The three words (part 53)

Vasu says “yes,she is but how did you know about this ?”.He says”I have seen her in Kolkata. “.Vasu sees tarun with a smile and asks him to go and enjoy the marriage celebration.Charu praises Rohit.Risha asks Charu”why did you not marry Him?”.Varun says “Because Rohit don’t like girls and marriage “.Risha says “oh OK “,she remembers telling him as womaniser and smiles.

Jeeva sees Srimathi standing and working for long times,she goes near her and says”aunty please sit down “and make her sit in a chair the ritual gets over and Rohit comes down and sits near Srumathi.Jeeva hears someone calling and goes to see them.Rohit asks Srimathi to smile.She says”how could I smile I am worried thinking about your future,will you lead s happy life with Risha”.He turns his face and sees two children playing football and remembers about his childhood days of playing football with Vasu and says “Amma,things are changing very fastly in life ,one day even Risha will change “,he gets up and leaves .

Jeeva helps the people to go to the room,she comes out andvsees Vasu seeing her keenly from his chair and goes near him asking what.he laughs and says “you are doing too much of work today,I haven’t sent you doing this much work anywhere “.she smiles and sits in the chair near him and asks “whether you understand your mom ?”.he says “Come on Jeeva I am in a good mood,nothing gave changed I am just here as Rohit’s brother “.Jeeva begins to tell something when Tarun and Rohit come and says “Vasu,the marriage is for me not for you “and laughs.they also sits.Jeeva asks Tarun about his girlfriend.Tarun laughs and says “she got married “.all of them sees him shocked.

Risha and Her relatives goes to the room alloyed for them,Risha sits in the bed and says “I am very much hungry mom “.Mala gives her a banana and ask her to eat it and then they can have lunch.She takes he fruits in hand.One of her relatives asks “Risha,is it love or arranged marriage “.she gets upset on the word love and leaves the room.She comes out and sees Vasu,Tarun,Charu,VP ,Jeeva,Dev sitting and chatting.

Srimathi sees Risha and calls hr to come down,she goes near Srumathi and asks “Ma,do you need anything ?”.srimahi gets hspoy on the words Ma.She says”you also come and join with them ,come “and takes her to the discussion area of Rohit and his group.She asks Risha to sit and leaves.Rohit sees Risha and asks her”are you welling comfortable or I need to go “.she says “I am fine “.Jeeva asks Rohit to come here and sit.he says no and turns to talk with charu.

Sivaraman completes his work and comes to the mandapam.He ses Jeeva and Vasu talking and gets happy,she calls Jeeva.She sees him and happily goes near him with a smile. Vasu also gets up and goes.Tarun teases Vasu.he smile and goes to sivaraman uncle. He says them to continue their talk and he will go by himself.At last while going he calls Jeeva and asks “OK Jeeva,why are you wearing black color “,she says “*Aiyyoo appa it is blue ,you just go”She turns back and says “everyone are telling black “and laughs.Jeeva sees Risha sitting without talking and goes to her.

Aparna comes down in search of Risha and sees her talking with Rohit and her friends,Risha sees Aparna and calls her to join them.Tarun sees Aparna and smiles .She sees Tarun and gets shocked and sits in the chair.Tarun asks “how is your new life aparna”.Aparna breaks down and cries.She runs from there.Risha goes with her calling akka.Tarun says “you asked me about some one before ,she is that girlfriend,who left me for my wealth”.

Tarun leaves from there.VP says”I will manage it “and goes calling Tarun.Charu also goes.Vasu says “thank god ,come you dit and let’s talk “.Jeeva sees the chair full of luggage and says”where yo sit ?”.Vasu says “here” and shis his chair .She says “no need,let’s go yo room and talk “.they his from there.Both of them sits in Rohit’s room and talks generally.Vasu suddenly asks her “Jeeva,if we got married before years we would have a happy life ,is it Jeeva”.Jeeva gets tears and walks away.Vasu holds her hand ,they have a eyelock.

Aparna tells about her leaving Tarun for the sake of money And aborting his child.Risha says “but did,there are many things more than money “Aparna nods yes and cries.Dev plays with the of Risha’s relatives asks him about his parents.Dev says “my mom’s name is Jeeva and Appa name is Vasu but they are not my real parents “.The relatives goes to confront about this to Mala. Srimarhi hears Dev’s words and asks “who told you that they are not you parents “.he says “lakshmi patti,”.srimathi says “you come I will give you chocolate “and takes him to room.she opens the door.Vasu and Jeeva moves from each other.

Mala after listening to the news says”come on Thangam,it is not our problem,I am making my daughter Marry Rohit not Vasudev”.the relative named Thangam says “but they will get a part of property for Dev instead of our Risha’s child “.Mala says “nothing like that “.she goes in to get ready.Rohit comes out after talking with one of his friend and asks “any problem,why are you giving Dev chocolate Amma”.she says “so what “.rohit sees Heeva reading some book and Vasu going some work on laptop and says OK.

They all goes to gave the afternoon lunch in the dinning hall ,Jeeva says that she will serve the food the asks others to sit.Vasu sits and says “soon soon “.Jeeva serves them good.After everyone competes eating,Jeeva leaves from there without eating,Vadu notes this and goes to her room with a plate full if food and knocks at the door.He sees Jeeva opening the door with tears.

precap:Vasu says I will do my marriage very simply like this and put a chain in Jeeva’s neck.

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