The three words (part 50)


Vasu cannot understand the situation and asks her to explain him.Jeeva shoes him the article and asks “Is this the matter which you hiding from me,Vasu”.He says “No,you come ” and takes her with him.and drives towards Radhika’s home.Jeeva says “Why are you taking me here,leave me “.He forcifully takes her inside .and asks the servant where is chandran uncle.A old man comes in wheelchair and calls Vasu.
Vasu:Uncle,meet Jeeva.

Jeeva:hello sir,Vasu
Vasu:mmmm this is uncle ,he is Rad’s father.
Chandran:Vasu,is she the girl you usually talks about ?
Vasu:yes,uncle ,see this article .

Chandran:what the blabbering think is this ?,I will talk to the editor,you don’t worry.
He goes to call.Vasu and Jeeva sits in the sofa.Jeeva asks him “What are you trying to prove to me ?”.Vasu says “Jeeva,please wait for some times “.He says “the company which I am undertaking is his company,that is the reason why Rads comes there frequently “.Jeeva sees some picture on the wall and says “I have seen that lady somewhere ,it is “.Vasu says “She is Srimathi mam “.Jeeva gets shocked and sees him confusingly.

Vasu says that Mmm radhika is my cousin ,chandran uncle is my mom’s brother .Jeeva smiles ,she says “It is nice to hear you calling her as mom “.Chandran comes and says “Sorry young man wlfor all this mishaps ,tommorow the apologises will be published “.He sees Jeeva and says “Don’t suspect him,he loves you “.They leaves from there .After Their car goes.Radhika comes in and shouts “Dad,wat are you doing,I want Vasu to marry me “.Chandran says “Don’t shout ,think properly he loves that girl very much”.

Vasu drops Jeeva in her house and tries to go.Jeeva says “Sorry “.He smiles and leaves from there .Sivaraman sees all this and asks “Jeeva is there anything ma “.She says “Nothing appa ” and asks the servant prepare food .she goes to freshen up.She thinks “how idiotic thoughts she have “and comes down.Sivaraman asks about the preparation for the wedding .he says “Jeeva,when are you going to marry ,?”Jeeva says “Appa,please ” and leaves.

Risha sits in the sofa and her mom shows her variety of dresses and asks her to select.She Says “Amma,please I am not feeling well ” and leaves to her room.Mala. thinks something and selects the dresses and sarees,she hears some noise and sees Rohit coming.he greets her and asks her permission to take Risha outside.Mala asks Risha to go with Rohit.Risha gets ready and they leaves.Mala sees them contentedly.

on the way,Rohit sees Risha very much dull and tired and adjs about the matter,the conversation is below.
Rohit:why are you keeping quiet.
Risha:nothing ,just I am not feeling well
Rohit:mmmm OK,
Risha:I need to (stops)
Risha: sorry nothing .
Rohit:you need to know why I am marrying you ?
Rohit:because you hate me .

he stops the car near a restaurant and they leaves inside.Risha sits in the table and sees Rohit talking with the bearer and coming.He asks her “What do you want to eat ?”.Risha says “Coffee” and goes to wash her hands.She sees Manu with his family ,she hears their part if conversation that “The marriage will happen because Manu accepted the proposal”.She comes back to table and sees Rohit missing.

Rohit comes back with a gift and gives it to Risha She sees a small girl dancing on the globe and asks the need for this gift.Rohit says “this gift is for our engagement “.She thanked him and sees Manu and his family sitting faraway.Rohit sees the direction and funds Many,the smile vanishes from his face and he concentrates on the coffee.They leaves the hotel.Rihit while driving asks “His long will it take for you ?”.Risha says “Wat ?”.Rohit asks “To accept me as your life partner ,a year or more “.risha feels the anger and says “I need some time ” and sees the trees outside.

precap:Jeeva sees Rohit and Risha in car passing by and gets happy on their union .She takes a locket from her bag and smiles.

(note:guys in our college We are having some exams ,soi cannot update regularly , sorry for the irregular updates )

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