The three words (part 58)

Inba smiles and hugs Rohit.Jeeva takes Inba in her hand and makes her sit in the floor covered with blanket and asks her to play, Inba laughs and holds Jeeva’s hand,she sits in with her daughter and begins to play with her by using toys and pillow.Vasu concludes his phone call and sits with Inba and ask her to talk to paapa.She doesn’t turn and says “Maama”.

Risha and her colleagues reaches the hospital and enquires about him in the hospital.the receptionist says that the person have been shifted to room and they can go and meet him in Room23.All of them leaves to the room and Knicks at the door of the room.MD’s mother opens the door with cried eyes .All of them goes out and sees him with fractured arm and leg.He turns and sees his employees and smiles with. discomfort and pain.He says “You guys no need to worry about me or my office ,you can work because I am going to talk with one of my business friend and he will take care of the company”.They asks him to be calm and take rest.

Rohit gets a call and his to talk.Inba takes a photo from his room and plays with it.Jeeva inspect the file and comes to see Inba,she srrs her playing with photo and ask her to give the photo.She gives the photo to Jeeva,She gets shocked seeing Risha’s photo and sees Rohit who is coming in.He sees photo and says “Actually I may be came by any mistake,throw it away”.Vasu comes from his room and says “You don’t fake yourself “.

Mala and Aparna are walking in the road and sees Risha coming put with all of her colleagues from office,Mala goes to talk to Risha but she leaves without talking to her.Aparna asks Mala to come and they leaves from there.Aparna sees Tarun getting award for young entrepreneur and smiles seeing that in TV.Risha goes to her home and knock at the door.Srimathi comes out and asks her “how us her boss?”.Risha tells about his condition and sits in the sofa remembering about Mala.

Vasu gets a call and runs to talk to the person,he says “Sure but actually “.and he after a long argument says “sure sir,you have been a supporting pillar for me during my early days of business and I will do it for you “.Jeeva and Rohiy sees him with a question mark.Vasu says “We need to go to Chennai “.Both of them gets shocked.Rohit says “I won’t come ” and leaves from there. He asks about Jeeva.She says “your wish Vasu,but if we go there we need to face Aunty,Risha,and her family,if it is OK then I will pack things”.

precap:Jeeva and Risha meets each other at airport.both cannot express their words.

Credit to: janani


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..