The three words (part 44)


Madhuri leaves the place with tray.VP asks them to sit and tells to Vasudev “Mr.Vasudev,you are luck to have Jeeva in your life,she is like a lucky champ”.Jeeva gets shy and tries to change the topic,Vasudev thinks about “how Madhuri and VP had a relationship before 5 months “.Vasu sees Madhuri coming and says “Aunty ,come sit with us “.Madhuri with hesitation sees VP.

VP says “Yes,you can sit ” and he leaves the place with some excuse,Jeeva notices this and sees Vasu,she finds the same expression from him .Risha pacifies her mom and ask “wat happened amma “.Mala doesn’t respond and continues her tears .Risha sees Aparna coming and says “Aparu,”.All the three turns and finds Aparna.Rohit makes her to sit while Mala slaps her and shouts” you have insulted me “.Aparna cries.

VP calls Tarun and says “please come home,I cannot face Jeeva’s eyes “.He goes inside the bathroom and opens the tap.Tarun leaves the office and drives towards home.Vasudev asks Madhuri about vikram.She gives excuses and goes to prepare lunch .Aditi comes out of the room and sees VP,she stands .He asks “What Aditi ?”.Aditi tells about something and He gets super angry.Jeeva asks about Vikram.Aditi says “Actually didi “stops on seeing madhuri .

Risha runs to doctor’s cabin and confront the doctor,rge doctor after sometimes says “Ms.Risha,your sister has aborted her child ,and she is facing the complexity”.Risha feels the floor slipping under her legs.She tries to stand properly on floor .She says “Doctor my sister,”.Rohit comes to doctor’s room and takes Risha with him .Both of them sees people watching Mala and Aparna,Rohit takes them from there .

Rohit consoles Mala and stops the car near a hotel and says “Risha take your sister ,I think you might not have food from morning,please come aunty “.Mala goes inside the hotel ,Rohit books A family room despite of Risha’s argument .They goes inside the room.He says “Risha I will wait outside “.Mala tells “No need pa,you are like my son ,please come in “.Aparna feels tired and sits on chair.

Rohit feels embarresed and sits in the chair,he says “Aparna,wat happened “.Risha cannot control her tears.Aditi sees Madhuri and goes to her room.Jeeva calls her but she goes.Madguri asks them to sit and have lunch.Vasu sits with VP and talks about business.Vasudev praises Vikram’s partnership .He sees VP laughing and questions why .
VP:actually Vasudev sir .

Vasudev:no need for sir .
VP:OK,Vasudev,Jeeva only made the agreement with you company,Tarun has said to me .
Tarun:hello ,sorry I went when you come .
Vasudev:its OK,you brothers joined .
Tarun laughs ‘Jeeva is the reason.She loves you more than anything .
VP:yes,Vasudev she used to talk about you always ,literally always .
Tarun:yes,she worships you as her god,but you worth it .she said about you accepting the reason with broad mind.
Vasu (sees Jeeva eating ): mmmm
Tarun:what ?
Vasu:nothing but where is Vikram ?
both remains silence,VP broke the silence and says “he left thus house and went with company ,we are fighting for the shares ”
Vasu:Oh god ,wat happened

Tarun:yes,actually (and Says the whole story )
VP receives a call from Lawyer and moves with his brother.The words ‘V doesn’t stands for your son,it means Vasu,my Vasu”.He walks towards Jeeva.She says”Vasu,when are we returning to chennai”.He sees her sharply and says “Sorry”.Jeeva sees him with confusion.He says”Sorry for hurting you if I am “.She cannot understand anything and searches the reason in His eyes.

Rohit drops them in house and says “Rusha,take care of your sister and mother,don’t let them worry,be their support and you can take leave for any number of days “.he goes from there .She takes Mala and Aparna inside .Aparna goes to rest in her room.Mala sits in the sofa and closes her eyes .Risha sees Rohit’s car going and smiles.She goes and make tea for her sister and mother.Rohit reaches his office and sees the files which was left half way.He thinks something and calls someone .Risha opens aparna’s room and finds her lying on floor.She says “Akka,don’t cry we are with you “.She replies that “I gave commited a sin “.She sees Mala coming and worries about them.But Mala hugs her and says “Past is always past ”

Rohit reaches his house and rings the bell,he sees Srimathi opening the door and she sees him tired and asks the matter.Rohit sits in the sofa and gives a brief information about the matter.Srimathi says “Ho god ,a illegitimate child for a unmarried girl “.Rohit says “yes mom,I think Aparna’s lover is narrow minded person like my dad “.Srimathi says “Enough Rohit,ranga is not bad at heart “.Rohit says “Amma,he is the best husband but the worst father in the world ,”.he goes in.Srimathi remembers about her dead husband and says “No Rohit,wat my husband did to your momis mistake,I sacrificed my life for the rectification”.Jeeva goes to the room and remembered about Vasu’s sorry and misses her grip.Vasu holds her.they have a eyelock.

precap:Srimathi comes to Risha’s house to talk about Rohit’s alliance with Risha.

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