The three words (part 45)


Jeeva feels comfortable in Vasu’s hand,he make her stand on her own legs and says “Oh Jeeva,you began to fall on my hands ” and teases her,Jeeva moves back and goes inside the room and closes the door.She thinks Vasu’s words and laughs covering her faces.she packs her bag for their return journey to Chennai.Vasu sees Aditi sitting in sofa and comes near her.

Risha prepares food for her family and sees Aparna and Mala sitting in their respective rooms.She asks them to come and have food ,Mala asks Aparna to eat and leaves the place.Srimathi sees Rohit doing some work and knocks the door,He raises his head and says “Amma,come in there no need for any formalities “.She caresses his head .

Jeeva and Vasudev leaves the Srivastava house and reaches Kolkata.Jeeva sees the driver and says “Vasu inga edho problem iruku /Vasudev there is some problem in this house “.Vasu says yes and briefly says what Aditi says to remembers the conversation and thinks for a while
Conversation between Vasu and Aditi

Aditi:yes Vasu sir
Vasu:no need for this sir .
Vasu:is there any problem ma
Aditi:nnn nothing .
Vasu:mmm nothing,OK where is Vicky.
Aditi:he left.

Aditi(break down ): I consider you as my brother,the day when Jeeva do left ,mom confront Vicky for Priya’s death ,Tarun asks many question ,at last Vikram leaves the house and claims his part of property from us.he transfered mom’s ,Tarun’s shares into His name without our concern. VP’s part remains because He didn’t the family runs on VP’s and Tarun’s income.Tarun is angry withmom and not talking wiry her and I dropped the college.
(conversation ends )

They reaches the airport,Vasu and Jeeva walk towards the flight.Suddenly someone closes His eyes and hugs him.He tries to see the ppetson but the grip was very tight.he sees the person and shocks to see Radhika,she was wearing a black sleeveless tops and white jean.He turns towards Jeeva and sees her staring at him with anger.He stands blank.
Rohit sits in bed and remembers about today’s incident and feels bad for Mala aunty.He sees someone standing near the door and sees Lakshmi patti standing.He doesn’t like her but stand to show respect.She comes in and says “You don’t want to give me a fake respect “.Rohit says “The respect is for your age and not for our relationship”.She sees him with concern and says “I consider you as my own grandson “.He says “But it is not so ” and walks from there.

Next day morning 5.00 clock Jeeva and Vasu reaches chennai,Vasu sees the office car waiting and ask her to join him but Jeeva doesn’t accept the idea and tells “Your rads will come in one hour wit for her and come to office,bye Sir “.She stops a auto and leaves the place.Vasu scolds his fate and leaves to his home.Jeeva

rests for sometimes and gets ready for office.she reaches the office by 10.30 am and surprises to see Vasu and Rohit laughing and talking.

Risha sees Aparna sleeping due yo sedative and Mala preparing food,she hugs Mala and says sorry for getting up late,I will help you ,Mala sees Risha and thinks “My daughter is only 24 but she thinks very much for welfare of mine ” and gets tears.Risha consoles her and says that she is going to office to give her leave letter for a week and they can go for some place for a change in thoughts .

Both brother smiles at seeing Jeeva.Jeeva with her puzzled reaction asks Anyone to pinch her so she can come out of her day dreaming.Rohit says “Dream,it is real ya your MD is telling about your experience in that tribe area “.She says “Mmm” and sees Vasu skiing at her talks.Jeeva asks Rohit about Risha just then she comes in with a artificial smile.She sees Jeeva and says “Jeeva when did you return ma “.

Srimathi rings the doorbell at Risha’s house and sees Mala opening the door,Mala gets surprised and asks her to come in and sit.Srimathi consoles Mala and asks her yo be brVe in a situations he sees Risha not present and expresses her desire to have a alliance with Risha .Mala gets happy and says that her daughter will not break her trust and accepts the proposal. She goes in to bring coffee.Aparna comes out of her room and follows Mala.

Jeeva listens to Risha and consoles and wipes her years,she asks her to be strong.Vasu tries to cheer her, Rihit remains silent and absorbs the while situation.Jeeva asks her to have coffee though She refuses she sips a liitle due to their compeltion. Risha gives the leave letter and goes from there .Jeeva sees Rohit and asks him “What happened Rohit, you looks tired “He says nothing and goes from there .

Aparna asks Mala to have a opinion from Risha before giving her words.Mala says “I know about my Rishu,she wont betray me like you did “.Aparna leaves the place with tears.Mala thinks and assures Srimathi about the proposal. Srimathi leaves from there the same time,Risha sits in a coffee shop with the person who gave her the gift on that day ,She says “Manu,you must understand the situation,now I cannot talk about our relationship “.Manu says “OK not today but when ,how will my mom accept you when your sister is Like this “. Risha controls her anger and says “Sorry many ,I cannot leave my famlt for you ,I know you only for 2 years that us just 24 months but they was with me for 24 years “.Manu goes from there with anger.

She controls her tears and decides to tell her mother about the marriage propsal from Manu and reaches home.she sees Mala happy and comes near her and begins to tell that “Mom actually today M”.Mala tells “I know Srimathi mam must have me you ,she came here with your alliance for Rohit and I gave my words as acceptance “.Risha stands confused.

precap:Rohit comes to meet Risha,Risha behaves angrily to him .

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    1. both Jeeva and Vasu goes and saves Dev from the accident spot,they reaches Vasu’s home.afterwards Vasu and Jeeva leaves to Kolkata and due to wrong route ,they reaches a tribal village and shares some cute moment after Vasu getting the same time Rohit and Risha shares a fight which Srimathi assumes as their love and approaches Mala in temple .Aparna,Risha’s elder sister comes home and faints on house,when they reaches home,it is found that she has did abortion.Jeeva sees Aditi and takes her to srivastava house.Jeeva and Vasu feels some difference in home.VP tells about Jeeva’s love and Vasu says sorry to Jeeva for his anger.

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