The three words (part 54)


Vasu comes in and sees the crying face if Jeeva,he keeps the food on the table and comes near Jeeva and asks “What happened Jeeva,why are you crying without reason?”.Jeeva hugs him and says “I am sorry Vasu for everything “.he consoles her and says”why should you say sorry Jeeva,I need to say sorry for everything “.they sees each other face and stand still.

Risha sits in her room and thinks about what equation of love will he share with Rohit in his life. She hears some knock on door and gets up and sees Rohit on door.She says “Please come in Rohit “.He smiles and sits on the chair and asks “Risha,I think this dress will be comfortable for you “.She stands puzzled and says “What?”.Rohit says”I mean you will be comfortable on this silk saree,I need to go for a shopping,will you join me “.She sees the time ,it shows 2 pm in her watch,she says “But people will come by 5 pm,can we return ?”.He says yes.

Vasu asks her to have food,She denies and says “I don’t want to have this food Vasu”.she moves from him and says “Sorry to say thus,but I still think that you may take revenge from me,I am worried about our love has Losts somewhere in these years “,He hold her hand and says”Today,I will promise you that I will never think like that, my love is still your eyes “.Sivaraman hears this and smiles about Vasu’s love for is daughter.he remembers the day Vasu came to talk to him about his love before 5 years.

Sivaraman was sitting in his textile shop ,and waiting to see the bit whom his daughter talked about,he sees someone knocking at door and says to come in.
Vasu:good evening sir,my name is Vasudev.
Sivaraman:mmm I know you,please it
Vasu:sir,I need to talk to about Jeeva.
Sivaaman:yes,I don’t like to talk talk with cliche.
Sivaraman:do you think that yours is love and not infatuation.
Vasu:who told it is love?
Sivaraman(shocks) what do you mean by these words.
Vasu:actually I mean I don’t have love on Jeeva,the thing is that I think that I will be comfortable in her companion.

Sivaraman:OK but do you think that you can keep my daughter,sorry my princess happy.
Vasu:I know that sir,she is your princess but she will be my queen.
Sivaraman:but I don’t like it
Vasu:what Sir

Sivaraman:that sir,call me uncle.
Vasu:OK uncle,when I need to come to your house to talk alliance.
Sivaraman:are you sure that I will accept?

Vasu:no but I got confident in the moment when you asked about me to call you uncle.
He comes to reality and walks from there and sits in the chairs.He sees Tarun arguing with VP and calls Tarun to come.he comes and gets blessings from Him.VP comes and says “Good noon uncle,I gave a greater debt to you and your daughter for making me fine,”.he hugs VP and says “There is no need for this sorry and thank you “.VP asks about Jeeva and sees her coming.he smiles at her.Sivaraman sees Jeeva ,she sits here Sivaraman and asks “What us this Tarun telling about me ?”.Tarun says”I said about you sprayed pepper on my eyes “.Sivaraman asks when did this happen. Jeeva and tarun laughs.

Risha and Rohit reaches drive in hotel and he stops the car.Rohit says “Do you need to order anything to eat” .she says no need and sees the hotel through window.Rohit says “I am not sure about our relationship”Risha confusionly looks at Rohit and says “The meaning of the word is that “. he tells “it always means I don’t love you till this moment,the marriage is just fake for me “.Risha says “what are you talking Rohit?”.

Jeeva tells about the first day when she reached the srivastava mansion,she puts Pepper powder on Tarun’s eyes .Sivaraman laughs and asks “where is Vasudev ?”.He comes and says “here I am uncle”.Jeeva tells about Tarun and Aparna’s relationship.Tarun trues to go.Sivaraman asks “Tarun ,is it “.Tarun says”She left me for money “.Vasu consoles him and says “Just give her a second chance “.VP also tells the same.Tarun says “I didn’t feel good but I give her a chance”.

Jeeva sees the time and says “it is nearly 5,I need to go and get ready “.VP says”yes,start now ,you can finish you makeup by at least by 7″.Jeeva beats VP and goes to get ready.Risha and Rohit reaches the marriage place.she sees Mala coming and says”I am fine Amma” and goes to her room. after a while Risha gets ready in a green lehenga and comes down.She sees Everyone related to her standing happily .She sees Vasu and Jeeva standing and smiles at them.she sees Rohit standing in a pink sherwani and goes to the stage.

He smiles at her and complement her on that dress.She gives her smile as her reply.Jeeva sees Srimathi standing happily in her roomand comes near her and hugs her.She says”Jeeva,I expect your marriage to happen “Vasu says “who will marry Lind this with waste ofmobey,I will” and puts a chain on Jeeva’s neck,Srimathi and Heeva gets shocked He asks “What ?” and smiles.

precap:Rihit wedding rituals .

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