The three words (part 56)


Risha stands very much shocked and says”Mom actually talked like that due to tension,and she is “.Rohit says “Enough,go and come with my brother and Friend then only I will marry your daughter or else this marriage will be stopped at this moment,what you say aunty?”.Mala cries and says “She will do it but pleads Rohit to marry Risha”.Rohit argues with them and finally says “OK,I will marry your daughter”and takes her to the stage and takes the thali(mangalsutra)
in his hand.Everyone shocks on seeing this .

Jeeva stops crying and sees Vasu very much angry,she holds his hand and says “You don’t get upset,she was worried about Rishu,do only she talked like that “.Vasu says “Mmmm I can understand but from this moment,you must not have any relation with that women or Risha”.Sivaraman who was driving turns back and sees Vasu.Jeeva gets shocked and cries .Vasu says “Uncle stop the car near the temple “.Sivaraman stops the car.

Rohit says “Risha,I will marry you “and ties the mangalsutra in her neck.She gets puzzled and remains as mum ,without talking or reacting.Rohit asks the pandit to tell about the other ritual.he says about doing the pheras.Rohit pulls Risha and walks around the fire,and says in a mild voice that “Risha,you and your mom made all of my plans of joining my family flops,you need to pay for it,the promise that i gives you today is I will never be the reason for any if your feelings.”,he does the second round and says “From this moment,I won’t consider your feelings “,the last round he says “and I will never apologise you for your family’s mistake ” .Srimathi comes towards Rohit and gives a slap on his face.

Vasu goes to the temple and asks the officials about doing the wedding in the place,Jeeva says “but “,he ignores her and fills the firm.Vasu says “Uncle,I am asking your daughters hand on marriage,will you “.Sivaraman says “Yes,but your family is not here and moreover”.Vasu says “I am a orphan “,He takes the mangalsutra and ties it on Jeeva’s neck and says “from today,all the happiness you will get in your life will be from my part,and I will give you freedom to follow your hearts ,and”,Heeva closes his mouth with her hand and says” from this moment,there is no need for any formalities in our life “,they smiles happily at each other.Sivaraman smiles contently at them.

After two years,a beautiful house us shown in the city of Kolkata,Vasu gets up and comes down in His white track suit,He adjs the servant about Jeeva and The servant says that “Sir,mam has went to jogging “.Vasu sits with coffee and says to himself that “nowadays,Jeeva is not even talking to me happily,she is angry with me ,mmmm”.Jeeva comes home dressed in a white jogging dress and wishes Vasu”Good morning,Vasu”.He turns against her and doesn’t respond.She smiles.

A lady is shown getting ready in her room ,she comes out of the room and says “mom,I am getting Kate to go to office,bye “,The mother gives sound from Kitchen and asks her to go after eating the food.Jeeva consoles Vasu,She tries to go but Vasu holds her pulls her towards him.She laughs .She sees the date on calendar and stops.she moves away and goes to her room thinking the marriage incidents and says “The three words is not in my life,it is “We are friends “and cries seeing the picture of her with Rohit and Risha.

precap:Rohit comes out from the airport and sees Jeeva and Vasu waiting and stands seeing them smiling happily.

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  1. Wowww jeeva vasu married awesome

  2. They gt married realy fast. . . N the whole thng was ful f drama. . . Wer is risha?

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