The three words (part 55)

Vasu makes her wear the chain and smiles at her,Jeeva says “What us all this ?” and walks away.he says that the chain was lying on Jeeva’s room and smiles at her reaction.She sees Srimathi and laughs with tears in her eyes.Vasu sees her and asks her to smile with his jokes. Srimathi smiles with Vasu.Rohit sees people coming and giving the gifts and asks Risha”where is your boyfriend?”,Risha says “I don’t know I have asked him to come at night ”
Both of them think of their conversation on the drive in restaurant
Rohit:I don’t want to get married to you .

Risha:OK,Sir but what us the need for this big arrangements.
Rohit:to make everyone trust that I am ready for marriage,I will give you some idea you better
Risha:what do you mean ?
Rohit:wait,there he comes
She turns and sees Manu standing there in bike and waving hands at Her.
Risha:why did he came here ?
Rohit:to make a plan,I asks you to run with him at this night.
Risha: No,I won’t do like that my family will be hurt .
Rohit:OK,then I must stop the wedding by myself.
Risha:is there any needed to stop the wedding.
Rohit:yes,there is the need because I won’t live with you .
Risha(cries): OK I will do as per your wish.
Rohit:you don’t worry I made our relation clear to him.

She sees the people seeing her standing in the stage and wipes her tears,Rohit asks her bit to worry because Manu will come and gives her the tissue from Gus gabd.She wipes her years and sees Manu standing on the entrance and gets shocked.

the reception gets over and most of the people goes to sleep ,Vasu and Jeeva sits and talks about something,Jeeva sees Rohit tensed and asks him about the he says “I don’t know why I am tensed”,he sees Risha leaving to her room and gets happy thinking that she won’t be present tomorrow and smiles.Jeeva gets confused by his reactions and says to herself that it us because if the stress if getting married,some people at the msbdapam plays cards and some other games.

Next day morning,Jeeva wakes up and goes to get ready,she gets ready herself in the purple color saree and cones out of the room and sees Vasu and Sivaraman standing tensed ,She sees Rohit’s room empty and sees peoples worries for his return,she searches Risha and finds her sobbing in the corner and goes near her.Mala questions others about his attitude and cries thinking about her daughter’s life.Srimathi sits shell shocked and cannot respond to any of the taunts by people.

Risha sees Jeeva and runs to her crying.Mala says “Jeeva,what has occurred with my daughter,you must say the result “.One of the relative says “OK,hapienwd things cannot be changed and now Srimathiji asks your elder son to sit in the marriage “.Vasu gets shocked and says “Don’t blabber anything like this “.Jeeva cries on the words and sees Srimathi coming towards her,she says “No aunty,this time I won’t give up my love anyone in this universe ” and runs towards Vasu.He hold her from falling and says “Please guys I am ready to marry”.

Everyone gets shocked,Risha shockingly sees Vasu.he says “But the girl would be Jeeva and not Risha because I cannot fake a love “,he begins to walk from there with Jeeva in his one hand .Sivaraman goes calling Vasu and tries to stop him.Mala cries and sits on the floor.Jeeva sobs and says “Vasu” and hugs him .He says “Uncle if you come then let’s go orelse I will go with my Jeevu”and starts the car.

Someone comes running and says “Groom us coming,he is coming “,Risha almost runs to the entrance and sees Rohit coming inside.He sees the people’s different views on him and says “Actually I went home to rake his parcel “.one of them tells about all the happenings.He says “So you people thought that I don’t return “and laughs,he searches for Jeeva and gets to know the incident.Mala says “OK,now we can start the marriage ritual “.Rohit shouts “Enough of these rituals,”

Precap:Rohit says this marriage will happen only if my brother and friend comes here,go and call them to come,it us not my request aunty,it is my order as your son in law .Risha stands without any emotion on get face.

(guys don’t think Rohit as villain ,he us upset with others attitude)

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  1. We cant think he is villian what he is saying it is right how can other people decide other lifes

  2. Ohh so…vasu n jeeva didn’t marry….so stupid of me….hmm….luvd epi. Write soooon…tc

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