The three words (part 48)


Risha cannot believe which is the true nature of Rohit and gets confused ,she sees him going in his car,Jeeva comes and asks Risha yo come and have some food .Risha avoids food and sits in the chair in the opposite of Mala’s ward.Jeeva goes to canteen to buy something for Risha and her sister because they haven’t have any food since long time.She sees Vasu standing near the canteen and walks past him.Vasu sees Jeeva and holds her arms from moving further.

Srimathi sees the Car stopping in the car parking and comes to the entrance and sees Rohit getting down without any expression and calmly closing the door,She questions him about shat happened ,he remains calm and says “Amma give me some time to speak ” and sits in the sofa .She follows him and sits in the opposite sofa and asks “Tell me soon I am dying da “.He gives a brief explanation and sees her.Srimathi says “No Rohit stop the marriage “.

Jeeva asks Vasu to leave the hand ,she says “Leave me,if someone sees they will misunderstood us “.But Vasu tightens his grip and brings her closer.She feels as ifshe is musdi g do.e heart beat and standing only in His support .He says “You didn’t respond well to my sorry “.She sees him and moves away and says “I didn’t understand why you are saying sorry “.He says “For ” stops seeing Aparna coming . Jeeva walks with Aparna,she turns and sees Vasu staring at her.

After one Week
Mala is running here and there and asks the people yocomete the decoration assoln as possible .Risha sits in her room without getting ready .Aparna comes to her room and seesRisha not yet ready and urges her to get ready .Risha smiles in a artificial way and goes to get ready .Jeeva sees time in watch and says “Come ondad ,you are doing too much makeup “.Her dad comes out and says “why shouldn’t I because I am the father of Jeeva “.

They starts the car and goes towards Risha’s house .Sivaraman says “If you said me before I would have bought some gifts “.Jeeva says “Aiyyo appa this is the 8 time you are telling this from afternoon ,I said na I forget that you will come today “.He sees Jeeva very mush happy and thinks “I want my little daughter to happy fore ever “.He asks”Jeeva,did you ever missed your mom?”.Jeeva SRS him sternly and replies “No appa,because you are with me “.they reaches the venue .
Srimathi gets ready in a blue silk saree and seezRohit getting ready in a formal shirt .She remembers their conversation on the day
Rohit :no Amma,I won’t stop this marriage for any reason
Srimathi:but she hates you
Rohit :I dont care .if you want to be you can if not no problem .

srimathi :but Rohit
Rohit :What Amma ?
Srimathi :It may hurt her feelings .
Rohit (laughs )
Srimathi :why are laughing.

Rohit :It is just fun Amma because you are carrying about Risha’s feelings ,you didn’t care about Jeeva’s or at least Vasu’s feelings before years .

Srimathi come to reality and sees Rohit standing near her and seeking blessing ,she wishes him for a long happy life ,they comes down and gets into the car.They travels towards Risha’s home.Srimathi asks about Vasu.Rohit says “I think he will come from Delhi “.Risha remembers everything and comes out dressed in a orange silk saree.Mala praises Her beauty .Jeeva comes and covers Risha’s eyes .She laughs without any happiness and says “I am just doing this things for my mom “.

Jeeva understands a pain in her eyes and pacifies her .Risha says “No Jeeva don’t talk ,I will cry “.she goes and sits in the chair .Jeeva sees Rohit’s car coming and goes to welcomes him.Rohit comes inside and hugs Jeeva.Jeeva says “Rohit I need to talk to you “.he says “Yes,anything except stopping this marriage ” and blinks his eyes.Jeeva don’t know what to do and stands confused .The pandit asks to start the function.Risha puts the ring on Rohit’s fingers .Rohit smiles and puts the ring on her fingers .Jeeva sees Sivaraman seeing the couple with some thoughts and says yo herself “I am not making appa happy “.

people starts to dance on the function .Jeeva asks Risha to at least fake a little smile on her face.Risha says “Yes ,I am faking “.Jeeva goes and dances on the floor with some girl and sings ” sasural gendha phool” and some Tamil songs .Rohit smiles and enjoys every moments .Jeeva dances sololy that “yamunai athrilaey song “.She closes her eyes at last, opens her eyes and sees Vasu smiling at her. She smiles back.

one of the aunty says “Its boring ya,anyone please dance on floor as couple “.Vasu walks towards Jeeva.she sees him with a surprise suddenly Radhika comes and extends her hands to Vasu.Vasu goes to dance with Rads.Jeeva sees the performance with a shock and sadness.

precap :Jeeva and Vasu doing preparation for wedding .

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