The three words (part 46)


Riaha tries to explain Mala but She was in overjoy and doesn’t hear any words and goes to make sweets to celebrate the occasion. Risha decides to tell this to Many and calls him but Many doesn’t pick the call and cuts the call.she decides to make things clear to Rohit and calls him,But Dev picks the call and says “Hello aunty,Uncle is not at home “.she gets tears and cuts the call and goes to her room
Vasu sees Jeeva angry and goes near her to console her,when he was about to touch her,he hears Radhika coming and says “Hi,Radhika ,how are you ?”.Jeeva turns and sees this ,Radhika gives a invitation to Vasu and says “Vasu dear ,this is the tickets for football match ,youust come surely ,because I am going to do dance”.Jeeva congratulates Radhika .She gets call from Ridha and goes yo talk.
Risha:hi,I need to talk to you .
Jeeva:what happened Rishu ?
Risha:you please come to my house.
Jeeva:mmm OK

she gets permission and leaves to Risha’s home,she sees Risha standing with tension.Jeeva ask her the matter,Risha was explaining then suddenly they hear noise from inside and runs to the place,they sees Mala slipped in kitchen and fallen down.Jeeva confront Mala was being irresponsible. Mala says “I don’t need to worry from today because srimathi will be like a mom to my Rishu”.Jeeva feels awkward and walk out leaving Risha and Mala.

Vasu thinks for a long time and after lots of dilemma,he calls Srimathi,Srimathi sees a new number and picks the call with confusion,she gets delighted on hearing Vasu’s voice,she says “Vasu ,you have called me “.Vasu says ‘Yes,I need to talk to you,I need to meet you “.Srimathi says that she will cone to hotel SF and they can meet.Vasu agrees and goes to the hotel.

Risha decides to go and meet Rohit and cancel the marriage,she goes to see him after knowing that Rohit is in SF hotel .She reaches the hotel and gets surprised seeing the huge hotel .She gets in and sees Rohit standing there in lobby with some delicate.He sees Rusha and signs her to wait.But Risha shouts to stop the marriage.Rohit asks the delicate to wait in room and he will come,he comes near Risha and asks “What marriage ,what problem ?”.Risha tells about Srimathi’s idea

Rohit asks her yo think and talk about hismom,because she won’t do anything against my wish.Risha says”I cannot marry you,you are a womanizer”.Rohit raises his hand to slap her and controls his anger and pulls her to a room and asks “What do you know about me ,you are a stupid,if you want to stop the marriage stop by yourself “.Risha and Rohit have a hot argument atlast Risha shouts “You are like your
mom,she makes problem in other’s life “Rohit slaps her ,Risha looses her balance and falls on ground .

Jeeva thinks about Risha and Rohit and murmurs “They make a good pair but heart won’t mingle I need to talk to Aunty or Rohit “.Rohit calls her and says “Jeeva,please come to SF hotel and explain your silly friend “.Jeeva feels something wrong and goes to hotel as soon as possible. She reaches the room and sees Srimathi and Vasu and says “Vasu,you “.Rohit stands there in anger .his hands was bleeding.

Jeeva searches for Risha and finds her talking with some person hall,she goes there and hears a part of conversation,the person shouts “You are spending time with your bosson hotel room and want to marry me, I am not a mad to marry you “.He leaves,Rusha says “Manu,please I am not like that please “.Jeeva goes and hugs Risha ,she turns and says”Jeevu,I hate that Rohit nie today my mnu left me because of him”.she pacifies her and tries takes her back to room.

Risha runs and follows Rohit.Vasu comes and says “Actually both if them doesn’t commit any mistake ,it is just misunderstanding”.Jeeva says “Rohit ” and comes back to room.Srimathi asks Rohit to sit calmly.Rohit shouts “Amma did I ask you to approach them for marriage,I didn’t love her,I asked you to arrange my marriage not with this idiot,she always considers me as a villuan and male chavenist “.Jeeva says “Please ”

precap:Vasu and Jeeva have a fight regarding the problem of Rihit(Rohit and Risha).

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  1. Oho always plms plms between couple

  2. guys did you like this twist.

  3. Pls clear a misunderstand btw rihit and jeesu pls unite them
    Clear all misunderstand btw mom son

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