The three words (part 43)


Mala remembers how Rohit behaved concern towards Risha and says “He will be perfect for my daughter,but Risha won’t agree for this proposal “.she reaches home and gets in ,Aparna reaches home,Mala said about the proposal when Aparna loses her balance and falls down.Risha gets afraid of his sudden anger towards her and sits in her chair .Rohit gets call from Vasu.
Rohit:what ?
Vasu:I thought you disconnected the call.
Rohit:ya,I thought the same .
Vasu:we ,we came to meet Aditi srivastava and her family so
Rohit:so what ?
Vasu :we won’t come by today’s flight .
Rohit:mmmm OK
Vasu:actually how ?
Rohit:wat ?
Vasu:how is ur mom.
Rohit:mmm fine .how is my friend ?
Vasu:fine,she is talking with Madhuri aunty.
Rohit:OK bye .

Rohit wonders about Vasu and smiles,he sees the time is 11am and comes out of his room .Vasu turns and the sees Jeeva talking with Madhuri.Madhuri sees Jeeva and ask “do you eat something from morning,always my family brings you problems “.Jeeva says”come on aunty,aditi is like my sister “.Aditi sobs and hugs Jeeva.Madhuri says “sorry for hurting you that day,Vicky left the home in some days and VP is fine now a days “.Jeeva sees pain in Madhuri’s eyes and says “Don’t worry,she goes to aditi’s room with her”,she signs Vasu to come.

They make Aditi lie on the bed and comes out of the room,Vasu tells “she is very upset due yo some reason ,and this afiti is changed in these days “.Jeeva says “yes,I haven’t seen her dull in five years,she used to be very naughty “Vasu says “and aunty’s eyes shoes some strong sadness “.Jeeva thinks something and smiles bitterly .Vasu understands and says “OK,your aunty have the same sadness in her eyes “Jeeva sees Tarun coming and goes to him.

Tarun doesn’t trust his eyes and shouts “Jeeva ,” and hugs her,Jeeva thinks Vasu might think different but she gets relieved on seeing him laughing without any intention.Tarun ask her to stay there for some days,Jeeva tells about Aditi,Tarun shows very less interest and says “Sorry,I will come by evening ,you please wait “.He goes.Vasu remembers Tarun having more concern for Aditi than Vicky and gets confused.

The doctor goes in to see Aparna,Mala gets tensed and calls Risha to come fast.Risha gets shocked and runs to Rohit’s cabin.Rohit was sitting and having a piece of cake with coffee,he sees Risha and ask her the matter,He says “don’t worry ,I will come with you “.they goes to the hospital.Rohit reaches the hospital and sees Mala crying .He says “aunty “.Mala says that doctor asked them to come .Mala and Risha enters the cabin

Doctor(Nancy ):please sit Mrs.Mala
Mala:is she fine ?
Doctor :who is she ?
Mala:she is my younger daughter .
Doctor:you please wait outside .
Risha:but doctor
Doctor :please ma

she comes out and sees Rohit seeing her with a question ,She says about the doctor asking her to come out .Rohit thinks something but doesn’t yell anything to Risha.He make her sit and wait till her mother comes out .Mala comes out with a crying face and sits in a chair .Rohit asks her the matter,She says “Rohit,my daughter,my daughter “.She cannot speak more and stops .

Tarun reaches office and goes to his cabin,he calls his brother to inform about Jeeva’s arrival.But VP is shown talking with done mentally challenged peoples in a ashram and doesn’t pick the calls,VP is wearing a black waist coat and white shirt ,he is shown different from his previous look before some months .He suddenly sees the call and says “Hello”

Tarun tells about Jeeva,VP gets happy and tells that he will reach home in some times .Tarun says “I didn’t tell her anything about the problem,you better don’t “.VP says”ya,sure I will “.He goes and starts Hus car,he remembers how she concerned for him during those bitter days and stops the car near a bouquet shop.He orders a bouquet for Jeeva with big roses.Jeeva shows Vasu ,the room where she stays .Vasu says”I think they haven’t changed anything “.Jeeva says “yes but “.she heard footsteps and finds Madhuri coming with coffee trays .Vasu says “aunty ,why are you doing this ?”.Madhuri smiles.Jeeva drinks the coffee and praises the taste .She suddenly asks “where is Vikram,we saw him in airport “.VP enters the house and says “Jeeva”.Jeeva sees VP and smiles .Vasu sees Madhuri’s reaction and gets surprised .

Precap:VP tells something to Vasu and he hugs VP for those details.

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