The three words (part 57)

Vasu comes and touches Jeeva,she says “Actually today is Risha’s birthday “.Vasu didn’t respond and sees the calender and shouts “oh no ,today,My client RR is coming from London,I need to go to pick him up”.Jeeva asks him to get ready soon and goes to bath,she peeps into the room and sees her baby sleeping in cradle and goesout without making much noise.

She gets ready and comes out dressed in a grey salwar and waits for Vasu in hall.He comes down in a white coat and says “let’s go”,Jeeva asks the servant to take care if the baby and leaves with him.The servant hears the baby crying and goes to see her.She cries and murmurs “Mamma,pappa “.They reaches the airport and sees the flight was delayed due weather and wait on the car.Jeeva goes out and sees two girls taking selfie and remembers her day with Risha.Vasu asks her to forget things and changes the topic.

The lady comes out of her house and sees the scooty punctured and says “Amma,see here it is punctured “,Srimathi comes out and sees the scooty and says “Don’t worry Risha,you go by auto “.Risha turns and smiles at her,and goes to call the auto,Srimathi thinks about Risha and feels bad for her.Risha reaches in her office in auto and goes in

Rohit comes out of the airport and sees Jeeva and Vasu standing there and shows his hand and walk towards them .Jeeva sees him and says”Mr,Vasudev,Your RR has came,how are you sir ?”,hugs him.He laughs and says “Very fine Mrs .Vasudev”.she says “I am always S.Jeeva”.Three of them gets into the car.Vasu asks him about the trip,he says “Yaa,very fine “.Rohit sees the flower shop and remembers about Risha and Srimathi and asks Vasu to stop the car.

Servant makes the baby sit and gives her the toys to play,The baby throws the toy and cries shouting Mamma.The servant trues to manage the situation and then calls Jeeva,Jeeva sees Rohit walking towards the shop,hears the phone call and pick it,she says “I will be back in 10 minutes,give the phone to her “.Jeeva talks with the baby and says “You please wait for 10 minutes mummy will come with your dad “.the child laughs .

She cuts the call and sees Vasu staring at her and tells about the baby crying.Vasu asks her whether she gave tonic to her for cough.Jeeva says “Vasudev,your becoming very old,she had cough before 21 days “.Rohit comes with a flower bouquet and says them to stop their argument,they reaches home,Rohit hugs the baby and adjs her”Do you remember me,Inba “.She hugs him and talks in her childish voice.

Risha sees people standing very much confused and asks them the reason for the of the colleague says about the accident happened to MD and his family when they were travelling to Temple Risha also gets worried thinking about the boss and his family.he prays to the gid to keep them very much happy throughout the life.Srimathi calls her to remember her for buying the grossery goods.She says sure and cuts the call.they all decides to go to hospital to meet the Boss.

precap:Inba plays with Rohit’s bag and takes Risha photo out,Jeeva see the photo in Inba’s hand and ask her to give.

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  2. Inba what is the meaning of the name

    1. it means inbsm that is happiness or khushi

  3. What happen to risha and rohit mirrage is broke

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