The three words (part 52)

Risha wakes up from bed and sees the date on the Calender she says to herself that tomorrow I will be someone’s wife.She sees Aparna sleeping and goes out without disturbing her,she sees the decoration for her wedding and remembers her conversation once with Manu and gets tears .Jeeva closes the file which she was seeing and comes out of her room,she sees her father getting ready to go to walking.He sees Jeeva and asks “did you slept at night ?”.Jeeva says “No appa,just seeing the files “.he asks her to rakw care and leaves.Jeeva washes her face in cold water and sees her phone ringing.she sees Rohit calling.

Vasu completes his jogging and comes home half tired ,he sees Sivaraman on the way and wishes him good morning,he teases Vasu and asks “Why are you giving much work to my Jeeva,she didn’t slept at night “.He goes.Vasu calls Jeeva and finds the call engaged and says “To whom she us talking in this early morning ?”.Risha sees her relatives getting up one by one and goes to get ready .Mala wakes IP and sees Risha in kitchen and goes near her.Jeeva and Rohit are still talking ,
Rohit:mmm then
Rohit:tell something .
Jeeva:mmm go and get ready today itself we must go to mandapam.
Rohit:I know and I need just to bath.
Jeeva:but I need to pack my things ,cut the call.
Rohit:if Vasu calls what you will do,will you cut the call.
Jeeva:yes I will.
Rohit(laughs): before three days I saw you were talking for 23 minutes .
Jeeva:OK ,go and get ready
Rohit:errr OK.
she cuts the call and sees missed call from Vasu and keeps the Bluetooth connected and goes to pack things.Vasu picks the call and says “Good morning,Jeevu”.Jeeva smiles and replies him,she hears someone at the door and opens to see.the servants comes SBD excuses for getting late .Jeeva packs her bag and continued talking with Vasu.Rohit gets bored and calls Vasu.and finds the call engaged.He says “OK,Vasu will be talking with Jeeva,mmm I will call that Risha”.

mala asks Risha “Why are you doing work today,you go SD get ready ma “.Risha hugs her and goes to get ready after a while Risha gets ready in a orange saree .she dries her hair and gets a call.Her cousin comes and shouts “Akka, Rohit uncle is calling ?”She attends the call and says “Hello”.Srimathi comes and sees still Rohit talking and says “Rohit,I think you can talk later,now go and pack your dresses”.Risha smiles on the words .Rohit cuts the call and goes to pack things.

Everyone comes to the marriage hall one by one Jeeva gets ready in a navy blue saree and sees sivaraman coming she asks him to come fast.Sivaraman says “It is your friend’s wedding, you go I will come later “.She goes to mandap in by car..She sees Srimathi arrived .Srimathi was searching for girls to do the aarti.She sees Jeeva and takes her and asks y do the aarti.Jeeva says “But aunty,the groom’s side must to do it but I am “.Srimathi gives the plate and leaves.

Rohit and Vasu gets down from his car and comes to entrance.Jeeva and another girl takes the aarti.Jeeva sees Vasu standing g elegant in his red shirt.Rohit says “Ms.Jeeva,don’t do the aarti to your Special friend,do the aarti to me ” and laughs.Jeeva stares at him and pours the aarti outside in the rangoli.Vasu takes the luggage and goes in.

Jeeva comes in with her bag of luggage.Vasu sees her and praises her saree colour,he says “Nice shade of black “.Jeeva explains it as Navy blue.Dev comes running and says “Same pinch ma,neeyum black nannum black /_you are wearing black and so I “.Vasu laughs and says ‘no your mom is wearing Blue ‘.Jeeva corrects Dev’s hair and asks him to go and play.

Srimathi sees Vasu and Jeeva talking and prays yo god to make them together in life.They hears car sound and goes to see Risha and her family coming.Risha gets down in the orange saree,Rohit sees her and smiles.Risha comes in and the pandit asks them to come and do the pujas.Rohit sits in the puja.Jeeva gets a call and goes to talk.she sees Tarun on line and attends the call.

Tarun:Jeeva,I am tarun
Jeeva:Hey Tarun,how are you ?
Tarun:mmmm very fine but you are in some dream,.
Jeeva:Why are you telling like that ?
Tarun:because me,VP and Charu(their friend)are waiting in airport but you didn’t send us car.
Jeeva:chaaa,sorry I will come in 20 minutes.

she sees Vasu standing and informs him and leaves to airport,Vasu comes to accompany her but sees her car going in distance.The pandit asks whether the groom has any sister.Rohit says “No but Jeeva is like my sister,but where is she ?”.Vasu says about her going to call Tarun and his family.Jeeva reaches the airport and sees Tarun standing.she signs him to come.Charu hugs Jeeva and praises Jeeva.VP hugs her and they leaves towards the mandapam.Varun remains silent,Jeeva asks him “What”.he says “You forget me “.she gives counter and says “Don’t act too much how many times you forget me and go to roam with you friends “.

They reaches the venue.Rohit sees them and smiles on them.Tarun and VP comes in. Tarun sees Aparna and his face changes.VP and Charu goes to meet Rohit ,Charu ,Jeeva and Tarun studied in same college.Aparna asks them to sit.Charu talks with Rohit and says “Even I have loved Rohit but he never reciprocate my feeling “.VP greets her. Tarun asks Vasu to come and says” Vasu,her name is Aparna,how she came here “.

precap:Vasu and Jeeva tells about playing some game in night after the reception.

Credit to: janani


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