The three words (part 40)


Risha sees Aparna waiting in the reception and comes near her shouting “Aparu,what are you doing here ,my dear “.She compels Risha to come to party,Rohit comes and sees Risha talking with a girl and comes near,Aparna sees Rohit and says “I have seen you somewhere before “.Rohit says “May be”.They starts to talk jovially .Risha sees this and gets irritated ,she says “Akka,go home I will join you there “.Aparna gets leave from Rohit and leaves the place .Rohit says “Risha mam,is she you own sister “.Risha sees him with anger,He continues ignoring it and says “But she is sweet “.He wsljs away from her .

Vasu sees Jeeva and says “Try to get ready in 10 minutes,we are going to site “.Jeeva says yes and tries to walk but feels pain and limps .Vasu sees her and says “I will come and help you “He holds her and helps her to reach her room.Jeeva thanked Vasu and goes to change .She closes the door and change herself into a white tops and black jeans .She comes out and sees Vasu ready in a Brown formals .They leaves to the site.

Risha searches for a data n computer and finds it no where,she ask Rohit,He helps her to search the file by leaning towards the computer and having his hand behind her seat ,they were arguing with each other over the data and was about to shout at each other due to anger but .Srimathi comes to Meet Rohit and assumes that they have mutual feelings for each other,Rohit sees srimathi and moves back .Risha gets up in respect .Srimathi sees Risha and smiles .She ask about Vasu.Rohit says about their Kolkata trip .

Vasu drives the car ,Jeeva sees The map and says the road is not proper Vasu himself sees GPS and says this is a route they are going in correct direction but suddenly they hears a sound and the car goes out of control.Vasu ask Jeeva to lie down .The car stops by hitting a tree.They comes out and sees the tyre had punctured .Jeeva says “It is the correct route ,I have been in Kolkata for 5 years but don’t know this route .They stare each other ,its starts to rain heavily .They doesn’t find any place for shelter and stands in the rain . old man who passed by, ask Jeeva about the matter .Jeeva said the happenings .He ask them to come to the village and stay for some times .both of them agrees and goes behind him .

He takes them to his house ,A old lady,who is his wife comes ,takes them inside ,she offers him Some roti,Vasu says “No need ,”.Jeeva sees her dress half wet and scolds Vasu for taking her in a wrong way .The women ask Jeeva to come and gives her a saree .Vasu sees the rain getting higher,he turns and sees Jeeva coming in a cotton saree .He cannot take his eyes from her .The old man ask them to rest .He shows them a room and leaves .Vasu sees that there is no cot and says “Poor person “.Jeeva ask him to mind his words .she says “They ate some tribe people,they don’t use bed “.Vasu says “I think you know their language “.Jeeva says “I am just guessing “.

Risha leaves the office and comes to home,she sees Aoarna sitting in the chair and ask “Why did you come to my office ?”.Aparna days “Come on ya it is Rohit’s office “.Risha ask her not to come yo office to meet her ,she shuts the door .Aparna and Mala gets confused .Rohit sees Lakshmi sitting with Srimathi and goes to his room.Srimathi follows him and says “Behave well,she is your Patti”.Rohit washes his face and says “Not mine but Vasu’s ” and closes the door .He remembers about Lakshmi and throws the pillow .he sits and thinks something with seriousness.He sees the clock striking 7 pm.And calls Vasu and doesn’t get connection .

Jeeva sees the heavy rain and says “We must have read the weather forecast before coming “.Vasu searches for tower and says “Ridiculous,Not getting connection “.Jeeva sees people coming towards the house and says “Vasu,I think you have hit someone,all are coming with big sticks in their hands ,they are going to eat you by themselves like caniballs “Vasu sees through window and says “They will at least stab you because you came with me “.The old man knocks the door and ask them yo come out .

both of them comes out with shock,The old man says “The are the persons I said to you “.The peoples sees each other and says “Mmm,take the with us to center of village “.Vasu says “I am sorry,but I don’t know anything ,she is the reason “.The villagers takes them to centre of village .The rains has stopped but drops falls on the ground .The head of the village says ‘This the couple who come to our village by mistake ,we must wish them for marriage “.Jeeva tries to day something but Vasu says “No,shut up “.He gets the glance of film.s knwhich tribe peoe kills a man for cheating a girl and says “Don’t utter any words to them “.Jeeva says “Vasu,you don’t understand ,please “.The head of the village gives a jug of drink to Vasu.Vasu drinks it without knowing and says “More,more “.Jeeva says “Vasy,behave “.

Precap:Vasu blabbers and dances with The villagers .

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  1. Ha ha ha superrr vasu ne kuch drink type ka peeliya hoga

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