The three words (part 47)


Jeeva asks anyone to explain her the happenings .Vasu asks her to come with him and takes her to car parking and he says that when Risha comes put after shouting ,Manu and his family sees Risha and assumes wrongly about her and leaves .Vasu asks Jeeva to understand about the correctness in Rohit’s part.Jeeva says “Oh,you And your brother are correct ,my friend and her family is wrong “.Jeeva explains him that everyone will suspect in that situation “Vasu says “But I didn’t suspect you even when you stayed in srivastava family for 5 years “.Jeeva says “Oh,you are saying that you are very gentle ,OK sir you are a mahaathma but not Manu”

She begins to walk away from the place.Vasu stops her and asks her to understand about Rohit.Jeeva says “You don’t know how it feels when people suspect you and abandon you “.she leaves in her car,Vazu comes back and sees Srimathi crying and Rohit shouting at all.He says Rohit to calm and they leaves from there .Jeeva remembers Vasu’s words and gives sound horn to the fellow travellers and stops her car near tree and Drinks some water.

Risha reaches her home and sees the preparation for the engagement and shouts “Did anyone asked about my wish and will ?” and throws the flower plate in air.Mala says “what is the problem ma

“.Risha says “I don’t Like this marriage ,and this won’t happen “.Mala finds herself unstable and falls on the sofa.Aparns shouts “Amma,” and lifts her and make her sit .Risha doesn’t realise and shouts something she suddenly seesher mom and comes running to her.

Rohit reaches in house and closes his room and remembers the words of Risha about his mom and breaks the glass waterjar into several pieces.Jeeva thinks something and calls Vasu.Vasu and Srimathi was knocking the door and he attends the call and says “Yes,now what ate we going to argue “.Jeeva with anger cuts the call.Rohit sits in the floor and takes a picture from cupboard and says “Mom” and hugs the picture.

Risha and Aparna takes Maka to doctor,Jeeva comes to hospital and sees them crying and pacifies both.She takes Risha with her to some place where no people are present and adksthe matter She after Risha’s explanation slaps Risha and says “you don’t have patience ,you can explain the matter very delicately to aiynty but wat gave you done “.Risha cries and says “You don’t know bout her,she won’t my marriage to happen with that rogue “.Jeeva says”don’t nlabver,who told he is a rogue,I have studied with him,he not even talk to girls,and he hates girls “.

Risha stands confused before she could say something ,Aparna comes and says about Mala getting well,they runs to her and Mala asks “Risha,I need you to marry Rohit ,won’t you ?”.Someone says “She will”.Jeeva and Risha turns and sees Rohit standing with a bandaid in his hand.He says “Aunty she must be angry with me because I came late,you don’t take it seriously “.Mala asks “Rishu,is it ma ?”.Risha remains silent.

Rohit signs Jeeva to say yes .Jeeva says “Aunty you won’t trust your Jeeva”.Mala smiles relieved .the doctor comes and asks them to stay out.Risha comes out and asks “Wat are you saying ?”.Rohit says “What is the problem,do you want your mom to get critical ,explain her Jeeva “.Jeeva sees Vasu coming and says “I know who gave you this idiotic idea “.Vasu says “Yes,I gave because now Mala aunt’s health is important “Risha says “But when she know the truth then what ?”. when Rohit was leaving ,he takes Risha to a corner and says “Risha,even f you try to commit suicide nothing will change ,I don’t let you ” and goes.

precap :Risha gets ready for her engagement .

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  1. I think that manu only spread that words towards rish i think

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