The three words (part 41)


Vasu drinks it and says”Jeevu,drink it ya nice taste “,tries to feed her,Jeeva moves back and ask him to not to do so because it smells like Bhaan.Vasu blabbers that “Bhang mera bhang,song mera song “and falls on floor .Jeeva tries to make him come to sense but he holds her hand and says “I hate you but I love you from my heart “.Jeeva smiles on the words but tries to bring him to sense,Vasu pushes her and starts to dance with the villagers .Jeeva sees him happy and laughs.Vasu drinks more and more ,The head of the villagers sees him so much drunken and says “Ma,take him to the room,”.

Jeeva unwillingly takes him to the room and pushes him in the mat,Vasu pulls her towards him and says “I miss you “,he closes her eyes and laughs like a child .Jeeva moves and says “I asked you not to tell that we are couples but you said like this “.Vasu says “Mmmmm I must tell the truth “,he tries to walk near the door and open it .Jeeva ask him to be quiet .

Rohit sits in his room and remembers Risha and smiles in her thoughts .He doesn’t see Srimathi coming .Srimathi sees Rohit and thinks to talk about his marriage .Rohit suddenly notices his mother standing with folded hands .He says “Amma,come in “.Srimathi sits in the chair and says “My son is hiding something from me “.Rohit doesn’t accept it .He says “Anna,don’t use your imagination “.Srimathi says “Do you like Risha ?”.Rohit gets shocked and doesn’t answer.

Risha sees the files which Rohit asked her to do,she finds some doubts and decides to call him to clarify the doubt,she takes her phone and dials,she thinks something and sees the watch and finds it is a bit late to call and cuts the call.Mala comes and sees Risha in some thoughts and calls loudly ,”Risha”.Risha turns and sees Hermom and says “I an coming to have food ,you go “.She gets up from the chair .Rohit sees the number and calls again .

Jeeva pours water on Vasu’s head to bring him out of that inebriated state ,Vasu gets a little bit out of that Bhang and shouts “You ate trying to kill me by pouring cold water “.Jeeva throws the mug on him and says “hi,finally Mr.Vasudev came to his sense “.He finds heavy head pain and ask her to talk clearly .Jeeva tells him the detail briefly .Vasu says “No never,I didn’t do like that you are manipulating “.Jeeva shows him a video and laughs .Vasu runs to hold the phone ,they pushed each other and falls on the floor with laughter.

Aparna seesRisha Phone ringing and gives to her,she by mistake attends the call assuming disconnection .Aparna sees Risha angry and not eating properly and says “Come on ya,I just came to your office to meet you,what’s the big deal ?”.Risha says “I don’t like my sis to come to that office ,you lnos something ,Rohit is a type of wominiser “.Rohit gets shocked and says “Mmmm nice words “.Risga continues that “I have seen him flitting with many girls “.Aparna says “He looks innocent “.Mala says the same,Risha says “Ma,all that glitters is not gold “.Rohit cuts the call and gets angry .Risha sees Rohit’s number in attended calls and gets worried .

Vasu takes the phone and tries to unlock it ,Jeeva runs from there with her phone,Vasu follows her and The head of the villager comes and says “Pa,I have made your vehicle well but you must stay here tonight “.Vasu closes the door and sees Jeeva thinking something .
He tells “I know my limits ,you can sleep “.Jeeva turns towards him and says “I know you more than me ,come and sleep ”

Precap:Rohit sees Risha coming and smirks .

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