The three words (part 42)


Rohit doesn’t get sleep due to her words and sits in the bed with a thought .Risha dreams something and shouts “No,I will not ” and gets up with body full of sweat .She sees the time as morning 4 and goes to freshen up ,she sees Aparna chatting with someone and smiles .She washes her face and comes out .She walks and stands in the balcony seeing the rising sun.Rohit at the same time sees the time and comes out seeing the sky ,they both say “this birds always gives hope to live “.

Jeeva sees Vasu sleeping and gets up ,she thinks “Sorry Vasu,I had hurt you too much “.She sees a movement in him and walk from there,Vasu gets up and sees Jeeva watching outside through the window and says ‘Good morning ,Miss Jeeva”.She turns to him and says “Good morning “.They hears s knock at the door ,Jeeva opens the door and finds sold women standing,Jeeva wishes her.The Lady praises Jeeva for her modesty and ask them to come soon .Vasu and Jeeva sees each other and walks outside .
In Risha’s house

Aparna is searching for her bracket and finds it ,Risja comes dressed in a punk salwar and says “Amma,its getting late ,I need to go “and runs without eating breakfast or taking packed lunch .She starts her scooty and goes towards her office .Rohit sees Risha coming and smirks seeing her ,She enters the office and comes to the cabin and sits with tiredness,she hears Rohit talking outside and gets up in respect ,Rohit comes in and says “OK,please sit and do the work “.She sees nothing different in his attitude and gets relieved .

Rohit gets a call from Jeeva,he says “Hello .madam ”
Jeeva:Hello ,I will explain you later,now email me the document relayed to project .
Rohit :Sure ma,but where are you and your Vasu.
Jeeva:I will tell later .

she cuts the call.Vasu is shown driving his car,he sees his car damaged on front and says “All because of this city “.Jeeva controls her laughter and says “Yes,yes”.Vasu says “I got relief only when the villager asked us to go because the rain has stopped “.Jeeva says yes,me too “.She sees a Lady walking on the road and falling down .She asked him to stop the car and runs towards the lady .Jeeva sees the person and gets shocked .

Rohit sees Risha working and searches for the file ,he atkast give up his search and ask Risha .Risha searches in her desk and remembers taking it home .She says that to Rohit .Rohit ask her to bring it soon .Risha thinks for a while and calls Aparna .
Aparna:Hello,whose that ?
Risha:Aparu,go to my room you can find a black bag .
Aparna:Hello miss ,I am not your servant .
Risha:Please akka
Aparna:Ya,I have found it ,but wats the matter.
Risha :Please bring it to office .

rohit sees this and says “I think you are working in this concern not her ,but do it soon “.Risha nods yes .Rohit sits in his chair and remembers her telling him as womeniser ,he stares at her tension face and controls His anger.Mala goes to temple .Srimathi sees Mala and remembers about her as Risha’s mother and goes towards her.

Jeeva says “Are you alright aditi,how are you ?”.Aditi is the lady who fall on ground .Aditi hugs Jeeva and says “Di,how are you ?” and cries vigorously .Vasu comes down and remembers their first meet and ask “hello Aditi ,why are you dull ?”.They takes Aditi to home .
Madhuri sees Aditi coming and runs towards her,She hugs aditi ,she notices Jeeva standing there and gets surprised .

Aparna reaches the office with bag and gives it to Risha.Risha thanks her and runs to her cabin to give it to rohit .Rohit takes the file from her hand and says “No need for it ” and throws it in dustbin .Risha says “Sir,but Jeeva mam asked it “.Rohit says “I also gave a sift copy in my laptop “.Risha says “Then why did you made me tensed “.He cooly says “Did I asked you to get tensed ?”.Risha stands speechlessly .Mala and Srimathi after a general talk ,leaves the place .Mala thinks that Rohit is very nice boy we can talk about him for my daughter .Rohit gets information about the meet and says “Mom,I think you are correct ,you proceed with marriage formalities ”

Precap: Tarun comes home and sees Jeeva and gets happy .

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  1. What rohit agreed but he hate her right….. so much suspenses

  2. I think risha’s mom wll think dat…d proposal is 4 aparna…as she is d eldest
    update soon!!!

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