The three words (part 5)


(From this part I’ll we call Varun as VP to avoid confusion between Varun and Tarun.)
Vasu says that “He left the habit of eating sweet before 5 years “.Jeeva sees him with her wide opened eyes .Vasu smiles at her and goes to wash his hands , Jeeva thinks ” Everything has changed in 4 years , even she has changed why not Vasu ” and closes her eyes in pain . Vasu sees Jeeva from a distance . Madhuri calls Jeeva to inform that VP is missing .Vikram hears this and shout ” How could you leave him inside this house. he killed my priya “.Jeeva says Madhuri that She’ll be in some time. Vadu ask “What happened ?”.Jeeva tells the detail in brief .

Vikram says “He must pay for his deeds”.Tarun shouts “Stop it Vicky , don’t utter a word against him ,he is my Brother “.Vikram says “He killed your parents ,don’t forget it “. Tarun ask Madhuri to stop Vikram.

Jeeva comes in and says “Aunty “.Vikram shouts at Jeeva for bringing VP to home without his concern. Jeeva tells “I don’t need your permission, he is also the son of this house “.Vasu interferes and ask all to search for VP not to blame others .

All of them searches for VP in different places but it is vain .Jeeva feels something and ask Tarun to drive the car to HM Park.They reach the park ,they finds VP sitting in the park with a rose in his hand. Tarun run towards VP and slaps him then hugs him tightly .Varun says “I came to meet Priya ,but she didn’t come “.Tarun and Jeeva takes him to house .

Madhuri gets relieved only after seeing VP.Vasu ask Her to eat .Jeeva makes VP lie on the bed and locks the door from outside . She comes near Madhuri and ask about Vikram.Mafhuri shows his room. Jeeva goes to the room and knock at the door. Vikram ask her not to disturb him . Jeeva ask did anyone eat something from Moen ng .and ask all of them to eat .

At the night , Madhuri calls everybody to have their supper. She request Jeeva to call Vasu from his room. Jeeva knock the door ,Vasu says “Just come in “. Jeeva sees Vasu searching for his cellphone . Jeeva ask him to have dinner and resume his search . He says Shit .Jeeva stares at him. He remembers him leaving the phone in the factory . Vasu ask “Could please come with me to factory ,I left my mobile there “.Jeeva hears this and says “You. don’t have responsibility ,you are still same as in college “and bits her lips .Both of them goes out without having supper .

Jeeva drives towards the factory ,and finds Vasu in thoughts and ask “What happened ? don’t worry we can find the phone “. They take the phone , the watchman for night duty comes. and locks the factory door. Jerva calls the person and finds the watchman left the place . Vasu says “Oh no , I haven’t ate by supper”in a pretending sad voice ,Jeeva shouts in Tamil “Ippo sapadrathu romba avasiyama ungaluku seriosity kedaiyadu Vasu “( Is eating very important ,you don’t have seriosity vasu ).He replies in Tamil “Sapadrathum important than so stop shouting Jeevu “.( Eating is also Important Jeevu ,don’t shout ). Jeeva is not happy on hearing him calling her Jeevu.

In the house , Vikram ask “Where is Jeeva ?” .to Tarun and Madhuri .

To be continued

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  1. Nyc story dr 🙂 n y was varum waitng for priya in the park?

  2. Oho what varun killed priya and all family numbers whats this

  3. Ohh…it was really sweet wen vasu calld jeeva “jeevu”…update soon…

  4. woww……..
    the tamil dialogues were awesome…………..ha…….ha…..i m also a tamilian………………
    and i m sorry guys for telling Mrs. Pradeep as protagonist………..
    i intend to mean antagonist………
    sorry everyone……………..

    1. no problem, I don’t know you ate fro. Tamil nadu .You are from which part ?

  5. could you give me a idea whether to write flashback by combining with episode or to write it seperately for some episode .

  6. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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