The three words (part 51)

Jeeva sees the locket and remembers about her days with Vasu and gets dull,she reaches her house and sees her father till not yet come.She opens the house and goes in.Sits in the sofa and her phone rings.she picks the call and sees some unknown number and attends the call.
Line: ……….
Jeeva:hello who is that ?
Line:hello I need to talk to Jeeva.
Jeeva:it is me ,please.
Line:hi,it me Radhika.
Jeeva:yes Radhika,how are you ?
Radhika:fine dad said that you came with Vasu,any problem Jeeva?
Jeeva:no nothing ,I saw your dance video online,that was quite nice .
Radhika:tomorrow my dad is arranging a small party,he want you yo come.

Jeeva accepts the invitation and cuts the call,she sees Sivaraman coming tired ,she gives him a cup of water and asks “What appa?”.He says about meeting one of his old friend in market ,Jeeva sits opposite to him .Sivaraman says about his friend’s son who studied in same college and now working in a MNC.Jeeva says “Oh,wat is his name ?”.Sivaraman says “Aditya “.the glass falls from Jeeva’s hand.She remembers about the Aditya in college and His attitude .

Vasu comes to Rohit’s house and knocks the door,Srimathi opens the door and says “Vasu,come in pa “,Vasu asks about Rohit and comes in.he shows the selected cards and turns to leave.Srimathi asks him to sit and goes to bring him coffee.Vasu denied that says “I ,I need to talk to you ,please sit “.He asks “Why did you behaved partial with Rohit and me “.Srimathi says ” partial,Vasu for every mother all the children are same,I was just praising Rohit “.Vasu remains silent and walks to his car to go.He remembers Jeeva telling him the same long before and calls her .

Rohit enters the house and sees Vasu standing near his car and talking with someone.He comes near Vasu and hears him talking to Jeeva and smiles.Risha sees her room decorated and asks “Mom,wat us all this “.One of the old Lady says “Ho you are going get married in some days and then “.Risha feels awkward she turns and sees Mala happy in doin all the arrangement .she gets gappy yo her mom happily.Risha thinks to call Jeeva.and calls her .she finds the line busy .and cuts the call.

Jeeva cuts the call and sees the time as gone very fast and lye down and closes her eyes.she remembers about Vasu .Vasu sees Rohit standing,Rohit asks”Who called you or she ?”.Vasu says “Me,why “Rohit laughs and says “Illa 23 minutes pesithu irunda aduthan kethen/actually I saw you talking for 23 minutes so only “.Vasu fakes anger and looks and Rohit.both of them smiles.Srimathi sees this and gets very happy

precap:Wedding day of Rihit.Jeeva and Vasu’s cat fight.

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