.
Risha(shocked): hello ,did you come early
Rohit:yes,but where were you ?
Risha: I actually went to meet one of my friend
Rohit:ho,is it your school friend or college friend?
Risha:my school friend
Rohit:OK,I thought that you went to meet your mom
Risha:Actually no

he walks away and comes out with a packed bags and asks her to say the truth at least now,still she resist ,he says “I am not so bad to ask you to leave this house,you stay with your Amma and this wealth but I am going “.he leaves the house.
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Risha sees Srimathi standing in front of her with coffee and takes it from her hand.Jeeva asksRohit ,about his idea regarding Vasu’s decision.He says “Jeevu,he is my friend then only my brother so I agree with him”.he goes from there with a smile.Jeeva thinks about how it is going to be complicated further more and leaves hearing Inba crying.She sees Inba sitting with a pickle bottle in her hand and crying,she lifts the child and sees pickle in her mouth and asks her “how did you get it baby,who gave you ?”She tells in her childish tone that “I took hhhhhhh ma”.She cleans her dress and comes out seeing Vasu preparing to leave.Jeeva says “Vasu,you better leave alone and I am not willing to come “.He turns and asks her “whether you are unhappy with me or whom?”She says “No,but Vadui didn’t fell something good please you go with Rohit,and I withInva stay in Kolkata taking care of our business “.He says “Please Jeeva,we can talk about it later,it is very must to leave now,come soon ”

After one day,Jeeva and Vasu comes out from the airport,she sees Rohit coming at the back with Inba in his hand,Jeeva takes her and they comes out.Vasu searches for someone.Rohit asks him what’s the matter,he says “Sir says that he will send one of his employee to take us but”.Risha comes inside the airport in the office car and checks that the flight has arrived,she runs to the place with bouquet on her hand .She says “Sir,I am sorry for delay ,you are welcome to Chennai”,she sees Rohit and Vasu and gets shocked.they were equally shocked.Vasu thinks about Jeeva’s words and sees her coming in distance with Inba in her trolley.She comes and sees Risga.both of them doesn’t talk and sees each other.

precap:Jeeva asks Risha about Srimathi aunty even when both the men stare at her with anger.:

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